Who’s-Who of One Piece

Who’s Who, also known by his nickname Spray Who (jap. 飛沫のフー, Shibuki no Fū), is a star of the Beasts Pirates. Within this grouping, he is among the strongest, the so-called “flying six”. He was once a member of the CP9.


Who’s Who is a tall man with long legs and long pink hair that reaches above his waist like a mane. He wears a red helmet that reaches under his eyes and is equipped with two long horns. Whether these are just hollowed out and there are true horns underneath is unknown. In addition, he has gold earrings. He wears a dark jacket over a white, unbuttoned shirt with a wide collar, revealing a tattoo on his chest. This consists of an ornate eye and his name written underneath. He wears long, dark trousers and dark shoes.


Who’s Who seems to get annoyed quickly, this is especially evident in his interactions with him, Ulti and Page One. Basically, he only seems to have respect for Kaidou and is single-mindedly pursuing his plan to become a main representative within the Beasts Pirates. In doing so, he acts very confidently. The fact that intruders were rioting on Onigashima didn’t interest him, as he was pursuing his mission to find Yamato.

Skills and strength

Who’s Who in its animal form

Due to his position as a member of the Flying Six within the Beasts Pirates, he must have a high level of combat strength. He has a confident demeanor and is sure he can take on one of the main representatives.

He has eaten from an Ancient Zoan Fruit and can transform into a saber-toothed tiger or an intermediate form as a result.

A former member of the CP9, he also mastered the Rokushiki and developed several variations, such as using a dagger for the finger pistol to make it more effective, or his incisors in his hybrid form for it.

He is proficient in armor and observation haki.


11 years before the plot begins, Who’s Who was a talented agent of the CP9 whose skills were comparable to those of Rob Lucci. However, he fell from grace when a mission he was in charge of failed. He was supposed to secure the transport of the Gomu Gomu no Fruit on behalf of the World Government, but it was stolen by Lucky Roux and the Red Hair Pirates. Who’s Who was sent to prison as punishment, but escaped and became a pirate. Ever since he heard about Straw Hat Luffy and his devil powers, he began to hate Luffy, constantly reminding him of his failed mission. At an unknown time, he was captain of the Who’s Who pirate gang (jap. フーズ・フー海賊団, Fūto Fū Kaizokudan), but later subordinated himself to Emperor Kaidou.


The Flying Six

Who’s Who and his fellow Flying Six were summoned to his fortress by Kaidou without giving more specifics. When they got there, however, they had to wait for their captain and chatted about who would be next in rank in the event of the sudden demise of a major representative. Afterwards, the meeting with Kaidou took place, with King and Jack also present. It turned out that King was in fact summoning them, but Kaidou continued that they were to find his son Yamato and a fight against one of the main representatives for their position would be the reward.

X. Drake was set a trap

As he spoke to his subordinates, they noted the uproar caused by Monkey D. Luffy, Roronoa Zoro, Eustass Kid, and Killer, but he gave orders to his subordinates to disregard this and search for Yamato. When he heard Queen was going to take someone out today, he commented that he was planning to do the same. It wasn’t until he heard that the intruders had fled Udon that he seemed to pay attention to them. Later, he was informed via Den-den Mushi that Luffy and Yamato were on their way to the main stage.

Jinbe Defeats Who’s Who

When the chaos, triggered by the enemy alliance, really started, the flying six were informed by King that the search for Yamato should be called off. Instead, they were to keep the enemies from reaching the roof. Who’s Who then sought out X. Drake and suggested he go with him to finish Queen off. However, this turned out to be a trap, where the two put him through the wringer instead, knowing that X. Drake was in fact freeing Law. Due to a sudden explosion, X.

Drake escaped for the time being, however. Shortly after, the flying six received new orders from King. Thus, the task was to locate and eliminate Kozuki Momonosuke. On the fourth floor, he finally encountered Jinbe, in his Zoan form, who he seems to know from the past when Jinbe was a samurai of the seas.

A fight broke out, during which they also heard Sanji’s cries for help. Back in his human form, Who’s Who, while the fight was still raging, heard of Luffy’s supposed death and rejoiced, but Jinbe kept his cool, at which point Momonosuke refuted the news and promised that Luffy would return. However, the fight only turned out to be fair after Tama used her devil powers to draw many Gifters to the side of the Rebel Alliance. One of them, Poker, then took care of Who’s Who allies who had always interfered in the fight before.

Now the fight could really begin and Who’s Who revealed its past, but Jinbe was not impressed. In his hybrid form, the fight continued and Who’s Who told of his imprisonment as well as “Sun God” Nika. However, Jinbe was not one to chat on Onigashima and ended the fight victoriously with Onigawara Seiken. Finally, all members of the flying six were defeated.


  • Its name may derive from the card game of the same name, invented by British game designer David Parlett.
  • His favorite dish is crab paella.
  • In the special chapter Road to Laugh Tale, Part 2, Oda’s earlier design sketches for the Flying Six were published. From these, it appears that Who’s Who was initially planned as a swordsman with two swords and the name “Baigao”.
  • Who’s Who ranked 209th in the 7th Character Popularity Poll, the first global poll.

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