Whisky Peak Arc

After entering the Grand Line, the Straw Hat Pirates stays at the Cape of Twins to repair the The Going Merry. New enemies await them once again. After defeating Mr. 9 and Miss Wednesday, two agents of the Baroque Company, they drive them to Whisky Peak.

In this town, the Straw Hats are invited to a party where they get drunk and are subsequently attacked and captured. However, Zoro thwarts the bounty hunters of the Baroque Mafia. Meanwhile, special agents Mr. 5 and Miss Valentine show up, targeting Princess Vivi of Arabasta disguised as Miss Wednesday.

Luffy decides to take Vivi to Arabasta to save her kingdom because the Baroque Company has a sinister plan: to turn the people of Arabasta against King Kobra, Vivi’s father, so they can form their ideal state after a civil war. To carry out the plan, they use a powder called fogine to keep the rain out of Arabasta and blame it on the king. The mastermind behind it all is Crocodile, one of The Seven Warlords of the Seas.

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