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“Tin Man” Wapol (jap. ブリキのワポル, Buriki no Waporu) was the tyrannical king of the Winter Kingdom of Drum, now known as Sakura. When his country was attacked by pirates, he once left his kingdom to become the captain of his own band of pirates. After returning and being defeated by the Straw Hat Pirates, he started a new life. Now he is the millionaire head of a gigantic corporation as well as king of the kingdom of Black Drum. His wife is the reigning Miss Universe, Kinderella.This information comes from One Piece Movie 9

In the ninth feature film, Wapol has an older brother named Musshuru. Together with him and the Royal Cartridge Cannon, he merged to form Musshuru Wapol Cannon.


Wapol before the time jump

Wapol looks like a not-so-young man with longer, purple hair and a roundish body. His appearance has not changed since he was 21 years old, except for his style of dress. He is rather short due to his very short legs, in addition to being obviously very overweight. His chin, like his armor, is made of metal, giving him the nickname “Tin Man”. On his hands he wears dark red gloves. His shoes are also the same color. Around his neck he has tied a white hippo fur. His hippo head cap also seems to come from the same hippo. Even his orange trousers seem to be made of fur. On them there are purple triangles with a white border. In general, his entire clothing style is well adapted to life on a winter island.


As king he tyrannized the inhabitants of Drum by dirty tricks. For example, years ago he ordered all but 20 doctors, whom he permanently ordered to his castle, to leave the island so that his subjects would have to ask him for help. In this way he showed his absolute rule in the former “stronghold of the doctors”. From this example it can be seen that he does not care about the welfare of his citizens. Only his own well-being is important to him.

Furthermore, he is a rather easily offended egotist. When his former garrison chief Dalton insulted him, he had no qualms about having him tortured and thrown in jail. When asked to lend his troops to the World Government in the fight against the revolutionaries during a Conference of Kings, he refused, saying that the others could do it without him.

Skills and Strength

Wapol, after digesting himself.

Due to the Munch fruit he ate in days gone by, he is able to devour objects of any kind or other people without hurting himself. Eaten items he can then either fuse using the “Wapol House”, or use it to turn himself into a weapon. This allows him to turn his tongue into a working cannon, for example. He is also able to digest himself to become slimmer. In the battle with Chopper and the Straw Hats, his plan was to eat his entire armory dry so he could transform into a single, human weapon.

Through the technique “Baku Baku Factory” he created in the same battle the extremely strong mutant Chessmarimo, from his two main commanders Chess and Marimo. The latter guarded Wapol – like all his subordinates – and never left his side. In addition to his devilish strength, he is also in possession of what must be a very destructive cannon, called the Royal Cartridge Cannon. Unfortunately for him, he was unable to use it against Luffy due to snowbirds nesting in the cannon.

Should he himself be injured in a battle, he can always rely on immediate relief efforts from his 20 top doctors, who can treat wounds within seconds. He is also the inventor of memory metal, which he calls Wapometall and not even Doctor Vegapunk could create.


Conference of the Kings

Wapol runs down little Vivi.

Six years before the plot begins, a world conference was held in the Holy Land of Mary Geoise. The occasion was Monkey D. Dragon, of whom King Tarassa warned Luke of Ilisia. King Wapol, however, saw no danger in the latter and was visibly annoyed by the conference, which in his eyes was unnecessary.

King Nefertari Kobra of Arabasta was enraged by the simple-minded behavior of Drum’s ruler, so he immediately protested against him. The exact outcome of the meeting is unknown, but after the conference Wapol deliberately jostled Vivi, Kobra’s daughter, in revenge. However, she reacted very maturely and apologized herself in order not to cause a war.

Hiriluk’s Death

Dalton is punished by Wapol for his actions.

One day Wapol captured all the remaining doctors of his country and let it be known that they were sick. This ambush attracted Hiriluk, who was already terminally ill, to rescue the doctors. However, upon arriving at Drum’s castle, Wapol revealed to him that he had been tricked and ordered his soldiers to shoot Hiriluk, as he would be liable to the death penalty for resisting the king.

After a blazing speech about his ideals and dreams, however, Hiriluk blew himself up, which Wapol gleefully mocked. Dalton, however, criticized his king and pointed out that Hiriluk actually wanted to achieve good. However, Wapol took these words as an opportunity to have Dalton imprisoned until he would apologize for his criticism.

Escape from Drum

When Drum was raided by Blackbeard and his gang, Wapol fled to the sea in fear to save his skin instead of standing by his kingdom as a king should. During the time he could not return to Drum, he was a pirate. He had his own pirate gang, the Bliking Pirates. He appointed Chess and Marimo as his commanders. According to Luffy, Wapol was just a cocky poser, since he didn’t know anything about being a pirate. Meanwhile, Dr. Kureha and Chopper lived in his castle.


Meeting on the Going Merry

Wapol’s gang meets up with the Straw Hat gang.

Wapol and his gang were lying off Drum with their submerged ship Bliking, ambushing other ships to get to a log port or Eternal port without which they could not find their way back to Drum. As the Straw Hat gang passed, the Bliking surfaced and Wapol and his gang boarded the The Going Merry. However, the Straw Hats did not comply with Wapol’s demands, who then simply ate parts of the The Going Merry using his devil power. This enraged Luffy enough to start a fight, during which Wapol tried to eat Luffy, but Luffy was able to apply a gum-gum bazooka, which eventually knocked Wapol off the The Going Merry in a high arc.

Return Home

Dalton attacks Wapol.

While Luffy and Sanji were on their way to Dr. Kureha with the injured Nami, Wapol and his crew landed on the shores of Drum. He was told by Marimo that the Straw Hat Pirates was in Big Horn, whereupon Wapol ordered them to go there. Once there, however, it turned out that Kureha was now living in Wapol’s former castle and that the Straw Hats were also on their way there. Wapol was furious and wanted to go there immediately, when suddenly Dalton rushed up and injured Wapol. However, the latter was cured by his doctors within a few seconds.

By a trick of Chess Dalton was finally defeated. After Wapol and his men were swallowed by an avalanche, behind which Wapol suspected an attack by Luffy, they decided to follow Luffy and co. on foot. Eventually, Wapol did catch up to Luffy and the injured Nami, but was ignored by them, so he ordered Chess and Marimo to attack them. With Nami on his back, Luffy couldn’t fight, but luckily for him, Lapins suddenly intervened in the fight, allowing him to escape from Wapol, Chess and Marimo.

Battle for the Castle

Wapol threatens Luffy with the tongue cannon.

Finally arriving at the castle, Wapol was met directly by Luffy with a punch to the face. Back on his feet, he swallowed Chopper, who however escaped Wapol’s mouth again due to Luffy being kicked by Sanji at Wapol. After having Marimo read him all he had already eaten, he transformed into the Wapol house. With the help of the Baku-Baku Factory, he then devoured Marimo and Chess, releasing from his body the mutant Chessmarimo created from them. When he then shot at Hiriluk’s flag, Chopper pounced on Wapol, but still wanted to spare him. However, Wapol took advantage of this good nature to fire at Chopper with his cannons.

Meanwhile, Luffy retied Hiriluk’s downed flag as Wapol fired at it again. Luffy withstood it, however, which made Wapol angrier and angrier. Wapol was enraged that no one was taking his orders seriously, until Luffy finally faced Wapol while Chopper took on Chessmarimo. However, Luffy was careless and gave Wapol a chance to escape to the castle, where he first got upset that everything looked different. At the castle, he also encountered Nami, whom he immediately began chasing because of her affiliation with Luffy. She escaped through a narrow passageway, which Wapol got stuck in first, which is why he digested himself, making him considerably slimmer. He eventually confronted Nami, who was saved at the last second by a kick from Luffy.

Luffy hurls it into the distance.

Back on his feet, Wapol threatened to eat his way into the armory to become a human weapon. However, he couldn’t find the key, so he lured Luffy to the Royal Cartridge Cannon to defeat him with it. Unfortunately, a snowbird had nested inside the cannon, so nothing else came out of it except air. Finally, he fired his tongue cannon at Luffy, who covered his mouth. Luffy was able to dodge it, however, and hurled Wapol through a turret off the castle, where he got stuck. Using a gum-gum bazooka against the helpless Wapol, he knocked him far away; the tyrant was defeated.

Wapol’s new life

Wapol’s career from a small toy stand, to a big industrialist and eventually a millionaire

After his flight across the sea, the now not-at-all-royal Wapol landed on an island whose inhabitants he annoyed with his Munch-Munch power to pass the time. But since he was no longer a king, he was quickly apprehended by marines to protect the populace, but soon escaped. Afterwards, Wapol lived in a garbage dump with a small dog that constantly peed on him, trying to sell matches with a sad face, but failing miserably. Wapol was desperate and had to feed on rubbish lying around. In the process, he also devoured a puppy, which he later spat out, per Baku-Baku-Factory, along with a lovely-looking toaster head. Amazed, Wapol found that kids took a shine to his trash toys and started a small store for that reason. He soon had to lower his initial prices of 1,000,000 berry to a more affordable 50 berry per toy. Soon his assortment was exhausted and the children demanded more. So it finally came to pass that Wapol opened his own toy company under the name “TOY SHOP” amid much media hype. He christened his office building “Baku Baku Factory.” A few successful businessmen celebrated their new member, who had since married Miss Universe. Today, thanks to his “Wapol Group”, Wapol is a millionaire again and leads an extremely comfortable life together with his wife and dog.

Two years later

Wapol in his new kingdom.

After Wapol’s corporation also began to distribute Wapometall, the company grew larger and larger. Eventually, even the World Nobles recognized Wapol and granted him a new kingdom for his successes, which he christened Black Drum. In it, together with Miss Universe and his puppy, he can now once again rule as he pleases.


King Black Drums was also invited to the World Conference of Kings in 1524, but he celebrated this rather as a victory over the Kingdom of Sakura and its regent Dalton, and considered how to overthrow him. It is not known who or if anyone from the navy was given to them as an escort, however Wapol along with Kinderella reached Mary Geoise unharmed.

Shirahoshi still asked if he was a friend of Luffy’s as well, but Vivi replied that he was most certainly not a friend, but an enemy. Wapol talked disparagingly about Vivi and her father, but he was interrupted and intimidated by Dalton. In the aftermath, he would not rest, but was unnoticed by the rest of those present. During the Shirahoshi riots, Wapol fled in fear of death from the World Nobles, but was later present at the Levely, grinning wickedly.

After the Levely, he contacted the World Economic Newspaper because he had some special information to offer. Morgans became very attentive.


  • In the original, Japanese language version, Wapol has a strange habit of insulting people he wants to call idiots with “kaba” (Japanese word for “hippo“) instead of “baka” (=idiot).
  • His favorite dish is baked house.

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