Wallace of One Piece

Wallace was a member of the Spade pirate gang. After Whitebeard defeated the gang, the entire crew was taken over by the latter.


Wallace is a scorpion fish type fish person and has spiny fins accordingly. Furthermore, he has wild, light hair, wears a light shirt with a V-neck and shorts. There is a tattoo on his left arm.This information comes from One Piece novel A


Wallace is a very curious person and questions a lot. Mihar is happy to give him advice and support and taught him how to read and write, for example. Although he grew up in the Fishmen District and learned about the ideology/human hatred there, he is very open-minded. He is very loyal to his captain Ace, a human.


Rise of the Spade Pirates

Wallace grew up in the Fishmen District on Fishmen Island and witnessed the hatred of humans there, as well as the fact that Fishmen who carried out terrorist attacks were revered as heroes, though he did not let this affect him. He left the island and met Ace on the first half of the Grand Line and joined the Spade pirate gang. Due to Ace’s rapid rise, bounty hunters and the Navy were always on their tail. After one such attack by bounty hunters, they spotted a naval fleet led by Isuka.

A maneuver by Masked Deuce allowed them to escape, but Isuka swore to them that she would capture Ace one day. So she ended up chasing the pirates for the entire first half of the Grand Line, but was never able to apprehend them. After a three day stay on Sabaody Archipelago to coat their ship, they dove off to Fish-Man Island. Wallace’s home, but their destination was the New World, where Ace had it in for Whitebeard.

New World

In the New World, the Spade Pirates met up with Shanks and the Red Shirt Pirates because Ace wanted to thank him for Luffy. Bound together by Luffy, they then had a party.

Then, about three years ago, the Spade pirate gang docked at Kuri on Wano Country. The starving villagers including O-Tama overpowered them and stole their food. However, it turned out that Ace and his comrades had deliberately allowed themselves to be tied up in order to let the residents have their food. Alerted to Kaidou’s plight by the residents, they then went to Onigashima, where they encountered Yamato, but Kaidou was not there.

However, their goal was still Whitebeard and so they went into his territory, but they were first opposed by Jinbe, who wanted to prevent a fight with Whitebeard. After a five-day battle, Whitebeard then appeared in person and the Spade Pirates were defeated. They were taken to the Moby Dick.This information comes from One Piece novel A

While their captain did not really want to accept his defeat and always attacked Whitebeard, the members quickly arranged themselves aboard the Moby Dick. They lived by the code of earning their food. Wallace often had to pull his captain out of the water after fights against Whitebeard. Eventually, Ace also got involved in earning his food and was given a commission. On Port Chibaralta, they were to keep order since the chief Oliva did not follow Whitebeard’s guiding principles. Wallace, Banra, Marshall D. Teach, and others accompanied him. Having learned enough, they went on the attack and won with ease. By doing so, they ended the slave trade on the island, among other things.

After several defeats, Ace finally accepted Whitebeard as his father and the Spade Pirates joined the Whitebeard Pirates.


  • His name was first announced in One Piece magazine for the manga series’ 20th anniversary.
  • Wallace has only appeared in flashbacks in the manga so far. Thus, he did not appear during Marine Ford’s summit battle either.
  • In One Piece episode A, there is no fish-man among the Spade pirates, though there is an elderly gentleman whose face closely resembles Wallace’s concept drawing.

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