Usopp of One Piece

Usopp (jap. ウソップ, Usoppu) is the gunner of the Straw Hat Pirates. His father is Yasopp, a member of the red-hat pirate gang and his mother’s name is Banchina. His big dream is to become a brave warrior of the seas and the best gunner. That’s why he joined Luffy’s gang at the age of 17.


Usopp before the time jump

Usopp is a man of medium height. His standard attire is a brown plaid headscarf with glasses to aim over it. He has black, curly hair. His nose is very long, which also earns him the nickname Long Nose from many. This is also often bent in fights. His lips are also quite thick.

He wears brown dungarees with a white cloth around his waist. On his feet he wears light brown boots. Around his shoulder he always has his bag, in which he stores his ammunition and in former times also his slingshot. Around his left forearm he always has a blue and white striped sweatband.

Of course, like everyone else in the Straw Hat Pirates, he changed his clothes more often and went through some changes.


Usopp has wanted to become a pirate ever since he was little. His father has always been a role model for him for this. At first he was in a pirate gang formed for fun, but when he joined Luffy’s gang, he was now a real pirate.

He is always in a funny mood and always tells the rest of the world that he has 8,000 men under him and that he is the infamous Captain Usopp, especially on Chopper these stories make an impression. Even in serious fights he tries to escape with lying techniques. These are in fact his specialty. A liar like him doesn’t exist a second time. The funny thing is that his opponents are usually so gullible that they believe him.

He is also very timid and always tries to avoid fights. That’s why many opponents think that they will have an easy time with Usopp. His fear showed itself especially on the Thriller Bark, where he only walks around with enough garlic and anti-ghost amulets. But when things get really serious and his friends are at stake, he develops unexpected courage. Thus, after Jabra’s attack, he gets up again to protect Nami, even though he knew he had no chance.

Usopp makes even the spirits depressed.

Usopp is also a strongly pessimistic person. Normally Perona’s spirits drain everyone’s will to live, but he looks so bleakly into the future that he depresses the spirits instead, however, this attitude is usually more of a hindrance. At one point, he even retreated back into the role of Sogeking, as it seems much bolder than his true personality. According to the motto fake it till you make it Usopp’s lies become partially true and he plays a brave warrior of the seas (dissonance theory).

Usopp has enormous confidence in his captain.

Even when fighting impossibly strong opponents…
…and there is no way to defeat the opponent, the time comes…
…when a man has to stand and fight!
This time comes when laughing at the dreams of a friend.
Luffy will not die!!!
I know one day he will be pirate king and I won’t let you laugh about it!!!
Before Arbana, Usopp to Mr. 4 and Miss Merry Chrismas

Nevertheless, he can also get his way against Luffy, for example when he left the Straw Hat Pirates in Water 7. This can be explained by two reasons: 1. he was afraid of being a burden for the others and 2. he didn’t want to give up the Going Merry at any price. He had received it from Kaya, a friend from his home village, and it meant everything to him. He even took a chance on a fight with Luffy. But after a short time he realized how bad he was without his friends. But he has his pride and did not want to apologize, but absolutely save Robin. So he made a plan. He disguised himself and called himself Sogeking, who is a brave and strong hero and as planned, Luffy fell for it. While putting on this mask, Usopp can even talk to Sogeking. So he can get tips from his “big hero” and ponder the situation with him. Usopp also becomes much braver under the mask and is much less afraid.

Compared to his timid behavior, Usopp possesses a remarkable resourcefulness, with which he quickly analyzes enemies’ weak points and crafts weapons or inventions for his crew.

Skills and strengths

Usopp’s current weapon: Kabuto.

Usopp’s current bounty is 200 million Berry. He received this after the incidents on Dress Rosa and has been known as “God Usopp” ever since. He was the only one who succeeded, albeit involuntarily, in breaking Sugar’s curse and destroying Doflamingo’s long-built regime. Previously, after his alter ego “Sogeking” with a bounty of 30 million Berry wanted, which he received for his actions on Enies Lobby.

When Usopp decides that he will fight for his friends, you see forces in him that you would not have expected before. Even his opponents were often impressed. For example, he managed to defeat Kiss, one of the strongest commanders of the Arlong gang. Together with Chopper, he managed to take out the two agents Mr. 4 and Miss Merry Christmas. On the Thriller Bark, he took on Perona, from Gecko Moria’s pirate gang, and managed to beat her.

If you go by physical strength, Usopp doesn’t have much to offer. That’s why he often runs away and why he’s the fastest of the Straw Hat Pirates at running away. But he also wants to be able to fight and helps himself out of trouble with self-made weapons. These are then mostly really good, although sometimes they are also quite useless. The climate stick for Nami is also one of his inventions. His repertoire also includes giant slingshots, octopus shoes and even a Tarzan belt. He used to use his slingshot and invented different ammunition for it. However, since the events on Enies Lobby, he no longer uses the slingshot, but Kabuto. This weapon proves his knack for invention and combines perfectly with his extreme accuracy. With this weapon, at a distance of over a kilometer and in strong winds, he managed to take out the marines who brought Robin to the Gate of Justice. For this weapon, he also had a lot of different ammunition and always adapted to the current location with it. For example, on the Thriller Bark, he developed a salt projectile and projectiles that develop more flames. He is also very adept at using dials and can easily link them to other weapons. For example, he stored gas in a wind dial and ignited it with a fireball, resulting in a huge explosion.

Usopp hits the World Government flag with the Firebird Star from a great distance.

He is also generally good at combining attacks, so he often launches combo attacks against his opponents. However, sometimes his attacks are more psychological in nature. For example, he was able to knock out Perona with a series of lies. His favorite melee weapon is the hammer. Most of the time, however, it’s just a fake to impress the opponent. That’s why there is an incredibly high weight on the hammer every time.

Although his physical strength is not very high, Usopp is an extremely tough opponent. He was able to get up and continue fighting even after many mole kamikaze attacks and mole hell. Further evidence of his toughness is that he was still able to get up after the injuries from the fight with Jabra, and that he was still able to keep fighting despite many Ghost Raps from Perona. Water 7 was the first time he showed something truly “superhuman” apart from his toughness: He jumped into the depths from the destroyed bridge at the ship’s graveyard without hesitation and without hurting himself.

On Dress Rosa, it was revealed that Usopp, like Koby, possessed the hidden power of Kenbunshoku. With it, he could see the auras of Luffy, Trafalgar Law, and Sugar, who were inside the palace and out of his normal field of vision. Combined with his talent as a sniper, he was finally able to stop the enemy and protect his friends from her devilish powers.


Disintegration of the family

His mother Banchina dies.

Usopp is the son of Yasopp, a pirate from Shank’s crew. His father left him and his mother at an early age to go to sea and live a pirate’s life.

When his mother became ill, Usopp felt abandoned by his father, who had left him and his dying mother behind and never returned.

At this point, Usopp began to lie. This was for practical reasons, it softened the pain of losing his father and made it easier for Usopp. To cheer up his mother and strengthen her will to survive, Usopp began to run around his home village shouting that pirates were plaguing the village, which he continued even after his mother’s death.

Captain Usopp the liar

Usopp tells stories to Kaya.

He repeated this every day and it almost became a kind of custom. The villagers were annoyed by Usopp’s tall tales and anything but taken with them, so you would see scenes of Usopp being chased around the village or having things thrown at him. Others took Usopp’s stories as a timer and clock, so they knew it was time to start work, for example.

Usopp founded a pirate gang at a certain point in time. Members of the Usopp Pirates are of course the big captain Usopp and his three comrades-in-arms, the village children Onion, Carrot and Pepper.

Later, when he meets Kaya, a lonely and sick girl, he also invents some tall tales for her to cheer her up. This is his way of helping the girl, who suffered from depression after the death of her parents, as he knew all too well how she must feel. However, Beauregard, Miss Kaya’s butler, did not want Kaya to associate with Usopp, as he might have a “bad influence” on her.


Meeting with the Straw Hat Pirates

Usopp gets angry and punches Beauregard in the face.

When Luffy and his crew first met Usopp, they were looking for more companions for their then still very small crew and also for a bigger ship. Usopp recommended that they ask Kaya for the ship and also offered himself as the new captain of Luffy’s crew.

Usopp disappeared and paid his daily visit to Kaya. Just as he was telling her one of his fantastic stories about his fight against a giant goldfish, the two were interrupted by Beauregard. The latter insulted Usopp, his father and his origins. The scene ended with Usopp punching Beauregard in the face and, as Beauregard demanded, staying away from Kaya from now on.

Enraged, he ran to the coast, to a place where he always retreated when something was bothering him. Luffy also appeared and for the first time we learned who Usopp’s father was and that Luffy knew him, his crew and their captain from his youth.

Battle for the village of Syrop

Usopp wants to protect his village from the pirates at all costs.

Luffy and Usopp overheard a meeting between Jango and Beauregard, who, it turned out, was none other than the dreaded Kuro, allegedly executed by the Navy three years ago. Kuro, or Beauregard, had infiltrated Kaya’s family as a devoted servant in order to gain their trust and obtain their fortune through a perfidious scheme.

Usopp wanted to warn the villagers, especially Kaya, of the impending danger, but they didn’t believe a word he said. Everyone thought the story was his usual lies and were angry with him. Usopp realized that he had no choice but to face Kuro alone in battle, thus defending Miss Kaya and his home village. Luffy and co. assured him of their support and the battle could begin. After a long and hard fight, Luffy, Zoro, Nami, Usopp and the village children managed to defeat Kuro and his henchmen and defend the village.

Although Usopp could have become known as a hero and defender of the island after these events, he wanted Miss Kaya and the children to keep the story to themselves. He didn’t want to worry the villagers unnecessarily and so they could go on with their usual lives. After the fight, Usopp also decided to become a real pirate and set sail. As a result, Usopp’s pirate band was disbanded.

At the other end of the island, Kaya presented the Straw Hat Pirates with their new ship, the Going Merry, as a thank you. By chance, the paths of Usopp and the Straw Hat Pirates crossed once again, and after a brief conversation, Usopp was “hired” as the fourth crew member.

The East Blue

On the way to Arlong Park.

The Straw Hats’ next destination was the Baratié. There Sanji could be hired for the crew. But suddenly Nami left the crew and Zoro, Usopp and Johnny were sent after her. Usopp immediately had to deal with a fish man in a destroyed village, but he managed to escape. He ended up with Nojiko, who told him about Nami’s past.

Shortly after, Arlong attacked the village, but just before he could kill Genzo, Usopp shot a powder bullet at him and then ran away. He was able to run away from the fish people for a long time, but was finally caught by Kiss and taken to Arlong Park. To save him, Nami pretended to stab him and pushed him into the water, but in fact she had stabbed herself in the hand.

But after some time she realized that Arlong had betrayed her and asked Luffy for help. Luffy agreed and attacked Arlong Park with the rest of the crew. There Usopp got to deal with Kiss and was able to defeat him. After that they went to Reverse Mountain and the Straw Hat Pirates reached the Grand Line.

Whisky Peak & Little Garden

Usopp soaks the rope with oil and saves his friends.

In Whisky Peak, Usopp let himself be pampered by the bounty hunters and was able to tell his heroic stories. When he woke up the next morning, he only realized what was going on in the village.

After that, the Straw Hats went to Little Garden. He ran there together with Luffy and Vivi through the forest and soon made friends with Dorry. But Luffy was put under a giant skeleton by him and couldn’t get away. Because of this, Vivi was taken away by Mr. 5 and the two were defeated. But Karoo freed Luffy from the skeleton and Usopp from the hole in the ground and they then attacked the agents. While Luffy was fighting, Usopp and Karoo were able to escape from Miss Valentine and Mr. 5 all the time, but then had to destroy the wax candlestick because Luffy was stopped by Miss Goldenweek. But first, he burned Luffy’s clothes with a fireball to make Miss Goldenweek’s symbols ineffective. After that, he tried to run away on Karoo while coming up with a way to destroy the candlestick. The two received a few hard attacks, but Karoo was able to wrap a rope soaked in oil by Usopp around the candlestick. This Luffy then lit and with it all the wax became liquid. Miss Valentine now wanted to kill Usopp in revenge, but Nami and Vivi defeated her. Then he fought Mr. 5 for a short time, but Zoro took over the fight.

The Straw Hats now left Little Garden victorious. But Nami had caught an infection and needed medical treatment. So they had to go to an island, their destination was to be Drum.


Usopp wants to carry Dalton.

On Drum, Usopp stayed with Dalton together with Vivi, while Zoro trained and Luffy wanted to climb the highest mountain together with Sanji and Nami to find the doctor Dr. Kureha. However, there were rumors that Doctor Kureha was in one of the villages, so Usopp’s group went to look for her.

After some time, however, Dalton separated from them to stop Wapol. Now the two unfortunates drove into an avalanche and Usopp was completely buried. Vivi, however, pulled him out again and beat him awake. After that, the two headed to the village to check on Dalton. He was also buried, so they helped dig him out. After this action, they all headed to the castle to take out Wapol. But Luffy and Chopper had already done everything up there.

Now that Nami’s illness had healed, the Straw Hat gang left Drum to finally help Vivi’s country. In addition, the Straw Hats were now stronger because they had gained Chopper as a new comrade.


Usopp fights hard for Vivi.

On the way to Arabasta, they met Bon Curry and became friends with him until they later realized that he belonged to the Baroque Company. This allowed him to remember the face of everyone except Sanji, who was just below deck, thanks to his devil fruit.

Arriving in Arabasta, the Straw Hat Pirates wanted to defeat Crocodile. After a long journey, during which they met Ace among others and often had to flee from Smoker, they reached Rainbase. There, Usopp, Nami, Zoro and Luffy were locked in a cage with Smoker and had to listen to Crocodile’s plan. However, Sanji and Chopper were able to free them. Then they all set off for Arbana on Scissors, a moving crab. Luffy, however, stayed behind to fight Crocodile. Scissors abandoned them in a river, but the Straw Hats soon encountered the Super Spot-Billed Duck Troops. With this, they launched a diversionary maneuver and were able to sneak Vivi into the city.

Usopp now fought Bon Curry together with Wimper, but was defeated after only two seconds. Sanji then took over the fight and Usopp went to help Chopper. The two fought hard, and were on the verge of defeat several times, but were able to win the fight with some tricks and ideas. The others were also able to win their fights and even Luffy managed to defeat Crocodile, one of the Seven Samurai, after several attempts.

The emotional departure.

After the battles, the Straw Hat Pirates rested for a while and then celebrated. But they had to continue their way, especially because of the new bounties for Luffy and Zoro, but this was not easy because of the high number of marines. However, a friend, Bon Curry, came forward and sacrificed himself for the Straw Hat Pirates. This allowed the Straw Hats to escape, but Vivi decided to stay on the island. In an emotional scene, Vivi finally said goodbye to the crew. In exchange, however, Nico Robin joined the gang, which had no place of refuge after the Baroque Works disintegrated.

On a course for the sky

Usopp fights Enel like everyone else.

In Mocktown, Usopp stayed on board with Chopper to repair the Going Merry. Afterwards, when the Saruyama Alliance made the Going Merry airworthy, he actively helped. Since Luffy still wanted to avenge Maron Cricket and get his gold back, they left late. But they still reached the knock-up stream and were flung to Skypiea. There, everyone quickly made friends with Conis and Pagaya. However, since the Straw Hats refused to pay the entry duty, everyone except Luffy, Sanji and Usopp were kidnapped to the Upper Yard.

However, the trio set out to rescue them right after. After escaping several traps, they had to choose a test. They chose the test of the balls. There they fought against the priest Satori and managed to defeat him despite his mantra. After all this hardship, the Straw Hat Pirates reunited and exchanged information about Skypiea. Together with the Cloud Wolves, they then celebrated through the night. That night, Usopp once again went alone to the lake to relieve himself and observed a figure repairing the ship. As it turned out later, this was the Klabautermann.

The next day, the Straw Hat Pirates split into a gold prospecting group and a ship guarding group. Usopp stayed with Sanji and Nami at the ship. There they learned about Dials from Gan Fall, until Enel showed up and knocked Sanji and Usopp out with his devil powers. When the two woke up again, almost all fighters were already defeated, only Luffy was still fighting with Enel. But he was pushed off the Maxim Ark and Nami was now alone with Enel.

For Usopp, the Dials are the true treasure of Skypiea.

Usopp and Sanji then set off and, thanks to the belt, were able to board the ark in mid-air. Usopp was first with Enel and fought with Nami against him, but they were without a chance. Even Sanji, who joined later, could not change anything. Nami and Usopp then jumped off the ark and Usopp was able to get Sanji afterwards as well. Luffy then made it back onto the ark and was able to defeat Enel.

Now peace finally reigned in Skypiea again and even the Shandia celebrated with the sky dwellers. But the Straw Hats sneaked into Nora’s belly during the night and gathered as much gold as they could carry. Shortly before leaving, Usopp was able to swindle a great many sky dwellers, trading them a great many dials for worthless items like a rubber band. The Skypieans did not know such materials, which made it easy for Usopp to lie. Usopp then used the dials for battle. He also later incorporated some of them into his weapon Kabuto and Nami’s climate clock stick. After that, the Straw Hat Pirates had to say goodbye to Skypiea with a heavy heart.

On Long Ring Long Land

Fasstiger, built by Usopp, should bring victory.

Once back in the blue sea, they met the Foxy Pirates. Luffy got involved in a game called the Davy Back Fight. In this, the winner got to grab a crew member of his opponent. Nami and Usopp tried to stop him in vain.

The first round was a race around the island. In the process, each of the two groups had to build a ship out of barrels. Usopp, together with Nami and Robin, was entered in the first round against Porche, Capote and Monda. Through good teamwork, they were able to get a head start and were also first through the coral reef. Through Robin’s devil powers, Nami’s navigation skills and Usopp’s handling of dials, they were able to accomplish this. But the opposing team kept catching up and just before the finish line, Foxy fired a Noro-Noro Beam at them, so the Foxys won by cheating. They chose Chopper as their reward, but Sanji and Zoro won it back in round 2. Usopp now became the coach for Luffy, who now had to win the third round, a fight against Foxy. This he managed to do and took the Foxys’ flag as a prize, breaking up the gang.

Now the Straw Hats were able to leave Long Ring Long Land with all their members. However, they unfortunately met the Navy Admiral Kuzan. Since Robin was frozen by him through his devil power, Usopp thawed her again together with Chopper on the Going Merry. Luffy, in the meantime, tried to defeat Kuzan but failed, but was able to unfreeze her again. Since Kuzan was not allowed to take on the rest of the gang after a duel without sullying his honor, he let them go.

Water 7

The dispute escalates.

The Straw Hat Pirates then headed for Water 7 as their destination. There, Usopp, Nami and Luffy exchanged the gold from Skypiea for money in a bank, which gave them 300 million berries. However, Usopp was kidnapped and beaten up by the Franky Family. He also had 200 million berry stolen from him. He tried to retrieve it single-handedly, but could not defeat the Frankys. Now the rest of the men of the Straw Hat Pirates avenged Usopp, but could not get the money back. When Usopp woke up, he was very ashamed and in shock. Shortly after, his friends also announced to him that the Going Merry was irreparably damaged and they would have to buy a new ship. Usopp couldn’t believe it and argued with Luffy, calling him a bad captain among other things for leaving a friend like their little lamb behind. Then he started explaining that he was way too weak and he wouldn’t fit in the gang. After that, he left the Straw Hats and challenged Luffy to a fight.

Usopp goes to the extreme.
I can’t come with you anymore. I don’t want to cause you any more trouble.
But the ship belongs to the captain, so fight me!!!
If I win, I get the Going Merry!!!
Monkey D. Luffy, I challenge you to a duel!!!
Water 7, Usopp to Luffy

Luffy accepted the duel despite heavy criticism from all the others. At first it seemed that Usopp could win, because he used his knowledge against Luffy perfectly. He was able to thwart many attacks in advance. He even used the impact dial, but Luffy held his ground and defeated Usopp. Despite everything, his ex-captain left him the Going Merry. The two then parted ways. Usopp then tried to repair the Going Merry, but was captured by Franky. After a conversation, Franky started to damage the Going Merry because he wanted Usopp to let go of it. The latter tried to prevent it, but Franky was stronger. Suddenly the CP9 appeared, captured Franky and Usopp and then destroyed the Going Merry.

The lake train

The escape attempt.

Usopp and Franky were now tied up and taken to the Puffing Tom, which then headed for Enie’s lobby. But Sanji had sneaked aboard the sea train and fought his way to the two. He freed the two and climbed onto the roof with them. There, Sanji talked to Nami via Den-den Mushi, which told them the truth about Robin. Luffy also told Sanji to free Robin. Franky immediately joined him, but Usopp just said that it was no longer his business and left. Now when a marine spotted Sanji and Franky, Sogeking, who was none other than Usopp, suddenly appeared and shot him off the sea train with a lead bullet.

So the sniper rejoined the straw hats under a different name. After that, the three uncoupled the last two wagons and continued to fight their way forward, but then they split up. Sanji stayed in the kitchen wagon to fight bug. Franky fought Nero in the same time. Meanwhile, Sogeking climbed along the walls of the wagons with his octopus shoes and reached Robin. There he had to deal with Corgi.

Blueno is too strong for the rescuers.

After everyone had won his fight, they met more or less voluntarily in the wagon of the CP9. There they got some information about Robin from Rob Lucci and Blueno. But she didn’t want to escape, otherwise she would put the Straw Hats in danger. But they did not want to let her hang. Sogeking threw a smoke bomb on the ground and took Robin under his arm. Franky then managed to uncouple a wagon and Sogeking took Robin with him. But Blueno caught up with her again and fought Sanji. He had no chance and Robin was caught again. Franky’s attempt to get rid of Blueno also failed and he was also taken away. Blueno now left Sogeking and Sanji behind. Now the two were stuck alone in a wagon, but soon met Luffy’s group, which had followed them with the Rocketman.

Enies Lobby

Sogeking saves Robin.

Now Sogeking and Sanji were back with Luffy. As Usopp thought before, Luffy did not see through the disguise. After some time, the train arrived at Enie’s lobby. However, Sogeking got lost and was now alone. But he made friends with the defeated gatekeepers Oimo and Kashii and was able to get them on his side. The two then also took him to the Justice Tower, where he met up with the rest of the crew.

Meanwhile, Luffy had defeated Blueno and was there first. Spandam bragged so much about the world government that Luffy told Sogeking to set the government flag on fire. This he also did with a mighty Firebird Star. Robin now decided to come along with the Straw Hats again, which is why they invaded the Justice Tower. There they met Owl, who told them all about the keys they needed for Robin’s handcuffs. That’s why the Straw Hat Pirates had to split up.

Sogeking met Jabra, but was vastly inferior to him. He survived, however, thanks to the timely intervention of “Hunter” Sanji. The latter addressed Sogeking as Usopp and told him that he could still save Robin. He understood what was meant and went to the top of the Justice Tower. From there he shot Spandam and the soldiers around him. After that, he shot over the keys that Sanji and Zoro had gotten. This allowed Franky to open Robin’s handcuffs.

While Luffy was still fighting Lucci, the others had to deal with the naval officers. When Usopp saw the defeated Luffy, he took off his mask and cheered him up.

Then stand up…
…and don’t lie around lazy!!!
Even if everything is full of smoke…
…you can still see the sky!!!
And the sea too!!!
We are not in hell here!!!
So stop playing dead!!!
Stop scaring the hell out of us!!!
Finish that guy!!! And we all go home together, Luffy!!!
Enies Lobby, Usopp to Luffy

Farewell to the little lamb.

Luffy then got up again and was able to defeat Rob Lucci. Even during the whole fight Usopp heard voices, but could not explain where from. Then suddenly the rescue ship was destroyed and everyone thought they couldn’t get out of here. But Usopp found out where those voices were coming from. They belonged to the Going Merry. This one had come to rescue them. The Straw Hat Pirates jumped into the sea and left Enie’s lobby victorious. But suddenly the Going Merry began to break up. Iceberg, whom they encountered, declared that the Going Merry was far too weakened and should now take its deserved rest. In an emotional scene, the little lamb was set on fire and sent to the bottom of the sea. Everyone deeply mourned the loss, but the Going Merry replied that she was always content.

The Thousand Sunny

Luffy and Usopp are friends again.

Back in Water 7, Usopp was with the two giants most of the time. Then, dressed as Sogeking, he partied all night. But whenever he was alone, he thought of plans to get back to the Straw Hat Pirates. But Zoro said to the rest of the gang that he would accept Usopp only if the latter apologized. At first he tried to convince the Straw Hats with various spells, but they turned a deaf ear. Meanwhile, the crew was sailing farther and farther away on their new ship, the Thousand Sunny. Usopp now thought they didn’t want him anymore, burst into tears and apologized. Luffy then reached out to him and brought Usopp back on board. Now the Straw Hat Pirates had won Franky over and was now complete again with Usopp.

The Thriller Bark

Usopp uses the weak point of the zombies.

In the mysterious triangle, the Straw Hats met Brook, but he separated from them again and disappeared onto the Thriller Bark that appeared. After that, Usopp, Nami and Chopper also went ashore by accident. When the three reached Hogback’s castle after some attacks from zombies, they first had dinner with him. Afterwards, Nami took a bath but was attacked by Absalom, but he disappeared when Chopper and Usopp entered. Later they wanted to go to their rooms, but they noticed that there were many zombies in the dining room. So they fought and managed to escape through a secret passage. After finding Hogback’s room, they met him, but were knocked out by Samurai Ryuma.

The Risky Brothers were supposed to take the three away, but they woke up and the two ran away. When the Straw Hats looked around, they were surrounded by animal zombies, but with the help of Inuppe, they escaped and hid in Bear’s zipper. The latter couldn’t get to it and Perona forbade him to speak, which is why they were safe. Then, when they saw Oz’s revival, they fell out and fled. But on the stairs Absalom caught up with them and attacked Usopp and Chopper. Although Usopp got back up and shot at the latter, he could not prevent Nami’s kidnapping. Franky and Robin finally picked them up and they went back to the Sunny. There, Luffy, Sanji, and Zoro were already there, but unconscious from having their shadows stolen. Usopp was able to wake them up again with a trick. After that they wanted to win back Nami and the shadows.

Pay attention… Since you seem to think this is all just a game….
…let me just say this….
As dense as this region of the sea may be shrouded in fog…
…there is no guarantee that a ray of sunshine will not find its way here after all!!!
Now we are safe, but it is also the middle of the night!!!
When the sun rises, it’s the end of the road for us! Our ultimatum is the dawn, there is nothing to shake!!!
Thriller Bark, Usopp before the straw hats

Usopp can defeat “Ghost Princess” Perona.

Now the counterattack of the Straw Hats began. While Franky and Zoro ran along below, the others went along above. But Usopp and Sanji fell off the bridge because of Oz and were now with the two lower fighters. As a result, they also ran into Perona, who threw everyone to the ground with the Negative Hollow. But since Usopp is a pessimist by nature, the ghosts didn’t bother him and he was able to fight Perona. After a tough fight, he defeated her as well.

After some time, most of the Straw Hats then met at Oz’s to fight it. At first it seemed as if they would succeed, but Moria came along and the tide turned. It wasn’t until Luffy appeared that Oz could be defeated. Luffy then also managed to finish off Moria. But right after that, Bartholomew Kuma appeared. Zoro fought him, but couldn’t do anything despite support from Sanji and Usopp. Usopp was then defeated by Ursus Shock, as were most of the others. But after Bear had left, everyone could celebrate and Usopp built a monument to Brook’s pirate gang together with Franky. The latter now joined the gang.

Redline and Sabaody Archipelago

Usopp tries to stop Kizaru.

The Straw Hat Pirates soon reached the Redline and reminisced. Shortly after, Camie and Pappag happened to come on board. The latter called Hatchan because they wanted to thank her for saving them. However, Hatchan was being held captive by the Tobiuo Riders, but the Straw Hat Pirates immediately pledged their help. So they attacked the Tobiuo Riders’ base. There they were able to free Hatchan and eventually win the Riders as allies.

After that, they headed for the Sabaody Archipelago. There the whole gang had a lot of fun at first, until finally Camie was kidnapped and taken to the Human Auctioning House. With the help of the Tobiuo Riders, who Sanji called to help, they were able to track Camie down in time. Using their flying fish, they collected all the Straw Hats and took them there. After Hatchan was shot down by a world aristocrat who had just bought Camie at auction, Luffy went crazy and attacked him. Because of this, the naval admiral Kizaru was called. By then, the Straw Hats were fighting the Navy along with the Kid Pirates and the Heart Pirates. Just before Camie’s collar exploded, Silvers Rayleigh suddenly appeared and took it from her. He also finished off all the guards with his haki. After that, they went to Shakuyaku’s bar and talked about Gold Roger there. It turned out that Rayleigh was the vice-captain of the Roger pirates and knows what the real story and the One Piece are. When Usopp asked him about it, Luffy angrily interrupted the conversation because he didn’t want to know. Silvers Rayleigh now wanted to coat the Thousand Sunny, but until then the Straw Hats had to survive three days.

Zoro disappears before Usopp’s eyes.

But after a short time they had to deal with a Pacifista. With effort they could defeat him, but shortly after Sentomaru, another Pacifista and Kizaru appeared. Just before the latter killed Zoro, Rayleigh appeared and saved him. But even he couldn’t help much, because Bartholomew Kuma appeared and scattered first Zoro and then the rest of the Straw Hats all over the world.

Boin Archipelago

Usopp has eaten his fill.

Usopp was hurled to the Boin Archipelago by Bartholomew Kuma. This island was very dangerous. Longnose was immediately attacked by a carnivorous plant, but was saved by Heracles. The two quickly became friends. Later, Usopp was seen, against Heracles’ advice, “stuffing” himself with the delicacies of the oversaturated island and gaining extreme weight.
When Usopp learned about the events in Marine Ford and about the fate of Ace, he wanted to leave the island as quickly as possible. However, he was always beaten back inside by larger and stronger creatures that lived on the outer part of the island.

Two years later

Nami and Usopp meet again after a long time.

Luffy had left a message for the gang through the newspaper: The reunion would not take place for two years. After these had passed, the gang met as planned on the archipelago. In a bar, Usopp met Nami. The latter had just been attacked by the Fake Straw Hat Pirates after refusing a recruitment offer. Usopp attacked them with his new techniques. Impressed by the changes of both, Usopp and Nami fell into each other’s arms. They left the place and destroyed it. Fake-Luffy wanted to see their heads roll from then on and sent his pirates after them. On the run from the pirates, Usopp and Nami intercepted Chopper, who tried to tell them that Robin had been kidnapped. Both explained to him that Chopper had seen Robin’s fake and took him to the Thousand Sunny, where the gang was only waiting for Luffy. After Luffy reached the Sunny, the Sunny left the Sabaody Archipelago and dived a short time later with the destination Fishmen Island.

The fish man island

Usopp vs Pirates.

There were some obstacles in front of the gang, but they were able to overcome them unharmed. When they entered Fishmen Island, however, they were separated again, so Luffy, Usopp, Chopper and Sanji were rescued underwater by Camie, who accompanied them to Mermaid Bay. There, however, Sanji suffered a severe nosebleed and was in mortal danger. Chopper was able to find the necessary blood donors in Splash & Splatter despite all circumstances, since it was forbidden for the underwater creatures to give their blood to humans. Usopp then went with Luffy and Camie to the Mermaid Cafe, where the three met Brook and Pappag. Pappag invited the Straw Hats to his house, where Nami was already. They were then invited to the Ryuuguu Palace by King Neptune.

Arriving at the palace, they noticed that Luffy had disappeared, but they didn’t have much time to look for him, as the pirates were attacked by Neptune’s army. This was because the fortune teller Madame Shyarly foresaw the destruction of Fish Man Island by Luffy, and the Straw Hat Pirates was thus considered a danger. But the three Straw Hats managed to defeat them all and, thanks to Zoro, who was already in the palace, also captured Neptune. Usopp continued to fight the Royal Army and was present when Hody Jones infiltrated the palace. The fish-man flooded the entire room where the pirates were and, after a short fight, captured them along with the king.

“In 1..2..3.. Moves I have defeated you!”

After Hody Jones declared that he would appoint himself king and kill all the fish people who wanted to live with the humans, and that the three captured Straw Hats would also be executed, the rest of the Straw Hat gang with Jinbe and Shirahoshi set out to foil this plan. Brook, Usopp and Zoro managed to escape thanks to Pappag and fought the New Fishmen pirate gang in Gyoncorde Plaza. Usopp engaged in a battle against Daruma, whom he managed to defeat with only three attacks. Luffy managed to defeat Hody Jones in the end, he was imprisoned with his gang and should never harm Fishmen Island again. Eventually, a big celebration was organized for the Straw Hats, as they had saved the island. The pirates eventually left the underwater island and headed to the New World.

Punk Hazard

Usopp stuns the rioting children.

Arriving in the New World, the Straw Hat Pirates sailed to Punk Hazard on a distress call over their Den-den Mushi from a stranger. Luffy, Zoro, Usopp and Robin went to the burning island to see what was going on. The entire island seemed to be on fire and uninhabited. Suddenly a dragon appeared, but it was quickly defeated. A little further on, they saw a complete ice landscape on the other side and decided to go there. The group got a call from Brook, who informed them that the rest of the gang had been kidnapped. The skeleton joined the group after they were attacked by some centaurs. Through Brook’s help, the four Straw Hats were able to escape ashore. After the fight, they used the centaur boss as a mount and got to Vegapunk’s old research lab, where they met Trafalgar Law and the defeated Smoker. Law sent Luffy to join his friends behind the lab. There, not only the pirates were waiting, but also giant children that the scientist Caesar Clown had kidnapped from their parents for his experiments. They suddenly went berserk with pain and began to flail wildly. Usopp stunned them with the sleeping star. After a brief incident with the Yeti Cool Brothers, Luffy formed a pirate alliance with Trafalgar Law and his Heart Pirates to overthrow one of the Four Emperors.

Usopp and Nami participate join in the fight.

Law’s plan was to kidnap Caesar Clown. Usopp and Nami guarded the children while the rest took care of the plan. Later, the children became even more uncontrolled and craved the drugged candy Caesar made for them. Usopp and Nami had trouble calming the kids down and when Caesar himself showed up with the candy and knocked out the two Straw Hats, he fled back to his lab with the kids. When Caesar started his experiment with Shinokuni, the two fled on Brownbeard toward Caesar’s lab, the only safe place on the island. In the lab, which now contained all the Straw Hats, Trafalgar Law and the Navy, Usopp set out with the rest of the Straw Hats to find the children. Later, he separated from the others to find sea stone handcuffs for Caesar. After the fighting, he fled the collapsing lab with the other pirates and the navy. Outside, Franky was already fighting the assassins Baby 5 and Buffalo, but they tried to escape with the defeated Caesar. Usopp and Nami joined the fight and defeated the three criminals. Their next objective was to destroy the Smile factory on Dress Rosa in order to completely stop the production of the artificial devil fruits. The alliance set out there together with Kinemon, Momonosuke and the captured Caesar.


Sugar is scared and knocked out by Usopp.

Usopp, together with Robin and Law, was supposed to take over the delivery of Caesar Clown to Doflamingo on Green Bit, an adjacent island north of Dress Rosa. Once there, the two Straw Hats were captured by dwarves and taken to their underground hideout. The gullible dwarves believed Usopp’s lie that he was a descendant of Noland to be true, and thus the two regained their freedom. Robin and Usopp joined the dwarves, whose goal was the overthrow of the Donquixote family. They met Franky at the headquarters of the Royal Riku Army. Here they learned about Operation SOP and the goal of taking out Sugar, the hobby fruit user responsible for the toys on the island, in the trading port.

Once there, Robin and Usopp disguised themselves as guards. Through a diversionary maneuver by Robin, Commander Trébol was to be lured away from Sugar. Meanwhile, Usopp and the dwarves were to overpower Sugar by means of a Tatababasco bullet. However, Trébol saw through the maneuver in time. In order to complete the operation successfully after all, Robin fixed Sugar with her devil powers, but was turned into a toy by her and forgotten. Since all the dwarves were also defeated by Trébol, their last hope was Usopp. The latter, however, had decided to flee because of his fear. Only the great confidence of the dwarves in Usopp moved him to turn back and gave him the courage to attack Trébol. However, he was easily defeated by the commander. When Sugar put the Tatababasco ball in his mouth, he made such a grimace that she fainted from fright. Thus, all the toys on Dress Rosa changed back to their original form. Afterwards, the dwarves, together with Robin, tried to protect the incapacitated Usopp from Trébol’s revenge. They received support from Hajrudin, who suddenly appeared. When the giant held Usopp up to honor him, the ceiling of the harbor collapsed in the background, caused by Sabo, and the sun shone on Usopp. Thereupon he was worshipped as the god Usopp, and the warriors who had been transformed back submitted to his command.

Sugar gets scared and knocked out by Usopp – again!

This situation caused Doflamingo to create the birdcage and start a game of life and death. The highest bounty in this game was given to Usopp in the amount of 500 million , because he had caused Sugar’s fainting. Therefore, the dwarves had to immediately bring him to safety from countless bounty hunters. On the king’s plateau, Usopp finally learned from Viola that Sugar was fit again. This news visibly shocked him. To save Luffy and Law from turning into a toy, Usopp decided to take out Sugar again with a special bullet. While trying to aim at his target, the hidden power of Kenbunshoku awoke in him.

This allowed him to see the auras of Luffy, Trafalgar Law, and Sugar, who were inside the palace and out of his normal field of vision. The projectile fired at Sugar turned out to be a drawing of Usopp’s face, brought to life with the help of Kanjuro. This again scared Sugar so badly that she fainted again. As things progressed, Pica tried to destroy the king’s plateau, killing King Riku as well as Usopp. Fortunately, Zoro was able to stop and defeat the commander. Luffy eventually managed to defeat Doflamingo and save the island. However, after a recovery break, Usopp and the Straw Hats had to flee from the Navy. In the process, they were supported by several other pirate gangs. Aboard the Yonta Maria, Usopp was finally present when the Straw Hat Grand Fleet was formed. On the way to Zou, he learned of the increase of his bounty to 200 million .


The Straw Hats discover a red Poneglyph.

It eventually turned out that Zou was on the back of a huge elephant wading through the sea. Arriving at the Thousand Sunny, the Barto Club said goodbye. With the help of Kanjuro’s skills, they boarded Zunesha. There they found a destroyed city and a battlefield. Finally, they met representatives of the Mink tribe. Usopp mistakenly concluded that the rest of the Straw Hats were dead from their expressions and the fact that Wanda was wearing Nami’s clothes.

When he finally met Nami and Chopper, he was relieved and very happy to see them again. From the Minks and Nami, Usopp and company then heard about the attack by Jack, a commander of Kaidou, on Zou and the fate of Sanji. When the two samurai – who had fallen while climbing Kanjuro’s drawing together – also made it to the back, the Straw Hats finally learned of Momonosuke’s true identity. They then made the acquaintance of Raizo, a ninja chained to a Road Porn glyph, in the Whale Tree, with whom Luffy, Usopp and Chopper were enthralled. Before Nami’s departure for Whole Cake Island, Usopp presented her with the latest Climate Clock Stick he had developed with Franky since the Sabaody Archipelago. The weapon combined Weatheria’s abilities with Pop Greens and Karakuri technology. Usopp could only not realize the ability that Nami had described like a magic wand.

Wano Country

After arriving in Wano Country, Usopp disguised himself as the toad oil merchant Lysohachi in order to avoid attracting attention among the citizens of the country. As such, he also distributed the secret message about the rebellion and found more allies for the alliance against Kaidou and Orochi. Later, he met with Robin, Franky as well as Sanji and discussed the current situation. There were riots and they made acquaintance with the little Toko. This one was working as a kamuro for the Oiran Komurasaki, whose procession to the Shogun’s banquet they subsequently observed. However, shortly thereafter Page One and X appeared. Drake because of the previous disturbances.

While Sanji faced Page One in disguise for the fight, Usopp fled to Ebisu with Franky and Law to avoid detection. Sanji followed them later. Sanji left them a little later, but returned with Nami, Robin and Shinobu. Then, when news of Shimotsuki Yasuie’s execution made the rounds, the group left for the Rasetsu District. A fight with Orochi’s men ensued and Usopp took Toko, who turned out to be Yasuie’s daughter, to safety. They went into hiding again and left the flower capital. After finally finding the allies, Usopp joined Franky in assisting the ship repair team at Itachi Port in Kuri. Then, two days before the planned attack on Onigashima, Franky and Usopp went to Amigasa to meet up with the rest of the Straw Hats.


The straw hats united.

Although Orochi thought he had seen through the Alliance’s plan and had their ships attacked the night before the Fire Festival, the Straw Hats appeared off the waters of Onigashima with more allies. Franky and Usopp had previously made the Thousand Sunny seaworthy again. Despite Kanjuro’s treachery, they continued on their way, with Jinbe also joining them, uniting the Straw Hat Pirates.

Before arriving on Onigashima, Usopp took out some guards with Green Star: Sleep Grass, and through Kinemon’s devil power, they were able to infiltrate the island undetected disguised as Beasts Pirates Pirates. Usopp joined the eastern squad led by Kinemon with Chopper in the Brachio Tank, among others, but the Brachio Tank was discovered by Big Mom in the process and they had to flee from the Empress, which they eventually succeeded in doing. To rescue Momonosuke, Usopp and Chopper then made a detour to the main stage, where the Straw Hat Pirates reunited.

Usopp attacks Ulti & Page One

After that, the Straw Hat Pirates dispersed again and Usopp attacked Page One, who got to the main stage chasing Luffy with Ulti and attacked some samurai there. In the process, Usopp drew attention to himself and Nami. Both then fled from the two stars. When it came to the fight, the Straw Hats were outnumbered, but were saved by Tama, Komachiyo and Hihimaru, who suddenly appeared. While Hihimaru then briefly held off the opponents, Usopp and Nami fled with Tama on Komachiyo. They then helped distribute Tama’s Kibi Dangos to draw more Gifters to their side.

However, they were also caught up again by Page One and Ulti. Startled, Usopp noticed Big Mom, but she turned out to be the savior, knocking Page One down in revenge for what she had done in Okobore, and shortly thereafter knocking Ulti down as well. However, when Big Mom then tried to go after the Straw Hats and Tama as well, Eustass Kid appeared and took over the fight. Ulti was able to pull herself together, but she was defeated by Nami. They were also able to defeat Bao Huang, with whose help they were able to communicate all over Onigashima, giving Tama’s orders to the Gifters, who had previously eaten their Kibi Dangos. They reunited with Speed and co. who had already been drawn to their side by Tama.


Early concept drawing of straw hat gang

Usopp’s Jolly Roger
(top old, bottom new)
Usopp’s bronze statue at the Aso Station, Kumamoto
  • Usopp appeared in Oda’s concept drawings for the Straw Hat Pirates two years before the series began. These were published in One Piece Green and One Piece Magazine Vol.10. Although he still has a short nose there, his position is already stated as sniper. In addition, he is referred to as vice-captain – a position that no one in the Straw Hat Pirates later holds.
  • His Japanese name Usopp is on the one hand based on the Greek poet and fable writer Aesop This is due to the fact that in Japan “Isoppu” pronounced, who is, among other things, the creator of the fable The shepherd boy and the wolf to which Usopp’s introductory chapter is oriented. Furthermore, the syllable means “uso” translates “Lie”. More information about Usopp’s naming
  • Usopp’s long nose is a tribute to Pinocchio, whose nose grew a bit with every lie he told.
  • Usopp’s long nose and penchant for lying and tricks reminds of the Japanese mythical creature Tengu. Not only that these Yōkai also have long noses, they are also attributed humorous and tricky characteristics in more modern lore. Kinemon also once referred to Usopp as Tengu on Punk Hazard.
  • Usopp has inherited accuracy from his father. He can hit the target from incredible distances, no matter how small.
  • Usopp is the only character who didn’t have to be convinced to join the Straw Hat Pirates first, but accepted the offer directly (with the exception of Robin, who first “invited herself”, but later had to be convinced by the rest of the gang to stay in or return to the Straw Hat Pirates).
  • The back of Usopp’s head is shown in Luffy’s first profile photo.
    • Also, his shadow can be seen in Zoro’s first profile photo imitating Crocodile, whose imitation can be admired in Chapter 202.
  • Usopp’s birthday is April 1 because he always likes to tell tall tales, as is the custom on that day.
  • Usopp sharpens his (far) vision with special glasses he bought in Loguetown.
  • Usopp’s standard lie and story, should a fight occur, is that of the “Great Captain Usopp’s” and its “Army of 8,000 men“, which he commands. (The number changes every now and then, but remains unrealistically high).
  • Ironically, a lot of the tall tales he told Kaya come true in the course of the Straw Hat Pirates’s travels. Among them, that of the giant goldfish (in Little Garden), the fight against a giant mole (in Arabasta, when he fought Miss Merry Christmas) or that he was once in the realm of the dwarves (in Green Bit).
  • Usopp’s opponents are usually gullible, so they believe his stories at the drop of a hat (for example: Jango, Kiss, Miss Merry Christmas)
    • Jabra is an exception to this, Usopp believes his tall tales
  • Usopp inherited his nose from his mother.
    • In fights, the same is often bent.
    • He is therefore called “Long Nose” by almost everyone and “Nose Bear” by Nami once.
  • Usopp seems to be a great insect lover. His love of insects contrasts with his other fears.
    • Many of his attacks contain insect names.
    • His weapons Kabuto and Kuwagata also have Japanese insect names.
  • He was once mistaken for Ecki by Paulie because of his long nose.
  • When Usopp drew the Jolly Roger of the Straw Hat Pirates, he first drew him as if he were the captain.
  • Together with Zoro, Usopp is the only one of Luffy’s gang who has actively met both Ace and Sabo.
  • Usopp’s jacket in the Dress Rosa Arc, which has the number 800 on the back, is a reference to the Japanese phrase “800 lies” (jap. うそ八百, Uso happyaku), which means “full of lies”. At the same time, it is also a pun on his original name Usopp.
  • The face that Usopp used to make Sugar swoon is based on the Goa Gajah, also called elephant cave, from Indonesia.
  • In Chapter 801, Bartolomeo shows the autographs of the Straw Hat Pirates. Usopp has signed with his name and the dedication “For Bartolomeo”. He has also sketched a side view of his head. (Show image hide)
  • One Piece was part of Nissin Foods‘ advertising campaign called Hungry Days, which was to promote Cup Noodles. The ad features the Straw Hat Pirates and many other characters from the One Piece universe in a high school setting. The characters were created by the mangaka Eisaku Kubonouchi designed. (Show Usopp’s Character Design hide)
  • On December 08, 2019 at the Aso station, Kumamoto, erected a bronze statue of Usopp as part of the One Piece Kumamoto Revival Project.

Information from the SBS

  • Oda reminds Usopp, if he were an animal, of an armadillo. (SBS Volume 20)
  • Usopp’s favorite island and season is summer on an autumn island. (SBS Volume 38)
  • Usopp smells like gunpowder according to Chopper. (SBS Volume 40)
  • Usopp’s assigned color is yellow. (SBS Volume 40)
  • Usopp’s assigned number is 04. (SBS Volume 40)
  • His favorite dishes are pike from autumn islands and seasonal fish. (SBS Volume 45) He likes mushrooms the least because he once got sick from them. (SBS Volume 73)
  • If the Straw Hat Pirates were a family, Usopp would be the third son. (SBS Volume 48)
  • In SBS Volume 56, Oda shows us what Usopp would look like if he were female. (Show image hide)
  • If Usopp lived in the real world, he would come from Africa. (SBS Volume 56)
  • Usopp’s thoughts are “warrior, flee, flee, lies, lies” and as with all straw hats, “friendship.” (SBS Volume 59)
  • If each straw hat were assigned a flower that looked most like her/him, Usopp would bear the closest resemblance to a daisy, according to Nico Robin’s Seiyuu Yuriko Yamaguchi. (SBS Volume 60)
  • Usopp bathes like Franky and Chopper every three days. (SBS Volume 67)
  • Usopp and Robin are the ones who cut the hair of the other crew members. (SBS Volume 70)
  • Trafalgar Law’s nickname for Usopp is. Nose-ya(SBS Volume 72)
  • Usopp would be the prefecture in Japan Kanagawa represent. (SBS Volume 72)
  • Usopp goes to sleep at 01:00 and gets up again at 08:00. (SBS Volume 74)
  • If Usopp wasn’t a pirate, he’d be working as a graphic designer. (SBS Volume 76)
  • The dish that Usopp can cook the best is fish & chips. (SBS Volume 79)
  • Like Luffy, Chopper, Robin and Brook, Usopp also likes to eat ice cream. (SBS Volume 84)
  • In a 50-meter race between the Straw Hat Pirates, Usopp would finish in 6th place. (SBS Volume 85)
  • In the SBS to Volume 94, Oda drew Usopp at 40 and 60. (Show image hide)
  • If Usopp was allowed to give O-Soba Mask another name, it would be “Lightning Skyzer”. (SBS Volume 94)
  • Suppose Usopp ate a devil fruit, then he would receive the powers of the pocket fruit. (SBS Volume 98)
  • Usopp likes his fried eggs best fried on both sides, poached and with ketchup. (SBS Volume 99)

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