Whole Cake Island Arc

The Straw Hat Pirates continues to be divided, and while some head off to Wano Country, Luffy, Nami, Brook, and Chopper set out for Whole Cake Island and the heart of Empress Big Mom’s domain to investigate the motivations behind Sanji’s decision to leave the gang and rescue their Cook if necessary. Along the way, they are joined by the Minks Pekoms, Carrot, and Pedro, who have joined the rescue mission for Sanji for different reasons.

Thanks to the help of Sanji’s fiancée, Charlotte Pudding, they are able to reach the shores of Cake Island without major incident, where the team splits up once again. While Pedro and Brook plan to infiltrate the island to get their hands on Big Mom’s collection of Poneglyphs, the rest decide to enter the adjacent forest for information on Sanji. Quickly, all parties discover that the Big Mom pirate gang has long known about their arrival and has taken appropriate countermeasures so as not to jeopardize the upcoming wedding between Sanji and Pudding. Thus, in the Forest of Temptation, Luffy and the others are not only led astray by the cunning homies and Charlotte Brûlée, but Charlotte Cracker, one of the three Candy Commanders and an able subordinate of Big Mom, also stands in the way of Luffy and Nami in an enduring battle.

When the longed-for reunion between captain and chef then occurred, however, it went completely differently than expected. In order to protect his friends in the Baratié, who are being held hostage by his family for his unresisting participation in the plan to unite the forces of the Germa 66 and the Big Mom pirate gang in order to restore the Vinsmokes to their former greatness and strength. Sanji tells Luffy off because of this, but Luffy doesn’t believe him and promises to wait for him.

However, Luffy and Nami are caught and imprisoned by the Army of Wrath before that. Meanwhile, Chopper and Carrot have managed to outwit Brûlée and take over her mirror world so they can go in search of the scattered crew. They collect Pedro, who has been playing decoy for Brook, so that he can enter the treasure room. There, however, he faces Big Mom and barely manages to make the necessary copies Robin and the others need to continue their journey before he is overpowered and captured by her. At the same time, Jinbe shows up, having made the decision to break away from Big Mom, and frees Nami and Luffy from their captivity. Afterwards, they rescue Brook and, united in the mirror world, they also learn that Sanji and Luffy have reconciled. Jinbe then offers them that Capone Bege is planning to assassinate Big Mom and they should join forces with him to achieve all their goals.

On the day of the wedding, the plan is in full swing. However, after destroying the wedding cake and the image of Mother Carmel, Caesar Clown’s deadly missile launchers fail, so the alliance finally finds themselves surrounded by the formidable fighting force of the Charlotte family. The accidental explosion of the Tamatebako saved their lives, as it causes the entire castle to collapse, allowing Luffy, Bege, and their comrades to head for the coast to make their escape. However, Big Mom lapses into one of her feeding frenzies and pursues the Thousand Sunny, mistakenly believing that there is still a piece of the wedding cake on her. While Luffy battles Big Mom’s strongest subordinate, Charlotte Katakuri, in the mirror world, Jinbe, Nami, and company must fend off Big Mom and her fleet in person. However, through Pedro’s self-sacrifice and Jinbe’s outstanding skills as a helmsman, they are able to shift the conflict for the time being. At the same time, Sanji and Pudding head to Cacao to bake a new wedding cake together. In the Mirror World, the battle against Katakuri turns into a real challenge for the Straw Hat, while the Sunny is also affected by Big Mom’s rampages. Ultimately, Luffy is victorious and is able to be brought onto the Sunny through Sanji’s efforts, which is able to escape the waters of Deadland for the time being through the efforts of the Sun Pirates and Germa 66, leaving Jinbe with a promise to meet up with them again on Wano Country.

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