Wicca of One Piece

Wicca is a dwarf of the Kingdom of Tontatta, the dwarven dominion on Green Bit Island in the New World. She is part of the dwarven scouting unit with Cotton, Inhel, Baxcon and Daikon.


Like all dwarves, Wicca is about the size of a human hand and has a long, pointed nose. Particularly striking is her large cloth cylinder with a bright hatband. Furthermore, the dwarf wears a dark uniform and a neckerchief. She has half-length, curly hair, which she wears open under her hat.


Wicca is an extremely temperamental and self-critical person. She constantly referred to herself as a jerk when confronted by Zoro, nonstop hitting the cobblestones on the street, even going so far as to crack a house facade because of her punches. Likewise, she is very dutiful. Even when she was exposed, she asked the pirate to accompany her so she could complete her mission. Contrast that with her blurting out her mission objectives to Zoro, a complete stranger, for which she again called herself a jerk and lashed out.


Meeting with Zoro

Zoro catches the sword thief

When the Straw Hat Pirates sailed from Punk Hazard to Dress Rosa with their new ally Trafalgar Law, they split up so they could pursue different tasks. While there, Luffy, Zoro, Sanji, Franky, and Kinemon were assigned as the team that would destroy the SAD factory. To discuss the situation, they sat down in a bar to plan their next steps. After a brief, anonymous, and unplanned run-in with Admiral Fujitora, Wicca promptly stole the swords from Zoro, whereupon he rushed after her to retrieve the weapons.
He also succeeded in doing so by making a daring leap, falling from a house onto a footbridge along with the supposed fairy.

A conversation with the dwarf revealed that she was one of the scouts of the Tontatta Kingdom, was on a mission, and was going to report to her commander at the Field of Flowers. Wicca was to inform her superior of the members of the Donquixote family who were about to attack the Thousand Sunny, on which Nami, Chopper, Brook and Momonosuke were staying to guard the ship.

But before the swordsman could rush to the aid of his friends, he helped Wicca get to her commander. This the dwarf accomplished as well, and her commander turned out to be the one-legged toy soldier. She reminded Zoro again, who had been distracted by the broadcast of Luffy’s fight against Don Chinjao in the Corrida Colosseum, that they must now go to the Thousand Sunny.

Infiltration of the palace

While Zoro ran back to the Thousand Sunny, he ran into Kinemon and Sanji. Sanji then rushed to the Sunny while Zoro and Kinemon tried to get Luffy out of the Coliseum. After they all witnessed Doflamingo shoot and drag Law away, the Straw Hat Pirates decided to rescue Law from Doflamingo’s palace, with Wicca leading them to the palace.

When they made it inside with Viola’s help, Kinemon took Wicca to show him the way to the dump so he could free his friend Kanjuro. In order to move freely, Kinemon disguised himself as Doflamingo while Wicca explained to him such things as who the officers were and how to react to what so as not to blow his cover. So the two of them were able to fool Gladius for now. Later, they found the injured dwarves, such as Kabu and Rampo, who had accompanied the toy soldier and went with them to the underground port.

Birdcage Game

After Doflamingo started his birdcage game, the dwarves first took Usopp, Robin as well as their other allies to the coliseum. There, Rebecca, Bartolomeo, Robin, Leo, and Kabu later decided to go to the palace to bring Luffy the keys to Law. The rest of the dwarves, which included Wicca, again went to the Smile factory to help Franky free the enslaved dwarves. Afterwards, they all tried to get to safety from the bird cage, which was getting smaller, but they ran into Zoro, who suggested they help stop the cage. Using a piece of the Smile factory made from sea stone, they tried to stop the birdcage and were actually able to make it slow down. Not only did the dwarves help, but also many gladiators or former prisoners. But in the end, only Luffy’s victory against Doflamingo could stop the cage and everyone was happy as the announcement of his victory came and the birdcage disappeared.

The end of tyranny

The theft of the weapons

After Doflamingo was defeated and the Admiral of the Navy Fujitora kneeling before King Riku Doldo III to apologize, Kyros gave a speech to his soldiers, who received it emotionally and saluted him. Their heroes, the Straw Hats, were now about to depart, but the marines were ordered to seize them. The dwarves, including Wicca, helped the Straw Hats escape by stealing the navy’s weapons, among other things.

Foundation of the Tontatta Pirates

After the Straw Hats left Dress Rosa, the Tontatta Pirates formed and Wicca became a member of it. After completing the Levely, they discovered a Tarte ship in the waters off Green Bit. On board was the badly battered Pound, whom they brought ashore and treated on Dress Rosa.

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