Yame of One Piece

O-Yame is a resident of Okobore on Wano Country. Kinbo is her eldest son.


O-Yame is a young woman with brown hair, which she has tied into a knot. She wears a worn, dark kimono with a cloud pattern, tied with a dotted obi. On her back she carries her youngest son in a sack.


When Kinbo began to cry from hunger, his O-Yame, with her youngest son on her back, turned to him and reminded him that he was a boy from Wano Country and therefore he shouldn’t cry. Shortly after, however, Luffy’s group appeared and brought them the food treasure ship, which is why the residents were able to eat their fill properly for the first time in a long time. O-Yame’s son and the rest of the Okobore residents cried with happiness.

However, one day before the fire festival, Holdem appeared in Okobore and wanted information about the ongoing thefts, even though the Atamayama thieves’ gang hideout had burned down. None of the villagers gave him any information, whereupon Holdem had the village burned down. O-Yame’s fate is unknown.


  • Her name was not revealed until Vivre Card ~ One Piece Picture Encyclopedia.

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