Wire of One Piece

Wire is a member of the Kid Pirates.


Wire is a very tall man and wears a long dark cloak that goes down from his head to his feet. Around his neck he wears a chain with two small axe blades attached to it. He otherwise owns dark shorts as well as long fishnet stockings that go down to his thighs. On his feet he wears two flat dark shoes.

Skills and strength

Wire fights with some sort of pike or trident. Since he was able to withstand Rayleigh’s Haki, he seems to have a strong willpower.


On the Sabaody Archipelago

Kid and gang at the auction house

Wire came to the Sabaody Archipelago with the Kid pirate gang, who were there to prepare for the New World. The first time he appeared was when the Kid and his gang went to the auction house. Later, after Luffy disrupted the auction, he fought alongside the Straw Hat and Heart Pirate gangs to escape before the Admiral could appear.

During the fight, Luffy commented that one day he would find the One Piece, at which point the Kid briefly interrupted the fight. After remembering that he had only been met with ridicule and scorn for such remarks on his journey thus far, Kid and his gang escaped. They attempted to get to their ship, however they were stopped by a Pacifista. Working with Law, they eventually managed to defeat the Pacifista.

During the great battle

The Kid and his people are watching the transmission

The gang seemed to have survived the fight without any major damage, as they watched the broadcast of the fight between the Whitebeard gang and the Impel Down escapees, along with Luffy against the Navy, from a safe distance on the archipelago. When the broadcast was cut off, Kid just mentioned that the “show” was probably over now. Later, Kid and his crew were seen sailing towards Fish-Man Island. As they did so, they watched the proceedings on Marine Ford from a safe distance.

News about Luffy

Eustass Kid in front of Crucified

On a New World island, Kid was reading the newspaper article about Luffy and had Killer explain what the bell ringing was all about. He threw the newspaper away from him and laughed at Luffy for thinking he could usher in the new era. Finally, he turned to his prisoners, a band of pirates who, like him, came from the first half of the Grand Line.

She begged him to let her back into “paradise.” The Kid just laughed and said such weak gangs shouldn’t have come here in the first place. As it turned out, some of the prisoners had already been crucified by the Kid pirate gang. That made him, apart from Basil Hawkins, the only one of the Supernovae who hadn’t had any trouble in the New World so far.

After Luffy defeated Donquixote Doflamingo, Wire was seen celebrating exuberantly with his own and allied crew members. He could be seen in the background raising both arms upwards as if in a victory pose. However, out of the blue, the Emperor Kaidou then came crashing down on them and Wire flew off due to the force of the impact.

Wano Country / Onigashima

As it turned out, they were subsequently taken to Wano Country and separated. After the Kid and Killer were able to escape from the prison mine in Udon, they went in search of their comrades and were successful. On the day of the Fire Festival, the entire Kid pirate gang appeared alongside the Heart and Straw Hat pirate gangs in the waters off Onigashima and began attacking.

They engaged in a race with the Straw Hat Pirates and infiltrated Onigashima in disguise of the Beast Pirates they obtained through Kinemon’s devil powers. However, as their respective captains immediately caused a stir, Wire once again lost track of the Kid and Killer. Then, when the battle broke out, Heat and Wire also fought alongside the Alliance against the Beasts Pirates Pirates. Later, Wire heard Sanji’s cries for help.


  • His name was first mentioned in One Piece Blue Deep.

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