Urouge of One Piece

Urouge is the captain of the Fallen Monk pirate gang and one of the 11 Supernovae (now known as the “Worst Generation”) who had gathered on the Sabaody Archipelago to advance to the New World. His epithet is “Mysterious Monk.“


Urouges wing

Urouge is a tall man with a reddish-brown complexion. He has short black hair and a longer black beard. It should also be noted that Urouge always has a smile on his lips, even in the midst of battle. On his right ear, he wears a gold earring. Urouge has a circular blue tattoo on each of his upper arms. On his hands, he wears black gloves. Like any sky dweller, Urouge also has wings. He is also incredibly muscular. He wears a brownish cloak and a black monk’s robe underneath. Underneath that, he wears another white shirt. On his feet, Urouge wears a pair of sandals. He also always carries his weapon, an iron staff larger than himself. When Urouge uses his full strength, he grows into a muscular giant. This makes him so large that he can hold the once large weapon with one hand.


Urouge definitely seems to be a cheerful person, as he smiles in every situation. Because of this, it looks like a lot of things don’t affect him, as when the news was spread that Luffy had beaten a World Aristocrat, all the Supernovae panicked, except for Urouge, who only remarked with his usual smile that the gang was probably very dangerous. Even when he was lying defeated on the ground during the fight with a Pacifista and Kizaru, he didn’t lose his smile. In addition, he seems to be very combative, as he tangled with another Supernova, Killer, shortly after his arrival on Sabaody Archipelago.

Abilities and Strength

Urouge shows his full power

Urouge has the least of the Supernovae with a bounty of 108 million Berry, but he is very dangerous despite this fact. In one fight, he was able to match Killer’s speed. His weapon is very big and heavy, yet he can handle it well. Also, he can transform into a muscle-bound giant. Because of this, he was able to damage even a Pacifista and hurl it into a building, even though it was still badly injured on the ground before. The other Supernovae around him were severely impressed by this power. Within the next two years, he managed to infiltrate Big Mom’s territory and even defeat Charlotte Snack, who was one of four Candy Commanders and thus one of her strongest children. All the other Worst Generation pirates who had infiltrated her realm during this period of time took early flight from Big Mom’s force. Against Charlotte Cracker, however, even Urouge suffered defeat.

Furthermore, it is known that Urouge, like all Supernovae captains, has eaten a devil fruit. However, it is unknown what kind and what power he possesses.


On the Sabaody Archipelago

Urouge attacks the Pacifista

He was fighting Killers on the Sabaody Archipelago until the fight was interrupted by X. Drake was interrupted.

He later witnessed Zoro’s confrontation with Saint Charlos. After the danger of possibly facing an admiral because of Zoro was averted by Jewelry Bonney, he showed respect to Zoro for messing with a world aristocrat while he himself wanted to serve time until the “nobility” would have marched by. Furthermore, he commented on Luffy, what a strength he must have as a captain to be superior to such a man as Zoro.

Urouge is pierced

When it was announced that Luffy had beaten a world aristocrat and therefore an admiral was coming, he only commented with his usual smile that this gang was dangerous.

Later, he was attacked by a Pacifista and in addition, he was also involved in the fight of Basil Hawkins and Kizaru. Urouge wondered, with an admiral in front of him and a Pacifista he thought was one of the 7 Samurai behind him, if this was his end. Hawkins assured him, however, that there was no shadow of death hovering over him today. Meanwhile, both Supernovae were getting some assistance from a third party, namely X. Drake. Now realizing that this fight was going to be very tough, Urouge showcased his true power. He then attacked the Pacifista with Inga Zarashi, knocking him into a house. The house collapsed and from the debris a laser beam suddenly shot out, which came from the left hand of the Pacifista and pierced Urouge. The latter collapsed, but managed to get up again and watched as the Pacifista fought X. Drake and Basil Hawkins. Suddenly, Kizaru was behind the monk and kicked him through several houses at the speed of light. Unconscious, Urouge remained lying somewhere in the small town.

During the great battle

As the battle of the Whitebeard Gang and the Impel Down escapees along with Luffy was already in full swing, Urouge was seen again on Sabaody Archipelago, watching the TV broadcast of Ace’s execution. He seemed to have survived the battle without any major injuries and further with the statement “Let’s go” in a mood to leave. After the conclusion of the Navy’s battle with Whitebeard and his allies, Urouge and his gang were seen sailing off Marine Ford.

In the New World

Urouge and his band of pirates had made it to the New World and followed their log port to an island from which lightning rained permanently. Urouge didn’t know how to dock at such an island when a small ship approached them. On it was an old woman who asked the pirates if they needed umbrellas.

Within the next two years, he invaded Empress Big Mom’s territory just as other Supernovaes did. Though he managed to defeat the candy commander Charlotte Snack, he was devastated shortly after by the latter’s brother Cracker, who was in turn accompanied by a fleet of ships as well as a storm sparked by Big Mom. Urouge, however, still escaped with his life.

As news of Doflamingo’s defeat spread rapidly, Urouge’s gang was seen setting up camp on the Ballon Terminal. While their captain was recovering from serious injuries, one of his men informed him that, to everyone’s amazement, they had received a visit from someone. It was Kaidou, also one of the Four Emperors, who wanted to take his own life by jumping from the Sky Island. Urouge informed himself about his motives and came to the conclusion that Kaidou would not let himself be stopped from his plan. Afterwards he prayed for him.


  • He is addressed as “High Priest” by his subordinates.
  • He found inspiration in the Arab pirate Oruç, one of the Barbarossa brothers who lived in the 16th century. (see also origin of the name)
  • In SBS volume 64, Urouge is shown as a child.(Show image [hide])
  • In SBS Volume 72, Oda shows us what Urouge would look like if he were female.(Show image [hide])
  • In Urouge’s bounty, the number “108” is found, as it is in Zoro’s slash 108 sense phoenix. This number has several meanings in Buddhism and Hinduism.
  • In the SBS to volume 82, Oda reveals that Urouge’s hobbies are drinking, loving, and traveling.
  • According to the SBS to Volume 88, Urouge would be a cabaret club owner from India in the real world.

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