WCI 31

The WCI31 is a group consisting of 31 chefs from Totto Land. They are led by Streusen, the chef of Totto Land. The WCI31 are the most renowned and skilled chefs and were responsible for the wedding cake for Sanji and Pudding’s wedding, among other things. Each of them seems to be the chef of a kitchen.


The WCI31 were called together after the Whole Cake Chateau collapsed. The assassination attempt on Big Mom completely destroyed the wedding cake, causing the Empress to go into a consuming hunger frenzy. To stop her rampage in Totto Land, a replacement cake would have to be baked to live up to Big Mom’s expectations. On Cacao, Pudding then gathered the WCI31 and manipulated their memories so that Pudding and Sanji would have actually married so that the latter could bake the cake unmolested. The WCI31 were very impressed with Sanji’s skills, as he figured out the ingredients of the wedding cake just by smelling them during the ceremony. Within about three hours, Sanji, Pudding, Chiffon, and the WCI31 baked a new cake. The chefs then wanted to finish the decoration on the ship during the sea crossing.

After the cake was loaded onto a seal carriage, Charlotte Oven suddenly appeared, wanting to punish Chiffon for her betrayal of her mother. He took his sister hostage, but Sanji and Capone Bege’s intervention freed her. When the Nostra Castello showed up on the island, Sanji kicked the carriage carrying the cooks and the cake onto the ship. Eventually, they escaped Oven’s attacks, allowing the cooks on the ship to begin decorating the cake. By late evening, they were able to finish the cake.

Known members

PositionNameDevil Fruit
Chief:StreusenCooking Fruit
Chef of the 1st kitchen:BeechUnknown


  • The name could be a reference to the US ice cream café chain Baskin-Robbins. The chain advertises 31 different flavors, and the number 31 is also found in the company logo. The chain also operates outlets in Japan, where it trades as “B-R 31 Ice Cream”.
  • In the anime, a total of 32 chefs appear as part of this group, with only 30 clearly distinguishable in the manga.

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