World Government

The World Government (jap. 世界政府, Sekai Seifu) – WORLD GOVT. abbreviated – is the world’s largest and most influential organization, with over 170 member states. It is the one that calls the shots in the world of One Piece. The World Government acts according to the principle of “Absolute Justice”.

Among other things, the Navy, the most powerful armed force in the world, is subordinate to it. Its task is to enforce the laws of the world government and to ensure peace and order on the world’s oceans, even with brute force if necessary. The supreme authority of the world government is officially the Five Elders, whose seat of government is the “Holy Land, Mary Geoise” (jap. 聖地マリージョア, Seichi Marījoa). Above them, however, there seems to be another person, Im, pulling the strings in the background. Mary Geoise is also home to the World Noble, the descendants of the 20 kings who founded the world government some 800 years ago. They are considered sacred and revered almost as gods.
Another stronghold of the government was Enie’s Lobby, the island of justice. There, the accused were judged, who were then transferred to the maximum security prison Impel Down.The World Government’s top priority is to ensure the balance of the Three Powers and thus world peace by whatever means necessary, which is why it had created the Seven Warlords of the Sea. The current arch enemies of the World Government are the revolutionaries.

Look at this symbol, pirate pack!!!
This symbol represents the pact between more than 170 member states,
located in the middle of the four oceans and on the Grand Line…!!!
This is the world!!!
– CP9 Commander-in-Chief, Spandam


In the name of “Absolute Justice,” the world government has united over 170 countries under it!
The organization that created this rock-solid alliance..,
rules over the entire world!
– One Piece Yellow, Eiichiro Oda
Headquarters of the world government, the “Holy Land, Mary Geoise”

The world government has a very complex hierarchical structure, with the “empty throne” in Mary Geoise symbolizing that there is no ruler and all kings are equal. All kings must take this oath before him, however, unknown to the public and the rulers, Im takes a seat on this very throne. Nevertheless, the hierarchy, excluding Im and the Five Elders, can be roughly divided into two parts. One is the core organization called the World Government, which was founded 800 years ago by 20 kings, and the other is the over 170 allied member states, which are united under the World Government but are largely independent in their own forms of government. They each have their own heads of state, noble castes, and armies, but must obey the decreed laws of the world government leadership. Most of them appear to be monarchies.

The “land on the bridge”, Tequila Wolf

The heads of these states are called the “Council of Kings” and meet every four years in Mary Geoise for a world conference called the Levely. Their exact influence is unknown, but it can be assumed that they have far less influence than the World Noble. Nonetheless, decisions made at the World Conference by the regents of the participating countries can have a not inconsiderable impact on world affairs. Thus, the abolition of the system of the Seven Warlords of the Sea caused a great stir in the world.

According to this, the world government has feudalistic, democratic as well as dictatorial features and acts as a totalitarian regime that strives for “world peace” under its rule. In this, it acts strictly according to the motto of “Absolute Justice” and puts morality and ethics in the back seat. The world government also determines who is a criminal and issues bounties in the form of leaflets called wanted posters.

For example, thousands of soldiers are sacrificed without further ado if it serves the good of future generations. Neither are opponents of the regime, rebels and revolutionaries tolerated. Such people are either executed, imprisoned, or forced to perform forced labor such as takes place on Tequila Wolf. While there is a judiciary in the form of a Justice Island, it has no influence on the world government leadership and is merely there to enforce the given laws. This is especially obvious with the world aristocrats, the high nobility of the world government, who enjoy unrestricted freedom of action in relation to their subordinates and are worshipped almost like gods, which can be seen in the attitude of slaves.

At the top of the world government hierarchy are the Five Elders. Five elderly men about whom not much is known so far. However, they have full authority over all governmental bodies and can make laws. They can therefore be seen as the rulers of the world. At least that is what the public hears. In truth, Im, a mysterious person, still seems to be above them, so the Five Elders went down on their knees before this person.

Member States

Member state: Map of Kingdom of Arabasta

In total, over 170 countries around the world are united under the world government. If you attack one of them, you automatically declare war on all the others. Here are the known owners, islands and kingdoms of the world government, listed with their regents.

Known owners

  • Mary Geoise, the “Holy Land”: regents are the Five Elders and the World Noble.
  • Tequila Wolf, the “land on the bridge”: head is unknown.
  • Punk Hazard, former research base: now off limits.
  • Sorbet, former kingdom of the world government: Regent Bartholomew Kuma, however, turned to the revolutionaries, so an example was made.

Known member states

  • Kingdoms:
  • Individual islands, countries, or cities:


The Empty Throne & In

The supposedly empty throne

At the center of the world on Mary Geoise stands the so-called empty throne. 800 years ago, the founders of the world government took an oath here that no one would be allowed to sit on the throne. All regents who participate in the Levely in Mary Geoise must also take such an oath. That the throne is always unoccupied represents that all kings of the world are equal and there is no sole ruler. This is how it is known to the regents, however, you can already see from the world aristocrats that they have a higher position than the regents of the kingdoms. Furthermore, officially the Five Elders form the highest authority of the world government. And even if the regents on the Levely can exert their influence and, for example, initiate the abolition of the Seven Warlords of the Sea, which leads to a threat to the Three Powers and thus to the balance, it is officially the Five Elders who give the orders.

Just before the Levely begins, however, Im is seen taking his seat on the throne. Even the Five Elders, who are officially the highest authorities in the world, then kneel before Im. The Five Elders also take orders from Im, asking which light should be extinguished from history next.

Highest authority

The highest authorities, the Five Elders

As the “Supreme Authority” (jap. 最高権力, Saikou Kenryoku) of the World Government, the Five Elders (jap. 五老星, Gorousei) officially have unrestricted control over the entire organs of the World Government. The seat of government from the five rulers of the world is the “Holy City” of Mary Geoise. From there, the Naval Headquarters and all the other organizations under the World Government receive their orders. Their top priority is to maintain world peace at all costs.

Thus, they always pay close attention that the Three Great Powers does not become unbalanced. Disobeying such an order is not tolerated and, as in Saul’s case, punished by immediate execution. All five are older men who have been in service for at least 20 years. They too belong to the world aristocrats.

World Noble

The Sky Dragon People
They carry the blood of the Founders…
800 years ago, 20 kings banded together
And formed what we now call “the world government.”
Their descendants are the Sky Dragon People.
However, the long period of power has made them megalomaniacs…
-Pappag on the World Noble
The symbol of the World Noble

The World Noble (Jap. 世界貴族, Sekai Kizoku) live in the “Holy Land” of Mary Geoise. They are the descendants of the 20 kings who founded the world government 800 years ago. However, the long time and much power have made them megalomaniacs, so they are even too good to breathe the same air as normal humans, which is why they wear soap bubbles as helmets and bring their breathing air in tanks with them from Mary Geoise. What influence they have away from the Five Elders these days within the hierarchy of the World Government, however, is not entirely clear.

Likewise, they treat the inhabitants of the Sabaody Archipelago like dirt and keep civilians, pirates as well as other outlaws as slaves. Saint Rosward, for example, collects pirate captains. His son Saint Charlos was even decadent enough to buy Camie at auction for 500,000,000 berry, with the intention of putting her in an aquarium of piranhas at home to see how long she survives.

Since the blood of these people must be protected at all costs, they have the power to call an Admiral and his fleet to their aid should they be attacked, as the Naval Headquarters is in close proximity to the Sabaody Archipelago and Mary Geoise. Furthermore, World Noble have command of the Cipher Pol 0 and can send it on worldwide missions.


Naval Headquarters

The Executive Branch (Jap. 執行権, Shikkō Ken; Eng.“executive power”) is the one that ensures that the laws of the world government are upheld. It is also their job to maintain world peace and protect civilians from pirates and other criminals. The main “executive arm” of the world government in this regard is the Navy, which plays the role of “marine police”. It was under the command of Grand Admiral Sengoku and has the most powerful force in the world.

Since the summit battle in Marine Ford, the navy is no longer headed by Sengoku, but by the new Grand Admiral Sakazuki. Throughout the four blues and the Grand Line, the navy has its bases from which they hunt down those who break the law, or declare war on the world government. They operate under the motto of “Absolute Justice.” As part of the Three Powers, the Navy Headquarters is the most powerful executive branch of the World Government, and is therefore also called the “Center of War Power, Justice” – or “Center of Power” for short.

In addition to this, however, the other two arms of the classical military, i.e. the Army and Air Force, must also exist within the world of One Piece, as there is another man above the Grand Admiral of the Navy, the Commander General of all forces, Kong. Where and how an army will be deployed on land or in the air, however, is not yet clear.

All previous members of the Seven Warlords of the Sea

The Seven Warlords of the Sea formed another executive grouping that hunted down pirates on behalf of the world government and shared the spoils. As another part of the Three Powers, the Samurai arguably formed the second most important “executive force”. They were proclaimed by the Five Elders and, except for times of crisis, had to obey their orders. However, they were abolished by the Levely in 1524.

Also under the World Government are several intelligence units that supply them with information, called Cipher Pol. Officially numbered 1 through 8 and a top secret unit called CP9, they are the government’s extended “ear” around the world.

As it turns out on Dress Rosa, another secret Cipher Pol exists, numbered 0.

Arguably the last executive is the normal, local police force. Their job is to keep peace and order in each of the countries and cities that are part of the world government. In the world of One Piece, therefore, it occupies a rather unimportant position.

Known executives of the world government

  • Navy; New Marineford
  • Buster Call
  • Pacifista
  • The Seven Samurai of the Se as (formerly)
  • Impel Down
  • Cipher Pol
  • CP9
  • CP0
  • Police


The court of the world government

The Judiciary (Jap. 司法権, Shihō Ken; transl. “Judicial Power”), or jurisdiction, is what judges accused criminals of. The supreme seat of the “judiciary” was, until its destruction by a Buster Call Enies lobby, the Isle of Justice.

The whole thing was a farce, however, as the courtrooms were empty and Judge Baskerville declared every defendant guilty, thus no real trial took place. However, the world government kept this a secret from the outside world. If a criminal was found guilty, he was brought through the Gate of Justice and transported to Impel Down, where he must serve his sentence, or even be executed in particularly bad cases.

The Justice Guard was under the command of Chief Justice Baskerville and was responsible for the security of the court. There were also a total of 11 jurors on Enies Lobby, these were originally convicted criminals but were pardoned as long as they worked for the courthouse on Enies Lobby. They were subordinate to Judge Baskerville just like the Justice Guard and were only used in case of emergency.

What institution took the supreme seat of the judiciary after Enies Lobby’s destruction, or whether the island has been rebuilt, is not known.

Subordinate Organizations


The world government is subordinate to several independent organizations, all of which have their own leaders as well as their own uniformed personnel. Probably the most important are the naval headquarters “Marine Ford”, the deep sea prison “Impel Down” and – until its destruction – the justice island “Enies Lobby”, which are connected to the Tarai and form the “heart of the world government”. Each of these instances is subordinate to certain units, which together form the world government. Examples are the Justice Guard on Enies Lobby or the Prison Guards in Impel Down.

Naval Headquarters

“Center of the War Power of Justice,” the new naval headquarters.

The Naval Head quarters (Jap. 海軍本部, Kaigun Honbu) is located in the New World, at the former Naval Base G-1, and is under the command of the current Grand Admiral Sakazuki. The naval headquarters is part of the Tri-Power.

Prior to the destruction of Marine Ford Island in the war against Whitebeard’s Alliance, Naval Headquarters was located there, on the first half of the Grand Line, behind the Gate of Justice. The commander-in-chief was Sengoku, who had overall command of the naval forces from here. The former naval headquarters is a very large fortress, housing many soldiers, said to be stronger than those from the normal bases. However, the island has been rebuilt and now houses Naval Base G-1.

The Buster Call on Enies Lobby was also launched from the former naval headquarters. The three admirals, the Navy’s most powerful lone warriors, known as the “Supreme War Power of the World Government” (jap. 最高戦力, Saikou Senryoku), Kuzan (Ao Kiji, Eng. “Kuzan”), Borsalino (Ki Zaru, Eng. “Yellow Monkey”), and Sakazuki (Aka Inu, Eng. “Red Dog”) were also stationed there. Luffy’s grandfather and naval legend Vice Admiral Monkey D. Garp was also located there, training Koby and Helmeppo.

With Sengoku’s resignation and Admiral Akainu’s appointment as Grand Admiral, Aokiji has since resigned as well. Both Sengoku and Garp have retired to train rookies. The new admirals are Issho, who goes by the admiral name “Fujitora” (Fuji Tora, Eng. “Lavender Tiger”), and goes by the nameaperson who goes by the name “Aramaki” (Ryoku Gyū, Eng. “Green Bull”).

Enie’s Lobby

Justice Island, Enie’s Lobby

Enies Lobby (jap. エニエスロビー, Eniesu Robī) was the justice island of the world government until its destruction, and is also known as “Island Without Night” (jap. 不夜島, Fuyajima) because it never gets dark there. To prevent unauthorized people from entering the island, a high fence was erected around it. In addition, the island consisted of two parts. Both of them were exactly opposite to each other and were located at the edge of a huge hole into which sea water was flowing non-stop. Enie’s Lobby was the place where a prisoner was judged on whether or not to come to Impel Down, but it was only a “mock court” that declared each defendant guilty.

From Enie’s Lobby, a whirlpool – called a “Tarai” – leads to two other important locations of the World Government: firstly, the Naval Headquarters, and secondly, Impel Down, the remote deep-sea prison in the Calm Belt.

Which institution took the supreme seat of the judiciary after Enie’s lobby’s destruction, or whether the island was rebuilt, is not known.

Impel Down

Deep Sea Prison, Impel Down

Impel Down (jap. インペルダウン, Inperu Daun) is a tower-like maximum-security prison of the World Government, divided into different floors called “levels”. It is connected to Enies Lobby and Marine Ford by the Gates of Justice and Tarai Current, and is located in the deep sea of the Calm Belt. This is where a number of felons are taken who have been captured by the Navy or bounty hunters. In charge of Impel Down after the time jump are Warden Hannyabal and his deputy, Magellan, formerly Warden, who refrained from continuing to run Impel Down due to the spectacular escape of Luffy and several hundred other inmates. Because of this, his Vice took over, while Magellan now holds the position of Vice-Director.

Spandam intended, after the storming of the judiciary tower of Enies Lobby by the Straw Hat Pirates, to bring the two prisoners Nico Robin and Franky there as fast as possible, in order to interrogate them there in peace and to get to the plans of the Pluton. However, this failed due to the rescue operation of the Straw Hat Pirates.

Relationship with the Three Power

A Gorousei on the Three Power

The Three Powers (Jap. 三大勢力, San Dai Seiryoku; transl. “The Three Great Powers”) is what maintains the peace of the world and ensures the balance of power of the Grand Line. The supreme commandment of the world government is to ensure the stability of this order, otherwise the world threatens to sink into chaos – at least according to the Five Elders.

The parts of the Three Great Powers are: the Naval Headquarters, which is loyal to the World Government and acts on its behalf, and – until its abolition – the Seven Warlords of the Sea. Seven ex-pirates who had made a pact with the World Government. Opposing them are the Four Emperors of the New World. Four pirates who rule over the second part of the Grand Line.

We must not act rashly.
More important are the “Seven Warlords of the Sea”. We need to find a successor to Crocodile.
The gap he left behind is huge.
The balance of the “Three Great Powers” must be maintained, or world peace will be in jeopardy.
-Supreme authority of the world government, the Five Elders.

The importance of the Three Powers is shown by the behavior of the Five Elders. They were very upset that Crocodile had betrayed them and that a gap had appeared in this structure, which had to be filled as soon as possible. So a successor was sought and found: Marshall D. Teach, alias “Blackbeard.”

Later it was learned that there would be a war between the three powers, because Whitebeard had set out to save Portgas D. Ace, who was to be executed in Marine Ford. Thus, Marine Headquarters and the Seven Warlords of the Sea stood against the Whitebeard gang.

These three groupings together formed the Three Power Structure, however the Seven Warlords of the Sea were abolished by the Regents at the Levely in 1524. The Navy hopes that the so-called Special Science Group can intercept the Seven Samurai’s removal and turn the Three Power in their favor with their .


702 – Foundation

Quite the coincidence…
800 years earlier, towards the end of the lost 100 years,
was the exact birth of today’s “World Government”.
If the enemy of those exterminated people was our world government,
then the “lost 100 years”…
are a most unpleasant past, which the world government is trying to eradicate by any means necessary.
-Excerpt from Professor Kleeblatt’s speech
The Five Elders listen to Shamrock’s hypothesis

The World Government was founded some 800 years ago by 20 kings, who at the time formed a powerful alliance to defeat the Ancient Kingdom. After the successful victory and with the end of True History, the alliance gave itself a new name – the “World Government”. At least, that’s according to Professor Kleeblatt.

The seat of government of the World Government has always been the “Holy Land” of Mary Geoise, located on the second half of the Redline. Nothing more specific is known about its founding. However, the fact that the World Government forbids the world’s population from researching True History and the Poreglyphs shows that they are guarding a dark secret which, if it came to light, would probably threaten their very existence.

The descendants of these “founding kings” are today’s world aristocrats, who still enjoy plenty of privileges. The exceptions to this are the Nefertari family, who refused to live in Mary Geoise 800 years ago, and part of the Donquixote family, because the head of the family at the time, Donquixote Homing, gave up his status to live with his family among the commoners. Nowadays, the world government consists of more than 170 member states, which are located all over the world. If you mess with one of these states, you automatically declare war on all the others.

1486 – God Valley Incident

The Battle of God Valley

38 years ago, the most famous and feared pirate gang at the time, under the command of their captain Rocks D. Xebec, the Rocks Pirates, threatened the world. This gang also included the current Emperors Kaidou and Big Mom. Xebec wanted to overthrow the world government and rule the world himself, which the Navy tried to prevent at all costs. A monstrous battle ensued on God Valley, with Garp allying with future pirate king Gol D. Roger and defeating the Rocks pirates. However, it was also about protecting world aristocrats and their slaves. Garp received his title of “Hero of the Navy” as a result, but his association with a pirate was kept secret from the public. God Valley disappeared without a trace after the God Valley incident.

1502 – Buster Call on Ohara

The CP9 occupies Ohara

The world government is willing to use any means to crack down on pirates and all those who break the law. For example, they used the Buster Call – a naval military maneuver – to raze an entire island to the ground. Furthermore, the world government forbids people from researching True History.

Thus, over 20 years ago, a Buster Call was ordered on Ohara, as the scientists of that island were suspected of being able to read the Poneglyph, which according to the Five Elders was a threat to the entire world, as this knowledge could be used to resurrect the Ancient Weapon. As a result, Ohara was completely destroyed and there were no survivors except for Nico Robin, which is why it is so dangerous to the world government.

1507 – CP9 Agent Rob Lucci

Lucci’s scars form the symbol of the World Government

Seventeen years ago, a small, insignificant kingdom was invaded by pirates. 500 soldiers from the royal army were captured and the pirate captain set his sights on becoming the new king. The world government then sent a 13-year-old boy to the kingdom to eliminate the pirates. However, the boy first killed all the soldiers, as they were just weak failures in his eyes. He then destroyed the pirates and brought the head of their leader to the government. After this event, a new CP9 agent was born – his name was Rob Lucci.

1509 – Attack on the Holy Land

An iron rule of the world stated, “No one defies the Sky Dragons”. But about 13 years ago, an incident happened that made the world government tremble. A fish-man was said to have scaled the Redline with his bare hands and invaded the “holy city” of Mary Geoise, where he raged with all his might. His name was Fisher Tiger. He was a slave himself and did not climb the Redline as was later believed. He freed countless numbers of slaves of all species from the captivity of the world’s aristocrats. Among them were Hancock and her sisters. Although Fisher Tiger could not stand humans, he made no distinction that day. The slaves all had the symbol of the World Noble – the “Hoof of the Rising Dragon” – branded on them. Fisher Tiger changed the symbol to a sun and founded the Sun Pirates.

1516 – The World Conference

This is Dragon, the revolutionary…
His intentions are dangerous.
In five or six years, he may have become a major “thorn”…,
in the back of the world government.
-Thalassa Lucas at theWorld Conference
Tarassa Luke warns against Dragon

Eight years ago, a World Conference – a meeting of 50 kings of the world’s governing nations – was held in the “Holy City, Mary Geoise.” The reason for this meeting was the revolutionary Dragon, of which Thalassa Lucas, the King of Ilisia, warned. Present were, among others, Nefertari Kobra with his daughter Vivi from the Kingdom of Arabasta, Wapol from the Kingdom of Drum and some other powerful heads of state, who are united under the World Government.

Wapol saw no danger in Dragon and was visibly annoyed by what he saw as an unnecessary conference. When he refused to make his troops available for a possibly necessary counterattack, he was loudly rebuked by Kobra. Thereupon Wapol slapped his daughter Vivi in the face. Vivi, however, remained calm, as she did not want to risk a war.

The exact treatment of the issues as well as the outcome of the world conference are unknown.


Hunt for Pluton

The Five Elders give Spandam the special mission

Eight years before the beginning of the plot, Spandam convinced the Five Elders to give him the order to search for the “Ancient Weapon” Pluton, the blueprints of which were supposed to be in Eisberg’s possession. Spandam’s real plan was to use Pluton to take the Five Elders’ place at the head of the world government and rule the world in their stead. As a result, three CP9 agents, Rob Lucci, Ecki and Kalifa, infiltrated Eisberg’s company – the Galley-La – in order to obtain information about Pluton. However, the operation was largely unsuccessful.

When Nico Robin and the Straw Hat Pirates stopped in Water 7, the CP9’s mission expanded. Now Nico Robin had to be apprehended as well, as she was the only one who could read the ancient blueprints. Nico Robin’s apprehension went off without a hitch, as the CP9 threatened to impose the Buster Call on the Straw Hat Pirates if they refused.

Due to Eisberg’s many years around, they managed to track down the current owner of the blueprints: Franky aka Cutty Framm, so they took him, who knows where the plans are, and Nico Robin, who can read the plans, to Enie’s lobby. This successfully completed the job for the CP9.

Ultimately, however, the CP9 failed in direct combat against the Straw Hat Pirates and both Nico Robin and Franky escaped. Spandam’s plan thus failed and he had his former agents pursued so that he could punish them for their failure.

Shanks & Whitebeard’s meeting

The Five Elders are contacted

After the Five Elders received word that Shanks was going to meet with Whitebeard, they seemed very concerned about it. Because the two of them together, the Five Elders said, would be too much of a danger. So they ordered the Navy to send a fleet to the New World, which was to stop direct contact between the two.

However, it was later learned that the entire fleet was completely destroyed by the two emperors, Shanks and Whitebeard, and the two were in direct contact with each other. Judging from the reactions of the Five Elders, they feared the worst, so naval headquarters was put on alert.

However, their meeting was not for the purpose of seeking world domination together. Shanks merely warned Whitebeard about his former comrade-in-arms Blackbeard and asked him to call off Ace. Whitebeard, however, remained stubborn and attacked Shanks with his naginata, whereupon the sky split. The exact outcome of the encounter, however, remains unknown.

Slavery and racism

Saint Rosward’s family

More than 200 years ago, the sea was a terrible place for fish people and mermaids. They were classified as just another type of fish, categorized by type, and persecuted all over the world. However, despite their strength, they could not defend themselves against the numerical superiority of humans. However, 200 years ago, the world government made an agreement with the fish people island.

Kidnapping and discrimination have persisted to this day on the Sabaody Archipelago, and slavery continues to be tolerated, as seen in the world aristocrats who purchased slaves for amusement or as trophies in Donquixote Doflamingo’s Human Auctioning House.

The Navy therefore officially calls the Human Auctioning House the “Public Employment Security Bureau.” Only criminals and civilians from “non-world government nations” may be sold, the trade with civilians from “world government nations” is not allowed.

But slavery and forced labor are encountered in other places as well. In the East Blue, for example, the World Government has had a bridge built for about 700 years, named Tequila Wolf, to connect several islands, there opponents of the regime and citizens from “non-world government nations” are forced into forced labor to the point of death. The world government thus puts targeted pressure on nations that do not want to submit to it. When Robin landed on Tequila Wolf after the Straw Hat Pirates was separated, she was immediately put in chains by the slave drivers there and assigned to work until she could be freed by the revolutionaries.

Pacifista Project

Bear mentions the Pacifista

When Bartholomew Kuma appeared on Thriller Bark, it was revealed that he was a Pacifista. Bartholomew Kuma mentioned that his developer was the “genius of government” Dr. Vegapunk, who was 500 years ahead of humans.

Later, after Kizaru volunteered to take up the pursuit of the perpetrators, a marine informed that Kizaru will bring special “troops” with him to the archipelago. Shortly thereafter, a warrior who looked confusingly like Bartholomew Kuma, and was initially mistaken for him, appeared on the Sabaody Archipelago. And another such “warrior” didn’t take long to appear either, getting in the way of the Straw Hat Pirates and directly opening fire with one of his “laser cannons”. Zoro then immediately noticed that it could not be the real Bartholomew Kuma.

After the appearance of Dr. Vegapunk’s bodyguard Sentomaru it turned out that these warriors are so-called Pacifista (short “PX”). These are cyborgs, which are a still unfinished secret weapon of the government. Each of these Pacifista looks like Bartholomew Kuma and has at least three laser cannons built in and also an extremely hard armor, made of a special alloy. A Pacifista costs as much as a Navy battleship, however they are extremely strong in battle and tough, something Luffy and his gang also found out. To X. Drake’s surprise, however, the Pacifista’s veins run red blood, which he found out after he attacked one.

Pacifista attack the supernovaes

They are a secret project of the Naval Headquarters Science Department and were built under the direction of Dr. Vegapunk. During the battle with Whitebeard, the Navy used, among others, a number of the recently completed Pacifista, an exact number is not known, but there were at least 25 of them.

World Government vs. Whitebeard Alliance

Portgas D. Ace on the Scaffold

After the capture by Blackbeard of Gol D. Rogers’ son and division commander of the Whitebeard Gang, Portgas D. Ace, the World Government ordered a public execution in Marine Ford to wipe out the pirate king’s bloodline once and for all and make an example. Knowing that Whitebeard would never let his men hang, the World Government prepared for a battle with the same and pulled together all available elite soldiers as well as the Seven Warlords of the Sea to protect the execution.

Among those present were the three admirals who directly guarded the scaffold, as well as over 100,000 other elite soldiers from around the world. However, only a total of 5 samurai answered the government’s call: Bartholomew Kuma, Gecko Moria, Donquixote Doflamingo, Dracule Mihawk, and Boa Hancock. Blackbeard seized the opportunity and attacked the deep sea prison Impel Down at the same time.

Whitebeard eventually showed up on Marine Ford with his entire armada, consisting of over 43 ships. Through an elaborate plan by Grand Admiral Sengoku, who coordinated the Navy’s forces from the scaffold, the Navy finally managed to turn the war in its favor. Portgas D. Ace was executed by Admiral Akainu and the already badly wounded Whitebeard was killed by the Blackbeard gang. Eventually, the war was interrupted by the Redshirt Pirates and all the pirates took flight.

Donquixote Doflamingo executes Gecko Moria.

The Navy lost a large number of soldiers, as well as their fortress on Marine Ford, yet the war officially went down as a victory for the World Government.

Following the glorious battle, Brannew delivered the details to Grand Admiral Sengoku about the mass escape from the sixth level of the Impel Down, which was caused by Blackbeard. He mentioned that the World Government leadership had ordered this to be strictly covered up so that nothing would be leaked to the population, which angered Sengoku greatly.

At the same time, Donquixote Doflamingo was to execute Gecko Moria in the back alleys of Marine Ford, as he had become too weak to hold the office of samurai, according to Doflamingo. He was assisted by at least four Pacifista. When Moria asked if he was doing this on Sengoku’s orders, Doflamingo replied with, “No, from even higher up.” and pointed a finger toward the sky. What their aim was in executing Moria is unknown, likewise a statement from the Five Elders on the war remains open.

In the course of the war Jinbe, Blackbeard as well as Gecko Moria lost their office as samurai of the seas. Furthermore, Sengoku and Garp resigned from their posts, but could still be kept in the ranks of the navy as instructors. Sengoku’s place was taken by Sakazuki, after which Kuzan left the navy.

The Levely 1524

The beginning of the Levely

After the two-year time jump, things had changed, and so a world conference of kings was once again in the offing. Even before the Levely opened, it was apparent that there were many issues to discuss. It was already apparent that Luffy’s deeds, who had been unofficially named the fifth emperor by the World Economic Newspaper, certainly provided a need for discussion. The presidency of this Levely was assigned to King Ham Burger of the Kingdom of Ballywood.

However, on the fourth day of the Levely, a battle broke out between the revolutionary commanders and the two admirals Fujitora and Aramaki. The revolutionaries’ goal was to declare war on the World Noble as well as free their former friend Bartholomew Kuma, but while the exact outcome of this battle is unknown, shocking news about Sabo spread in the World Economic Newspaper following the Levely. Fujitora, on the other hand, was seen bandaged in a conversation via Den-den Mushi with Grand Admiral Sakazuki. The exact outcome of the reverie is also not entirely known. All that is known is that the motion to depose the Seven Warlords of the Sea, brought forward by Riku Doldo III and Kobra, was approved. Following this, the regents made their way home again, this time being escorted as well. However, according to Garp, shortly after the Regents left, an incident regarding the Kingdom of Arabasta occurred. Meanwhile, the Navy was already beginning to hunt down the former Samurai of the Seas.



The ornate main hall

The theme (motif) of the World Government seems to be very religiously based, as it seems to view itself as something sacred. For example, the area where Mary Geoise, the World Government’s headquarters, is located is referred to as “Holy Land” or “Holy Ground”. Likewise, the halls where the Five Elders reside are also very reminiscent of a church sanctuary.

Furthermore, the world aristocrats are also called “Sky Dragon People” (jap. 天竜人, Tenryūbito) and bear the name suffix “Saint” (jap. 聖, Be), which is another allusion to this. Also, on the Pacifista’s suits is the same symbol as on the back of Bartholomew Kuma’s Bible, which could indicate that this is the mark of the Church in One Piece.

All of these hints together suggest that the World Government considers itself a holy, or rather divine, organization.

Role in the Manga

Due to the fact that the World Government is the direct enemy of all pirates and tries to end the era of piracy by all means, it has taken the place of the permanent antagonist for quite some time.

Luffy has been at war with the World Government since his first bounty, which was earned by the events in East Blue. However, he only had the attention of the Five Elders after defeating Crocodile in Arabasta. Officially declaring war on the World Government during the Enies Lobby Arc, the Straw Hat Pirates dared to enter the heart of the government and light the World Government flag. This event, and the fact that they managed to defeat the CP9, earned the entire crew a bounty increase and the full attention of the World Government.

It is also interesting to note that shortly before he died, Whitebeard announced to Grand Admiral Sengoku and the World Government that if anyone succeeded in finding the One Piece, a massive war would break out. Whitebeard thus confirmed on the one hand that the One Piece did indeed exist, and made a foreshadowing of a possible final battle against the World Government.

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