Van Augur of One Piece

Van Augur, also known as “Supersonic” (jap. 音越, Otogoe), is a member of the Blackbeard gang, in which he acts as a sniper. After the time jump, he has risen to captain of the Third Fleet.


Sketches by Van Augur

Van Augur is a tall man with brown hair. He wears glasses and a rather strange black cap. The glasses also serve as a visor. Under his black cloak, his upper body is adorned with a white shirt, which is fastened at his hip with a belt. Plain black trousers and black shoes complete his ancient outfit. Van Augur always carries a rifle with him.


Van Augur is a patient person who strongly believes in fate. For example, after the successful escape of the Straw Hats, he assured his comrades that fate will reunite the two gangs. Also, during the fight between Ace and Blackbeard, he opined that they are again at a crossroads of destiny. However, his attacks on peaceful seagulls and innocent islanders clearly show his ruthless pirate streak.

Skills and strength

A hit from impossible range – Just a bad shot there for Ogre.

Blackbeard’s gang consists of very few but capable men, including Van Augur. Bullets from his rifle, Senriku, reach supersonic speed and, despite this, accurately hit distant targets. For this reason, he is also called “Supersonic”. On Jaya, he hit some seagulls from a distance that Usopp considered invincible.

In the fight against Ace he proved his shooting accuracy and speed once again. He also managed to dodge one of Ace’s attacks without any problems.


Attack on Drum

A few weeks before the Straw Hat Pirates docked in Drum, Blackbeard and his crew raided the winter island of Drum. This caused the tyrant Wapol to flee, inadvertently sparking a revolution in the country with their action. When Ace arrived on the island a short time later in search of the gang, however, they had already disappeared.

On Jaya

The gang wants to go after Luffy.

As the Straw Hat Pirates approached Jaya, several seagulls suddenly fell from the sky. No one knew how they had died, for Jaya was so far away that, in Usopp’s opinion, no shot could have hit. This, however, was wrong, for Van Augur hit her in what he thought was a bad shot. When Blackbeard learned that Luffy was in town, the gang set out to pursue him. However, the Straw Hat Pirates was just in the knock-up stream. The Blackbeard pirates’ ship was torn apart and they ended up in the water. But they took it with humor and Van Augur said that fate will bring them together again yet.

Fight on Banaro

Van Augur takes on Ace -but he’s no match for him.

The Blackbeard gang was looting a town on Banaro when they found out in the paper that Luffy attacked Enie’s lobby and was in Water 7. They were about to set out to attack him so Blackbeard could turn him over to the World Government in exchange for a samurai post, but that’s when Ace interfered: he wanted revenge for Thatch and a fight with Blackbeard. Van Augur and Jesus Burgess tried to attack Ace, but failed miserably against Ace’s devil power. So their captain fought him alone. In the process, the entire island was devastated. Blackbeard eventually emerged victorious from this battle and was elevated to the post of samurai, while Ace was handed over to the world government and was now to be executed.

Attack on the Impel Down

The Blackbeard gang appears in the Impel Down.

While Luffy and his new allies marched through each hell towards the exit, Blackbeard and his crew arrived at the big prison. The whole gang slaughtered their way down to level 4, where they met Luffy. After a short fight with Blackbeard, they split up again. Ogre’s captain wanted to continue his plan, but was stopped by Magellan, who defeated the entire gang with one attack and moved on. However, shortly after, Shiryu appeared and gave the gang members each an antidote, causing them to survive. Shortly after, he joined the gang.


The Blackbeard pirates kill Whitebeard.

After Ace was killed by Admiral Akainu and Whitebeard destroyed the naval headquarters in anger, the Blackbeard pirates were discovered and had been watching the fighting for a while. Meanwhile, the crew was augmented by former inmates of the Impel Downs. Thanks to Laffitte, who made sure the Gate of Justice was opened, the crew eventually made it to Marine Ford. Later, Van Augur and his crew attacked and killed the weakened Whitebeard. After that, the gang threw a black cloth on the dead Whitebeard, Blackbeard went under it and appropriated the devil power of the strongest man in the world. Sengoku could not watch this any longer and activated his abilities that made him huge. Thus, he attacked the Blackbeard pirates with a powerful shockwave, making the pirates spit blood.

After the war

Some time after the events in Marine Ford, the Blackbeard gang held Jewelry Bonney captive on an uncharted island in the New World, but escaped when Akainu showed up.

Two years later, Van Augur’s silhouette was seen when Blackbeard read a newspaper report about Luffy and said that it was too early for Luffy to rise to emperor.


  • Information about Van Augur’s naming
  • Van Augur’s favorite dish is Yaminabe Pot Luck.

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