Woonan of One Piece

Unan was a legendary pirate who made his name as the“Gold Pirate„.

This article contains information unique to One Piece – The Movie (2000).


Unan’s face as a child.

Unan had brown, short hair as a child. He wore a shirt that was decorated with red flames at the end. His grey pants were rolled up to his knees and his shoes were a dark brown.

In his pirate days, Unan wore a pirate cloak and hat with a skull and crossbones on it, though not his Jolly Roger. He had also grown a small beard.


Unan loved the gold

Unan’s goal had always been to become a pirate. He didn’t want to live his life the way his father once did. His father had slaved all his life for a lump of gold. But he was by no means a bad pirate, because he only stole gold from criminals who had stolen the precious metal themselves. To the hard-working people he left their possessions. Almost at the end of his life, he showed strength of character by returning all the gold to its rightful owners.

Skills and strengths

Other than the fact that he fought with a sword, not much is known about Unan’s strength. However, he had to have some strength, since he had taken a third of the world’s gold.


Conversation with Ganzo

The two in conversation

One evening, the two friends met on a cliff. However, the conversation quickly led to an argument. Unan wanted to sail the seas with Ganzo and end up with a lot of gold. Ganzo did not understand his friend, as he thought gold was no different from a rock.

An argument begins…
Gold is worthless after all!


Your father was such a fine fellow. He helped me a lot and taught me how to cook stew and showed me many other things.

Oh, he was just a drunkard.

I’ve only noticed one thing; gold can make people unhappy, spread hate, cunning and greed and friends become enemies! It’s as cold and heartless as stone!
– Ganzo and Unan in conversation.
…and they land on the cliff

The two then scuffled until they finally almost fell off the cliff. Unan was just able to hold onto Ganzo. However, Ganzo let go on purpose so Unan could save himself. Badly injured, Ganzo survived the fall. When he regained consciousness a few days later, Unan had already left to make a living as a pirate.

Pirate Career

Unan’s raids

In the years that followed, Unan made a name for himself as a pirate. His raids were legendary and his fortune in gold immeasurable. This was kept on the island where Ganzo and Unan had once grown up. One of his crew members possessed a map that led to the island. After Unan’s unexplained disappearance, his crew still existed.

Unan went to his island to guard the treasure. However, in the end, he saw that all his gold was of no use to him because there were other things that were more important than his accumulated treasure. The thing he sacrificed his whole life for was not the gold. It was the adventure of finding the gold! For this reason, he returned the gold to its rightful owners, wrote a final message on the inside walls of his hiding place, and waited for his death, because he had achieved everything he wanted.


  • His Jolly Roger was a grinning skull with two bones crossed and there were red flames around the skull.
  • To this day, nothing more was known of his whereabouts. Most thought, if Unan even existed, that he was deceased. Others believed he was still alive, and in hiding with his treasure.
  • He had never tasted Ganzo’s Odes (disambiguation).
  • When Luffy heard about him, he wanted to make Unan his nakama.

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