Wadatsumi of One Piece

Wadatsumi is a massive fish-man who lives in the deep sea. He was under the command of the pirate captain Vander Decken, but he was arrested and imprisoned after the events on Fish Man Island. For Wadatsumi, however, there was no suitable prison cell, so he was taken as far away from Fish Man Island as possible. During his subsequent journey, the giant fish-man encountered Jinbe again, joining him as a member of his Sun Pirates.


Wadatsumi is a colossal giant and only slightly smaller than the giant squid Surume. He has a large, roundish face with round, widely spaced teeth and small black eyes. His nose is relatively small, but the nostrils are clearly visible. A black beard stretches around his mouth. His thick black hair stretches around his entire face, ending in a small spike on top of his head. Overall, Wadatsumi’s body is built quite broadly, though his arms and legs seem rather thin compared to the rest of his body. He is quite hairy and wears a pair of loose brown pants as his only clothing. Wadatsumi does not wear shoes.


Wadatsumi’s manner is very reminiscent of a small child. He is very reverent of Vander Decken IX and would do anything for his captain. However, when Vander Decken left him behind, he began to cry and only let one of Zeo’s lies calm him down. Wadatsumi also fell for Sanji’s provocation, which speaks to his naivety and temperament.

Despite his membership in the Flying Pirates, however, Wadatsumi actually possesses a friendly nature. After the events on Fish Man Island, he received offerings from the residents of a port town, as they believed him to be a god. In gratitude, he transported the buildings he found at the bottom of the sea to the surface to the people, but unintentionally destroyed an entire town in the process. Visibly sad and remorseful, he apologized for this and then celebrated a feast with the inhabitants who had forgiven him.

Skills and strength

Wadatsumi puffs himself up.

According to his huge body, Wadatsumi also has a correspondingly high punching power. Thus, he was able to put the giant frogfish Ankoro out of action with a – for his standards – light blow. Due to the fact that he is a puffer fish person, he can increase his size even more by breathing in air and thus inflating himself like a balloon. However, he must hold his breath to maintain this size.

After taking energy steroids, Wadatsumi was able to defeat Surume with just one punch, whereas before he was outmatched by the Kraken.


First encounter with the Straw Hat Pirates

Wadatsumi has to take a breather.

When the Straw Hat Pirates reached the deep sea on their way to Fish Man Island, they lost Luffy, Zoro and Sanji. While searching for those, they were trapped by Ankoro with his light and he tried to eat them. However, Wadatsumi stopped him, as Vander Decken would have punished her for the loot she lost as a result. Shortly after, the Flying Dutchman and crew also appeared.

Captain Vander Decken was less than pleased with the behavior of his two creatures and ordered them not to simply eat any ships. He then gave the order to sink the Thousand Sunny so that they could salvage its treasures. Just before Wadatsumi could obey the order, however, the giant octopus tamed by the three missing straw hats appeared and gave the fish man a few blows to the face, which certainly hurt him. Shortly afterwards, all present were startled to discover that the eruption of a deep-sea volcano was imminent. During the following eruption, the Flying Dutchman, Ankoro and Wadatsumi were caught by a strong current due to the high temperature fluctuations and washed away.

Fighting on Fish-Man Island

This time Luffy knocks the giant out.

Later, Wadatsumi reappeared on Fish Man Island to assist his captain in the fight against Luffy. However, the giant fish-man was quickly defeated by Luffy. Later, Wadatsumi accompanied Vander Decken on his quest to destroy Fish Man Island with the Noah.

However, Wadatsumi slipped and fell off the ship onto Gyoncorde Square, where the battle between the New Fishmen Pirates and the Straw Hats was in progress. Though he begged Vander Decken to bring him back up, Decken felt that Wadatsumi would go down with the island. Completely distraught, the giant fish-man didn’t know what to do. Zeo then lied to him that he had misunderstood Decken and that Decken wanted Wadatsumi to take care of her enemies on the island. He immediately believed this lie and fought the Straw Hats with the other officers of the New Fishmen Pirates.

Zeo then threw an E.S. pill into his mouth, which made Wadatsumi strong enough to defeat Surume this time. Next, he tried to attack Jinbe, but Jinbe was able to deflect his attacks without any problems and take Wadatsumi down. As he fell, a blast wave occurred, knocking Nami to the ground, which prompted Sanji to attack Wadatsumi in a rage as well.

Thus, Wadatsumi had to stand up to both Jinbe and Sanji. In order to take them on, he kept inflating himself, not realizing that he was endangering his comrades in the process. Sanji took advantage of this and used provocations to make him inflate more and more, making him an easy target for Jinbe and Sanji’s attack. Together, they defeated Wadatsumi.

After the battle, Surume then carried him away from Fish-Man Island as far as he could, since no cell on the island would have been large enough for him.

Another encounter with Jinbe

Wadatsumi just wanted to return a favor to the humans.

After some time on his travels, Wadatsumi reached a port city whose inhabitants left offerings for sea monsters, which they worshipped as gods. Wadatsumi took all the offerings and in gratitude, he transported the buildings he found at the bottom of the sea to the surface to the people. By doing so, he attracted the attention of Jinbe, who was trying to help a sea kitten find its home again and was surprised by the falling ruins.

After Jinbe found the culprit, Wadatsumi explained to him what he had done. Jinbe then explained to him that Wadatsumi had caused great harm on the part of the sea and port townspeople. Afterwards, he and the sea monsters who had previously terrorized the people of the port city due to Wadatsumi’s misunderstanding apologized. Later, after everything had been put back in order, everyone involved was seen celebrating together. The next day, Wadatsumi asked Jinbe if he could accompany him. Together, they then bid farewell to the port city people and the sea people.

Whole Cake Island

The Sun Pirates, which now included Wadatsumi, united in Big Mom’s territory, and Jinbe announced his plan to cut ties with Big Mom and join the Straw Hat Pirates. His members approved of his plan, but it wasn’t until Charlotte Praline, daughter of Big Mom and wife of Aladine, that they truly became aware of the possible consequences. However, Jinbe, despite having already presented his request to the Empress, did not go through with his plan for the time being, as leaving could have far-reaching, even deadly, consequences not only for him personally, but also for his crew members. He informed the Sun Pirates and asked them to start the return journey to Fish-Man Island, which they agreed to do.

However whereas the turmoil on Whole Cake Island took its course as a result of the ceremony breaking down, together with the subsequent pursuit of the Straw Hats, the Sun Pirates by no means retreated to Fishmen’s Island. When Luffy and his crew found themselves in a hopeless situation that made escape seem impossible since they were surrounded by the Big Mom pirate gang, Wadatsumi suddenly appeared among the enemy ships and capsized them. With him, the rest of the Sun Pirates appeared, allowing the Straw Hats an escape route. But the joy did not last long, for Oven used his devilish powers to heat all the water, which dealt a heavy blow to the fish-men. The situation seemed hopeless again when then the flagship of the Big Mom pirates appeared and opened fire on the Thousand Sunny.

For a moment it looked as if the Straw Hats’ ship had sunk, as only the Jolly Roger of the Straw Hats could be seen, but Wadatsumi reacted quickly and exchanged the Thousand Sunny, which he hid in his huge mouth, with the Sun Pirates’ ship. However, this was quickly noticed by the enemy fleet, whereupon Oven once again used his devil powers and forced Wadatsumi to spit out the ship. The giant fish-man apologized for all the bad things he had done to them on Fish-man Island, and at the same time thanked Jinbe for giving him a second chance.

Additionally, the rest of the Sun Pirates, most notably Aladine, now interfered and told their boss that they had decided together to help them escape, even if it meant their deaths. Just before the Straw Hat Pirates escaped, Jinbe also joined the protection squad and stayed behind with his followers to help them escape.


  • Wadatsumi was mistaken for an Umibōzua spirit from Japanese folklore, when he first appeared.
  • His epithet Ōnyūdō (大入道, “Great Monk”) likewise comes from a legendary figure of the same name who appears as a monk or simply as a bald giant.
  • Wadatsumi, like many characters in One Piece, has a unique laugh: fugufugu. Fugu is a Japanese specialty made from the muscle meat of puffer fish.
  • His favorite food is candy lollypops (Lollypop Candy).

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