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The World Nobles (jap. 世界貴族, Sekai Kizoku), or “Sky Dragon People” (jap. 天竜人, Tenryuubito), live in the Holy Land of Mary Geoise. 800 years ago, 20 kings established the world government. After that, except for the Nefertari family, the remaining 19 royal families moved to Mary Geoise, and their current descendants are the World Nobles. Accordingly, they represent the high nobility of the world government and are worshipped almost like gods.

However, the long time and the many powers have made them megalomaniacs, so that they are even too good to breathe the same air as normal humans, which is why they wear glass domes or soap bubbles as helmets and bring their breathing air with them in tanks when they descend from Mary Geoise. If attacked, they have the power to summon an admiral and his fleet to their aid. In addition, CP-0, which is said to be the strongest intelligence service in the world, is under their direct command.

“Tenryuubito,” “slaves,” “human trafficking…”
Compared to this greedy upper class that rules the world…
it almost seems like the villains of the world are on the side of morality.
See, when scum rule the world, the world just produces scum.
Hey, and lest we forget, at least we stand by our crimes, right, killer?
– Kid to Killer in the Human Auctioning House


From left: Saint Charlos, Saint Rosward & Princess Shalria

All World Nobles possess an ID chip with which they can be clearly identified. The known male World Nobles all bear the name suffix “Saint” (jap. 聖, Be), which is meant to emphasize their status as holy beings. Shalria was dubbed “Princess” (jap. 宮, Guu), which is generally the term for a currently non-ruling descendant of a royal house.

Officially, the World Nobles currently represent the top in the world government. The Five Elders, who are also among the World Nobles, are the highest authority and are considered the highest authorities in the world. Although it has been clear since the Levely in 1524 that there is unofficially an even higher ranking person within the government, it is still unknown whether this is also one of the World Nobles. Nonetheless, the World Nobles enjoy a lot of privileges and therefore wield a lot of influence in the world. Likewise, they seem to be immensely wealthy as Saint Charlos was willing to pay 500,000,000 Berry for Camie without a second thought. They also obtain the rare and coveted Devil Fruit, which they even have their slaves eat for pure entertainment purposes. The source of this wealth comes from the tributes of member states of the world government, called “sky money” (jap. 天上金, Tenjōkin), which is ceded to the World Nobles. This tribute must be paid whether or not the country perishes as a result. Once upon a time, Donquixote Doflamingo captured one of the transport ships and used it to blackmail the World Government, whereupon he was granted the status of Samurai of the Seas. This suggests clear consequences should the tribute not be paid.

The Sky Dragon People

When a world aristocrat passes by, ordinary people must bow. If they do not do so, or if they even fall into the career of an aristocrat, they are helplessly exposed to the arbitrariness of the sky dragon people.


All World Nobles that have appeared so far had a rather uniform appearance. This included strange-looking uniforms, which are reminiscent of old diving or space suits. They are snow-white and decorated with various golden elements and medals. In addition, they all wear the same tower hairstyles rolled forward and an air tank on their backs, which is connected to their breathing domes by a hose. Whether this applies to all World Nobles equally or varies from family to family is unknown.

Known World Nobles

Saint Rosward’s family:

  • Saint Rosward (head of the family)
  • Saint Charlos
  • Princess Shalria
  • Donquixote Mjosgard

More World Nobles:

  • Five Wise Elders
  • Camael (Movie 12)
  • Saint Jalmack

Former World Nobles:

  • Donquixote Homing
  • Donquixote Doflamingo
  • Donquixote Rosinante

Slavery & Racism

A brand marks the slaves

Upon their arrival on the Sabaody Archipelago, Hatchan warned the Straw Hat Pirates about the World Nobles and disguised himself so that he was no longer recognizable as a fish-man at first glance, as was Mermaid Camie. The reason for this was that racism towards the sea people and other species on the Sabaody Archipelago continued to persist. Most notably the World Nobles, who have entire collections of slaves in Mary Geoise and use them for various purposes, such as a human horse.

Saint Rosward also mentioned that his daughter was still ruining his entire “captains collection” which included Devil Dias and Jean Bart.

Especially coveted, however, are the mermaids, which not infrequently end up as trophies in the fish tanks of the rich and powerful and, with a starting price of 70,000,000 Berry, represent the most expensive species of the Human Auctioning House. Closely followed by the male giants, which are set at 50,000,000 Berry upwards. For example, Shalria wanted a strong giant and her brother Charlos wanted a beautiful mermaid.

The acquired slaves are then branded with the coat of arms of the World Nobles in order to be recognized as serfs. People with such a brand are nothing more than “objects”. In the past, they had significantly more slaves, including the three Gorgon sisters. These slaves, however, were freed by Fisher Tiger, who scaled the Redline, as is mistakenly believed, with his bare hands and attacked Mary Geoise alone.

However, the arbitrariness of the World Nobles is not limited to criminals and the members of other species, even the normal “underclass citizens” of the Sabaody Archipelago who got in the way of the World Nobles faced their arbitrariness. For example, Saint Charlos simply declared the nurse Marie to be his 13th wife and shot her husband who dared to stand up in front of him. The regents and their families of the rest of the world must also submit to them and can be made their slaves if they demand it. For example, during the Levely in 1524, Saint Charlos attempted to enslave Princess Shirahoshi, which was only prevented by the intervention of another world aristocrat, Saint Mjosgard.

Tequila Wolf

About 800 years ago, the World Nobles commissioned the construction of the huge bridge. According to the revolutionaries, the sole purpose of this structure is to provide work for the slaves of the aristocrats.

Natural enemies

Despite the immense power that the World Nobles possess, there is a grouping in the world that they fear. The reasons for this are still unknown, but all people with a D. in their name seem to inspire fear in the World Nobles. Donquixote Rosinante mentioned in this context that these people are the “natural enemy of God.” In other words, they represent the enemies of the World Nobles. Therefore, as a child, Rosinante was always threatened that people with a D. in their name would come and eat him whenever he did not behave. The Five Elders also usually showed concern whenever someone with a D. in their name made headlines in the world, as it meant danger.


  • The Mon (emblem) the World Nobles is called “Hoof of the Rising Dragon”.
  • The World Nobles often put an -eh at the end of their sentences in the original Japanese.

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