Zoro vs Pin Joker

This article contains information unique to One Piece – Adventures on Spiral Island (2001).

Pin Joker claims to know Zoro from before and that it was him who gave him that scar on his face. For this he now wants to take revenge on Zoro.

As Luffy and Zoro are still trapped in one of the lower hallways, Pin Joker suddenly appears. Then, when Zoro says he can’t remember every weakling after all, when Pin Joker asks if he can remember him, he fires a large number of his poison feathers at Luffy and Zoro. When Luffy opens his eyes again and says that Zoro shouldn’t have said that, Zoro is already in front of him and has intercepted all the feathers.

Also Zoro, since he is not in possession of his swords, is without a chance and is crucified, just like Sanji and Usopp.

Zoro is weakened, but is able to strike the final blow and…

But when Luffy finally appears in the hall and “blows the way free” for his friends, it comes to the revenge. Usopp throws down Zoro’s swords, which Nami catches. At the same moment, Pin Joker tries to attack Nami, but Zoro grabs his swords in a flash, deflects the attack, and says that it’s not very nice to attack so sneakily.

Due to the poison feathers, Zoro is weakened, but still faces the fight, which Pin Joker thoroughly admires.

A few attacks from both opponents follow, until Zoro nearly falls into a hole. Pin Joker ironically says that Zoro must have “shrunk down”, but as so often, he once again didn’t find the right word and is taunted by Zoro that he must have meant “rusty”. Zoro’s opponent gets angry and fires some of his poison needles at Zoro, but he doesn’t expect him to be prepared for the attack this time. And since he’s also back in possession of his swords, he’s able to deflect the poison needles and even fling them back, allowing Pin Joker to hit himself.

..finish the fight.

Pin Joker can barely stand himself and doesn’t understand the world anymore why Zoro could still muster so much strength. Zoro replies that there was no other way, since he couldn’t die here yet. After all, there would still be an opponent – by which he means Hawkeye – waiting for him, whom he still had to defeat. Therefore he could not and should not die. Zoro strikes the final blow and defeats Pin Joker with the Demon Cut.

Video of the fight

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