Waruno Furishiro of One Piece

Waruno Furishiro is a man from Wano Country who oversees weapons production for Kurozumi Orochi.


Waruno Furishiro is an elderly gentleman with a bald head and a graying full beard. He wears a red kimono and a gold decorated Stole (vestment). Furthermore, he wears a large pearl necklace around his neck.


Although Waruno works for Orochi, he disagrees with his actions. At the Fire Festival, he wished that Orochi had not supported the pirate Kaidou. He also asked Akudai several times when Akudai called him evil if he would really think that of him.


Waruno Furishiro sought out Akudai Kanzaburo and delivered the order for the next shipment of weapons. Akudai commented that there were quite a few weapons to be made this time, and wondered if the principals would want to start a war. However, the two were spied on by Nami and Shinobu, who were busted. A naginata was then used to poke through the ceiling to catch the two spies, but failed. While Nami made cat noises, Shinobu cried out in panic, causing Akudai and Waruno to think that it must be a cat and a human. With Ninpo: Odako, the two intruders finally managed to escape.

On the day of the Fire Festival, Waruno celebrated in the Flower Capital and shed tears due to the reign of Kaidou and Orochi.


  • His name was first revealed in Vivre Card ~ One Piece Picture Encyclopedia.
  • His name is possibly a pun on waru no furiwhich translates to “pretending to be evil”.

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