Willy of One Piece

Willy belongs to the race of fish people and is an old rival of Arlong. He participated in the Dead End race together with his gang.

This article contains information unique to One Piece – The Dead End Adventure (2003).


Willy belongs to the race of fish people and is more specifically a Orca. He has a pretty robust body. Like all fish people, he also has gills and webbed feet. His face is adorned with a large and prominent nose, which is covered with many small humps. He also has rather pointed teeth and a stubbly beard. On his head he wears a black helmet. Furthermore, he wears a shirt and pants with an orange and black pattern. A knotted red cloth serves as his belt. His right wrist is adorned with a bracelet. Around his neck and belly he has wrapped a golden chain. Under this chain a tattoo can be seen, which represents his pirate flag.


Since Willy has only a few appearances, not much is known about his personality. However, since he let out a battle cry while destroying a pirate ship, it can be assumed that he enjoys fighting and destroying ships. In addition, Willy seems to have a rather watchful and cautious nature, as he tracked Gasbad’s ship after it changed course.

Skills and strength

Willy uses a huge spiked iron club as his weapon. This he can swing quickly and recklessly.


Willy fighting againstother pirates

He participated in the Dead End race with his team, which consisted entirely of fish people. With the giants Bobby and Pogo, as well as Gasparde, he was considered one of the favorites in the Dead End race.
Just before the start of the race, he and his ship encountered both the Straw Hat Pirates, the Bigalos Pirates, and the Giants, with whom he rode to the top of Hannabal. Then, when the race began, Willy immediately attacked another pirate ship. In doing so, he used a giant drill, which was attached to the bow of his ship.

When Gasparde’s ship changed course, Willy pursued it, suspecting that Gasparde had rigged the race. Shortly thereafter, a battle ensued between Gasparde’s and Willy’s band of pirates. Since Gasparde’s gang had come through the fight unscathed, it is likely that Willy’s gang had lost. Thus, the Dead End race was over for them as well.


  • In Movie 9, his profile is shown for the first time, so you learn about his bounty.

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