Vito of One Piece

Monster Cannon Vito is the advisor to the Fire Tank pirate gang.


Vito’s appearance seems very scary. He is a tall man with a very long tongue and a tattoo on his forehead. His hair is black and curly and his eyes are covered by small round sunglasses. He has disproportionately large hands that are tattooed on the back of his hands. He wears a burgundy jacket with a white shirt underneath and a yellow bandana. Rounding out his mobster outfit are black pants and a dark coat with a feather collar. Attached to his pants are two holsters for his oversized revolvers.


As an advisor to Bege, Vito is extremely intelligent and cunning. He has a way with words and knows how to use leverage properly. He possesses a passion for a comic book from the World Economic Review, where even as a child he was always rooting for the villains of the comic, the Germa 66. To him, the Germa 66 and thus the Vinsmoke family are his personal heroes, which is why he lets Sanji get away with a lot.

Skills and strengths

Vito is armed with two huge revolvers, which he can also only operate thanks to his huge hands.



Capone Bege and some of Big Mom’s subordinates tracked the Thousand Sunny to Zou Island. Vito was in his captain’s body, thanks to his devil powers. He first came into play when Bege had Pekoms gunned down. It was he who brought Nami and Chopper to his captain.

Bege brought his prisoners and crew to the castle in his body and gave Sanji the invitation to Big Mom’s upcoming tea party. It was decided that he would be married to the 35th daughter of Charlotte Linlin. The gang already knew about Sanji’s past. Sanji was going to decline, however Vito noted that an “invitation” from Big Mom was equivalent to an “order” from her and failure to comply would bring serious consequences. He then whispered something in Sanji’s ear, which made the Cook very uneasy and finally he had nothing left to give his consent to the demands.

Totto Land

The Fire Tank Pirates accompanied the Big Mom Pirates as they ferried Sanji to Whole Cake Island. On the Big Mom pirate ship, Vito showed Sanji a picture of his bride-to-be, Charlotte Pudding. Later, he reported the comic strips from the World Economic Newspaper, which were actually used for Navy propaganda.

Vito was instead excited about Germa 66 and was honored to meet a member of that organization in Sanji. Because Sanji was annoyed by Vito even following him to his room, Gotti intervened, not approving of the rude behavior towards Vito. Gotti threatened Sanji and Vito tried to calm his comrade down. When Chiffon finally rebuked Gotti, Vito decided to continue his conversation with Sanji later.

The alliance is sealed

After docking on Whole Cake Island, the Fire Tank pirate gang took care of the traitor Pekoms. Vito witnessed his captain, Capone Bege, shoot the bound Lion Mink, who then plunged over a cliff into the sea teeming with sharks. Two days later, Vito was present as Bege prepared to meet Luffy and form an alliance with him in order to overthrow Big Mom.

Shortly after, the Straw Hat Captain appeared and was greeted by Vito, but also directly asked to take a bath, as his boss disliked meeting with dirty people. However, the mood changed as Luffy first wanted to attack Bege for his attempted murder of Pekoms. During the unrest, Gotti also spoke up to oppose Luffy and had to be calmed down by Vito in the process. The situation could only be defused by Jinbe, who reminded those present of their real goal. Afterwards, the plan was explained in detail.

The Assassination Of Big Mom

Then, on the day of Sanji and Pudding’s wedding, when the guests from Big Mom’s tea party arrived at the chateau, the Fire Tank Pirates acted as guards. The crew then hid in Bege’s inner room, where the Straw Hats were already waiting with Jinbe. Bege then entered the wedding, but Vito seemed uneasy when he spotted some of the Empress’ high-ranking children. While the Luffy clones stirred up trouble so Brook could destroy Carmel’s image, Vito and Gotti prepared the KX Launcher.

With the image destroyed and Big Mom vulnerable, the two joined Bege in attacking the Empress, hoping to kill her, using the KX Launchers. However, the plan failed and the alliance was forced to retreat, however their escape did not go smoothly either and they retreated to Bege’s encircled fortress. Germa 66, betrayed by the Big Mom pirates, joined their alliance in the process.

Unable to withstand the siege, they were forced to abandon the protection of the fortress and enter open combat, but the situation seemed hopeless. Only the collapse of the chateau, caused by the explosion of the Tamatebako, finally allowed them to escape and the allies parted ways. Vito asked his captain to at least say goodbye, but he replied that it was not necessary. The Fire Tank pirates were in Bege’s interior when Pudding appeared there and sought out Chiffon, as she was to help her bake a new cake.

The Fire Tank Pirates show up to rescue Chiffon

After the two sisters nearly completed a new wedding cake with Sanji’s as well as WCI31’s help, and Oven returned the favor to Chiffon for her betrayal, the Fire Tank pirates approached them at Cacao Island. Vito was concerned for Chiffon’s well-being, and Bege showed how he was handling things by attacking Oven from afar.

When they reached land, their ship, the Nostra Castello, transformed into a roadworthy armored vehicle and they rescued Chiffon, subsequently escaping with the cake thrust onto their board by Sanji. Despite all of Oven’s attempts to prevent them from escaping again, they were able to set sail once more. On board, Sanji and Bege argued over what to do with the wedding cake – while Bege wanted to poison it, Sanji was able to convince him that it wasn’t necessary and that the taste alone would be enough by letting him taste it.

Things calmed down and after the final touches were completed on the cake, Vito, Gotti and Bege celebrated with everyone else present. With the cake now completed on board, the Fire Tank pirates approached the Thousand Sunny and thus Big Mom. They were able to lure the Empress away from the Sunny and towards Liqueur Island. They planned to drop the cake there and escape, but Chiffon objected and told them to head for Puffs Island to give Nami and the others more time to escape.

After they delivered the cake and their ship was damaged, they fled on a stolen Tarte ship belonging to the Big Mom pirate gang, number 25. Vito worried about the welfare of Germa 66 during their escape.

The search for Chiffon’s sister

After the escape, Chiffon stated that she wanted to be reunited with her twin sister, to which Bege agreed. Thriller Bark served as their first point of reference, but they were unable to cross the Redline due to the Levely, so they docked on Dress Rosa. There, Chiffon was mistaken for her sister by someone who must have been recently spotted on the island herself.

The search led to a conflict with the germ pirate gang, but they were easily eliminated and after Gotti, believing it to be Chiffon, was able to free Lola, the twin sisters were finally reunited. The Risky Brothers ultimately thanked the Fire Tank pirates for rescuing their captain. However, they had to flee from the Navy, whereupon they met Pound, who introduced himself to them as Lola and Chiffon’s father.

Despite initial distrust, he was able to convince them and was pulled onto the ship that was already leaving the island. After Gotti and Lola’s wedding, the Fire Tank Pirates sailed on with Pound and the Rolling Pirates, pursued by the Navy.


  • His name is believed to have come from US mobster Vito Genovese.
  • Vito has a habit of ending his sentences with -rero.
  • Like many characters, Vito has a distinctive laugh. In his case, it is Nyorororo.
  • His favorite food is sea monster meat calzone.

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