Water 7 Arc

On the way to the next island, Luffy and his friends meet Grandma Kokoro. Once there, Luffy, Usopp and Nami exchange the gold treasure from Skypiea and receive 300 million berries in return. With this money, the Straw Hats plan to have their ship repaired. They are also looking for a shipwright for their crew.

A shipwright from the Galley-La inspects the ship and finds that it is beyond repair. This realization hits Luffy very hard. Meanwhile, Usopp is supposed to be guarding the money. However, the Franky family has also learned of the Straw Hat Pirates’s money and so they steal it from Usopp. Not wanting to look like a weakling, he goes to the Franky family’s house to get the money back. However, they wreak havoc on him. When Luffy learns what happened to Usopp, he destroys the house with Zoro, Sanji and Chopper to avenge his injured comrade. Since the Going Merry has irreparable damage, Luffy decides to abandon the ship and buy a new one. Usopp does not agree with this decision at all. An argument ensues between the two friends, which is eventually settled as a duel, which Luffy wins. As a result, Usopp leaves the gang.

But this is not the only problem of the Straw Hats. Robin has suddenly disappeared without a trace and on top of that they are accused of having made an assassination attempt on the mayor of Water 7, Mr. Iceburg. Eventually, the remaining Straw Hats are able to find out what the assassination is all about and therefore go to Iceburg. There they also encounter Robin, who has turned against the Straw Hat gang, and the masked agents of the CP9, by whom Luffy and Zoro are defeated.

Meanwhile, Usopp and the Going Merry are in Franky’s secret lair. But there the CP9 suddenly appears and captures the two. Meanwhile, Nami, Chopper and the boys from the Galley-La are searching for Zoro and Luffy, who they eventually find and save from the threat of Aqua Laguna. Sanji sneaks into the Puffing Tom, which also contains Robin, Franky, Usopp, and the CP9 agents. The remaining Straw Hats, the Franky family, and the boys from the Galley-La take up pursuit in the Rocketman.

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