Uzuki tempura of One Piece

Uzuki tempura was the daimyo of the Udon region of Wano Country until 20 years ago, when Orochi gained control as shogun.


Uzuki Tempura was a tall man with a long, angular face. He had dark hair tied in a knot, sideburns, and thick, long eyebrows. Furthermore, he had a narrow beard. He wore a kimono as well as a cape and around his neck he had a pearl necklace.


Uzuki Tempura was a very honorable samurai who selflessly gave the food ration to the still young Yamato, even though she was the daughter of his enemy Kaidou. He also remained loyal to the Kozuki clan until his death and fought against Kaidou with his 100-beast pirate gang as well as Orochi, even though the situation seemed hopeless. He also believed in the prophecy that Kozuki Oden wrote down in his logbook. Although 20 years was too long a time for him, but he put his life on the line to at least give Yamato the chance to participate in this battle in 20 years.

Skills & Strength

As the Daimyo of the Udon region at the time, Tempura held a high position in Wano Country and had correspondingly high authority.

Furthermore he seemed to be a samurai and an excellent swordsman, who couldn’t stand up to Kaidou, but together with Shimotsuki Ushimaru as well as Fugetsu Omusubi he was able to cut through a rock wall with only one blow.


Until 20 years ago, Uzuki Tempura was the daimyo of the Udon region. When Kurozumi Orochi became Shogun of Wano Country and executed Kozuki Oden, he gave the Daimyos a choice. They could submit to him or they would die. All the daimyos refused to follow him and fought for the freedom of their country, however they were outnumbered by Kaidou and his band of pirates. Tempura, along with the daimyo of the Ringo region, Shimotsuki Ushimaru, as well as the daimyo of the Kibi region, Fugetsu Omusubi, were captured during the battle and imprisoned in a cave. Kaidou wanted their will to be broken and for them to submit to him.

Later, Kaidou also imprisoned his daughter Yamato, who was only 8 years old, there because she was attached to Oden and claimed to be named Oden herself. To break her will, he gave the prisoners a total of only one bowl of food and left swords for them to fight over. However, this didn’t even occur to the samurai and they left the food for the little girl, even though she was Kaidou’s daughter. They struck up a conversation and learned of Oden’s log book, which Yamato was carrying, and read through it. While doing so, they also learned about the prophesied battle in 20 years. After ten days, the samurai decided to break out to at least give Yamato the chance to participate in that battle 20 years from now. Together, the daimyos broke the wall with one sword stroke each, but they also lost their lives.


  • Its name and position were first revealed in the SBS to Volume 101.

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