Whole Cake Island

Whole Cake Island is located in the New World. From here, Empress Big Mom runs her pirate empire.


The Juice River around the island of Whole Cake.

Whole Cake Island is the center of Totto Land, a territory consisting of a total of 35 independent islands with their own rulers. One of the islands of Totto Land is Cacao, an island that consists almost entirely of chocolate. From there, it takes a whole day to get to Whole Cake Island.

As its name suggests, Whole Cake Island is an island in the shape of a cake. The hills and houses are so all frosted with icing and lit candles, making it look like an oversized birthday cake.


Everything is lively and cheerful.

According to Pekoms, Big Mom’s goal is to create a nation where all races of the world can live in harmony and unison without fear of discrimination or prejudice. For this reason, every conceivable race in the world can be found throughout the territory of Totto Land, including, for example, minks or long-legged humans. But Big Mom is also interested in all sorts of other unusual creatures. Here, almost all things are alive and exuberantly cheerful; from plants, trees and fruits to houses, clouds and rainbows.

Big Moms Incarnations Collect Lifetime From Residents

These living things were created by Big Mom’s Soul Fruit, which she can use to separate souls from people in whole or in part, robbing them of a certain lifespan. These souls are then spread throughout the island and can then occupy and humanize objects and even animals and plants. These humanized creatures are called Homies and, like her band of pirates, also receive orders from her. They also carry these out without hesitation, regardless of how strong an enemy is. Also brought to life are Cracker’s Cookie Soldiers, who patrol the city streets at night and return to the castle at the end of their vigil.

All residents on Whole Cake Island are also asked a question every six months: either cede a tribute for their safety and protection by Big Mom, in the form of a month of life, or leave the island. What the consequences are if one of the residents decides to leave the island is as yet unknown. Collecting the soul parts is done by Big Mom’s incarnations; shadowy beings created from Big Mom’s own soul.


The island 63 years ago.

63 years before the Straw Hat Pirates entered, Whole Cake Island was still a normal island on the outside. Mother Carmel set up her new camp here with her orphans after Linlin was banished from Elbaf.

On Linlin’s sixth birthday, Mother Carmel and the other orphans threw a birthday party with a croquembouche, which Linlin gleefully ate in a feeding frenzy. In the process, not only did the croquembouche disappear, but so did the table and even Carmel and the orphans. A giant who happened to witness it all was shocked. Linlin, who was now all alone, subsequently met the young Streusen. Together they set out to make Linlin’s dream of a peaceful land where all races could live without discrimination a reality.

They formed the Big Mom pirate gang and Streusen helped her become more and more influential. As a result, Linlin also took over Whole Cake Island and the rest of the islands in the archipelago. Because of her actions, the landscape was significantly changed.


Business with the fish man island

After Bobbin informed Big Mom that Fish-Man Island was unlikely to deliver this month, she had a Den-den Mushi connection made from the island to Pekoms and Baron Tamago.

The upcoming tea party

Big Mom is talking to Jinbe.

Big Mom was already looking forward to the upcoming tea party and the accompanying wedding between Sanji and Charlotte Pudding. Singing, she inquired of her pirate gang how preparations were progressing. She received calls from various islands from her subordinates who had successfully procured the ingredients for the wedding cake by dispatching the residents and guards. Big Mom announced one hell of a tea party. She had also learned that Straw Hat Luffy had already landed in her territory.

A short time later, however, Big Mom’s mood abruptly swung and she went on a rampage in Sweet City. She vehemently demanded a croquembouche and destroyed several buildings. Her son Charlotte Moscato desperately tried to appeal to her, but was summarily deprived of his life by his mother. It wasn’t until Jinbe showed up with a croquembouche that Big Mom calmed down. She suspected behind his appearance that he wanted to break away from their alliance.

When Jinbe affirmed this, she demanded an equal loss on his part and had the “roulette” brought. The next morning, Luffy’s party anchored on the west coast of Whole Cake Island. Pedro and Brook separated from the others to steal a copy of Big Mom’s Road Porn glyph. They mingled near the capital and heard that Jinbe had apparently backed out of his request to break away from Big Mom’s alliance out of fear. Moreover, they were shocked to discover that their arrival had already been leaked. At the same time, Big Mom commissioned Caesar Clown to complete his giant research in a copy of his laboratory on Whole Cake Island.

Adventures in the wondrous forest

Luffy fights Charlotte Cracker.

After Brook and Pedro split off, the rest of the Sanji rescue team entered Whole Cake Island. They were quickly lured into the Forest of Temptation by a fake Sanji. The forest had been brought to life by Big Mom’s devil powers, so Luffy’s group’s escape route was repeatedly cut off. Charlotte Brûlée, one of Big Mom’s daughters, used the forest to keep the pirates busy in the forest. In the confusion, Chopper and Carrot were trapped by Brûlée in her mirror world, leaving Nami and Luffy on their own at first.

However, they made the acquaintance of Pound, one of Big Mom’s ex-husbands, who turned out to be a useful ally and revealed some information about Big Mom to them. Angered by this, Charlotte Cracker, one of three candy commanders, suddenly appeared. A fierce battle broke out against Cracker and his Cookie Soldiers, even forcing the Straw Hat Captain to activate Gear 4. Meanwhile, Nami had taken out Brûlée and learned that the Vivre Card she was once given by Lola came from Big Mom. Lola is Pound’s and Big Mom’s daughter.

The Homies were stopped by the Vivre Card, sensing Big Mom’s powerful soul in the card. Nami let the Homies protect her from then on and supported Luffy in the fight against Cracker. After an eleven hour battle, Luffy finally defeated Cracker and hurled him into Big Mom’s castle.

Luffy vs Sanji – The Army of Wrath

Sanji stands up to Luffy.

With the help of King Tree, whom Nami had taken control of thanks to Lola’s Vivre Card, Luffy and Nami were on their way to Big Mom’s castle to stop Sanji’s wedding. Chopper and Carrot, in the meantime, reported in via a mirror and assured their friends that they were fine, but could not assist them at the moment. Afterwards, Luffy and Nami unexpectedly encountered the Vinsmoke family’s carriage, which was also headed for Big Mom’s castle.

Shocked to see his friends, Sanji decided not to put them in danger as his father subdued him with exploding handcuffs and threatened Zeff. Unexpectedly, Sanji stood up to Luffy, who tried to forcefully convince him to leave Big Mom’s territory. However, the latter remained stubborn and was convinced that he could not become king of the pirates without the Cook at his side.

Luffy promised to wait for him on the spot and even go on a hunger strike if necessary. The Cook wept bitterly as he reboarded the carriage. The carriage then moved on towards Big Mom.

Upon their arrival at the castle, Big Mom and Pudding dined together with the Vinsmoke family. Earlier, Big Mom had already sent out her “Army of Wrath”, consisting of a huge army of her top fighters, to take revenge on Luffy for Cracker’s defeat.

However, with the Straw Hat still lingering in the same spot so as not to break his promise to Sanji, Nami was very worried for her safety. Luffy took on Big Mom’s fighters anyway. However, Luffy and Nami were soundly defeated and were taken to Whole Cake Chateau, where they were locked in Mont d’Or’s book prison.

Big Moms Intrigue – Pudding’s Plan

Sanji learned the truth about Pudding.

Meanwhile, Brook and Pedro started their mission to get their hands on a copy of Big Mom’s Road Poneglyph. While Pedro attracted Tamago’s attention, Brook sneaked into the guarded treasure room. There, the skeleton defeated all the guards and finally made his way to the Road Poneglyph. But the next moment, Big Mom burst through the door of the treasure chamber. She was fascinated by Brook and after defeating him, she captured him and dragged him around with her from then on. Meanwhile, Pudding had gone to the book prison to talk to Luffy and Nami. She did not want to marry Sanji and revealed that she would shoot Sanji herself during their wedding.

Pudding left the shocked Straw Hats to be tortured by Opera afterwards. Next, Pudding took on Reiju, who had been snooping around the castle earlier. She had shot Reiju and tied her up in her room. There, she gloatingly mocked Sanji and also revealed her plan to kill him at the wedding. Furthermore, the entire Vinsmoke family was to be wiped out at the wedding in order to get their cloning technology. Sanji, who happened to be standing outside the window, was able to secretly eavesdrop on their conversation and learned of Pudding’s plan as well.

He cried bitterly because he was wrong about Pudding. To prevent Reiju from telling anything about this plan to her family, Pudding manipulated her memories with the help of her devil powers. She then had Reiju taken to a hospital room and given medical attention. Shortly after, Sanji approached her and told her about Pudding’s plan. To Sanji’s shock, however, Reiju felt that the Germa deserved this fate and decided not to tell her father and brothers.

Meanwhile, Jinbe showed up at the book prison and freed Luffy and Nami from their predicament. Immediately, Luffy separated from the others to tell Sanji about Pudding’s plan. In turn, Nami and Jinbe were taken to Mirror World by Chopper and Carrot, where they were initially able to recover from their ordeal unmolested. Here they also met Pedro again, whom Chopper and Carrot had already rescued from a dicey situation with Baron Tamago.

In the night it was up to them to free Brook from the clutches of Bis Moms. Through a mirror, they gained access to Big Mom’s bedroom, where Brook was sleeping peacefully alongside Big Mom. After some adversity, they were ultimately able to swap the skeleton with a double and hand it over to the safe mirror world. Casually, Brook opened up to his friends that, contrary to their expectations, he had made a copy of Big Mom’s road Poneglyph before Big Mom showed up and engaged him in a fight.

Liar – Luffy and Sanji

Luffy brings Sanji to his senses.

Luffy ran searchingly through the castle to warn Sanji about Pudding. After taking out numerous soldiers and subordinates, he was suddenly pulled into her room by Reiju. She told him that Sanji already knew about Pudding’s plan, which relieved Luffy quite a bit.

This prompted Luffy to rush straight to the location of his promise. Sanji, on the other hand, stayed behind in the castle for the time being. Although Reiju had previously told him that his exploding bracelets weren’t real and that Big Mom wasn’t interested in the Baratié’s cooks, Sanji still harbored doubts. However, when Bobbin came along and tried to help himself to the food basket Sanji had originally prepared for Pudding, the Cook suddenly kicked him into the wall. He then ran off with the food basket to meet Luffy.

When he got there, he spotted the famished Luffy and handed him his food, restoring the latter’s strength. Afterwards, he wanted Sanji to return to him. He refused for the time being, as the Baratié’s cooks were still Big Mom’s hostages and his family was going to be killed at the tea party in a few hours. Luffy then punched him in the face and demanded Sanji finally tell him the truth. Sanji burst into tears, because he actually wanted to go back to the Sunny. Still, he couldn’t abandon his vile family, which he didn’t even consider as such. Grinning, Luffy offered to join him in busting up Big Mom’s tea party.

Operation Yonko assassination

The alliance is closed.

Since there were still some mirror shards at the site of their fight, Luffy and Sanji were able to contact their friends in the mirror world. Jinbe suggested that they form an alliance with Bege, who was planning to assassinate Big Mom. Luffy accepted the suggestion and Jinbe arranged a meeting between them and the Fire Tank pirate gang.

Everyone involved then gathered at the latter’s hideout. Among them was Caesar Clown, who was to be roped in by Bege for his operation. The operation was to weaken the otherwise invulnerable Big Mom by having the Alliance destroy the image of Mother Carmel. This would cause the Empress to fall into a fragile mental state, making her vulnerable to attack. As a result, she will also let out a bloodcurdling scream that will incapacitate everyone present for three seconds.

At this moment, the Straw Hats want to save the Vinsmoke family and attack and kill Big Mom using Caesar’s evolved KX Launcher. Caesar should then be ready with a mirror, over which the alliance then escapes from the roof of the castle before the Big Mom pirate gang can take action.

The Tea Party From Hell

The ceremony begins!

The following morning, preparations for the tea party were in full swing. Both Sanji and the rest of his family were getting ready for the wedding. Meanwhile, the guests from the underworld also arrived in front of the castle. They were taken by Perospero to the roof of the castle where the tea party was to be held. Here, many other guests had already arrived, including the Vinsmoke family and many of Big Mom’s children. The invited underworld guests presented the Empress with lavish gifts, and Big Mom revealed that she planned to open the Tamatebako she received from Fish-Man Island some time ago later. Then at 10:00, Big Mom rang in the start of the ceremony. For this, Sanji and Pudding were flown in by Zeus and brought to the top of the wedding cake.

During the ceremony, Pudding revealed her true colors and bared her third eye in front of the ship’s cook. The latter was dazzled by the beauty of her eye, which reduced Pudding to tears. This made her unable to shoot Sanji anymore, which is why the priest and Katakuri interfered. The Cook dodged Katakuri’s shot, causing the priest to be hit instead and a shot to come off of the priest’s gun. This was the signal for Luffy and his friends, who were hiding in Bege’s body. Luffy and countless animal clones then jumped out of the giant wedding cake, throwing the wedding into chaos.

Luffy tried to destroy the image of Mother Carmel to make Big Mom vulnerable to attack, but Katakuri was able to stop him for the time being. At the same time, Jinbe also entered the place and officially announced that he was ending his alliance with Big Mom. Big Mom was enraged by this and tried to steal Jinbe’s soul in return, but failed. To her shock, Luffy actually managed to destroy the image of Mother Carmel. All the unexpected developments put Big Mom into a state of shock for the time being, much to the displeasure of Luffy and Bege’s alliance. Meanwhile, Perospero had tied the Vinsmoke family to their chairs with his Candy, immobilizing them. They were then surrounded by the Charlotte family, causing Judge to burst into tears in disbelief at Big Mom’s betrayal. Now that Bege had openly opposed the Big Mom pirate gang as well, Luffy finally triggered the reaction Big Mom was hoping for by showing the destroyed picture again.

The Vinsmoke family iscompletely surrounded.

The Empress let out a bloodcurdling scream and released her King Shaki, causing countless guests to faint. The rest of those present were initially immobilized by the blast wave of her scream, though the Pirate Alliance was able to continue operating with the aid of earplugs. Chopper, Nami, and Carrot seized the moment and freed the Vinsmoke family from their predicament. Bege, Vito, and Gotti, on the other hand, now fired the KX Launcher missiles at Big Mom. However, to their horror, the missiles were destroyed by the blast wave before they hit Big Mom.

At the same time, Katakuri had created earplugs out of Mochi and distributed them to his siblings, in turn initiating countermeasures. Caesar now flew into place with the mirror, but it too was destroyed by the blast wave, making escape through the mirror world impossible. The Big Mom pirate gang moved out to arrest the pirates, but for the time being they entrenched themselves with the Vinsmokes in Bege’s created fortress, “Big Father”. Soon, Big Mom regained her senses and furiously attacked Bege’s fortress form. Surrounded by the Charlotte family, Bege couldn’t withstand Big Mom’s attacks much longer, so the Vinsmoke family agreed to provide rifle support when Bege dismantled his fortress again. The rest were to hold out in Bege’s body, while Caesar was to fly off the roof with Bege. However, they were all quickly defeated and captured by the Big Mom pirate gang. Suddenly, the explosive-filled Tamatebako fell from the roof of the castle, setting off an explosion at the base that brought down the Whole Cake Chateau.

The escape from the island

Big Mom is hot on the heels of the Straw Hats.
Pedro’s sacrifice allows him to escape.

As the Whole Cake Chateau collapsed, Luffy and Bege’s alliance took the opportunity to escape. With the castle threatening to bury the capital Sweet City underneath it, Streusen activated his devil powers and turned the Chateau into fluffy cake batter. The Big Mom pirate gang and the townspeople were thus saved. Afterwards, the Big Mom pirates immediately formed up to pursue both the Pirate Alliance and Germa 66. Various groups then set off, when suddenly the raging Big Mom appeared and demanded the wedding cake in a frenzy. Perospero, of necessity, was able to shift the blame to the Straw Hat Pirates, whereupon the Empress set off with Zeus. Since Luffy had destroyed the cake earlier, Pudding volunteered to bake a replacement cake to stop Big Mom.

Meanwhile, the Straw Hat Pirates had separated from the Fire Tank Pirates and fled toward the coast, where the Thousand Sunny was still anchored. However, they were quickly tracked down and pursued by the Big Mom pirates. To make matters worse, the maniacal Big Mom raced up on Zeus, giving the Straw Hats a hard time as they fled. Several times they narrowly escaped Big Mom’s withering attacks.

However, in an unguarded moment, Pudding appeared on Rabiyan, who asked Sanji for his help with the wedding cake. Together with Chiffon, they flew to Cacao, where the ingredients for the cake were stored. The remaining Straw Hats, on the other hand, continued to flee through the Forest of Temptation and soon came within sight of the coast. Shocked, they discovered that Katakuri and Perospero and their soldiers had already occupied the Sunny, having entered the ship through the Mirror World. In addition, Chopper and Brook, who had brought the Shark Submerge to the ship, had already been immobilized by Perospero.

Perospero contacted Mont d’Or and requested more ships to surround the coast. He also enveloped the Sunny in his candy, so escape seemed almost impossible. While Luffy exchanged blows with Katakuri, Pedro made a decision to help the Sunny escape after all. He blew himself up along with Perospero, freeing the Sunny from the candy. The Straw Hat Pirates reacted with horror to Pedro’s sacrifice, but Big Mom was already back on their heels and attached herself to the stern of the Thousand Sunny. In the commotion, however, the Straw Hats managed to prepare a coup de burst. Luffy, on the other hand, saw no other way but to join Katakuri in catapulting himself to the Mirror World to continue the fight there and protect his friends. Eventually, the Sunny launched a Coup de Burst and was flung into the air, dealing a heavy blow to Big Mom.


Participant 1Combat ArticleParticipant 2
Carrot & ChopperVSBurnt Charlotte
LuffyVSCharlotte Cracker
Nami & PoundVSBurnt Charlotte
Luffy & NamiVSArmy of Wrath
Straw Hat Pirates & Fire Tank PiratesVSBig Moms Pirates
Straw Hat PiratesVSCharlotte Linlin, Zeus & Prometheus
Chopper & BrookUSCharlotte Perospero
LuffyUSCharlotte Perospero & Charlotte Katakuri
LuffyUSCharlotte Katakuri
Nami, Chopper, Brook & JinbeUSCharlotte Linlin, Zeus, Prometheus & Napoleon


  • Apricot
  • Caesar clowns laboratory
  • Capone’s Bege’s Hideout
  • Sweet City
  • Forest of Succession
  • Whole Cake Chateau


  • By boat from Fish Man Island to Whole Cake Island usually takes less than four days.

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