Vinsmoke Sora of One Piece

Sora Vinsmoke (originally Vinsmoke Sora) was the wife of Vinsmoke Judge and thus the former queen of Germa. She is the mother of Sanji, Reiju, Ichiji, Niji and Yonji, but died from a drug she took to prevent her husband from making super soldiers out of her four sons.


Sora was a young woman with dark blue eyes and pale skin. She had shoulder length blonde hair that was slightly curly. Her hairstyle always covered her right eye. Her outward appearance was very similar to Reiju. However, unlike her children, she did not possess a curled eyebrow. While bedridden in the Germa’s hospital, Sora wore a light blue top.


Sora’s character was in stark contrast to that of her husband Judge. She was very kind and caring and refused to subject her children to genetic manipulation to make them emotionless super soldiers. After Judge forced her to do so, Sora swallowed a deadly counter drug to save her children. Despite this, only Sanji developed like a normal human. Sora developed a loving relationship with Sanji and her daughter Reiju. She also encouraged Sanji in his abilities, as she always praised his food packages.


Sora once married Vinsmoke Judge and became the queen of Germa. Three years after the birth of her daughter Reiju, Sora was pregnant with quadruplets. Before their birth, Judge wanted to genetically manipulate his sons to make them empathy-less killing machines so he could win wars with them. Sora, however, was dead set against it and refused. She wanted to see her sons grow up as normal and empathetic human beings. Judge finally forced her to undergo surgery. Sora then swallowed a strong counter drug to neutralize the effects of the surgery. After the birth, it was revealed that only Sanji became a normal human. Sora became increasingly weak from the side effects of the drug, requiring treatment at the Kingdom Hospital. However, she was happy and proud of Sanji’s good nature.

While she was being treated at the hospital, Sanji would often visit his mother and bring her some food. On one visit, Sanji dropped the food in the rain, apparently making it inedible. Sora ate it anyway and found his food package to be delicious, which pleased Sanji greatly. Sora eventually died thirteen years ago.


  • Sora shares her name with the fictional comic book character from the World Economic Review.
  • Sora’s grave has a different design in the anime than in the manga.
  • Sora came in 66th in the 6th character popularity vote. Ranked 194th in the seventh vote.

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