Urashima of One Piece

Urashima is a sumo wrestler from Wano. By his own account, he is the strongest sumo wrestler in the capital and holds the title of yokozuna.


Urashima is a very obese man with black hair that he has tied into a samurai braid at the top. He also has parts of his hair braided into two longer braids, each hanging down one half of his face. His face is quite small compared to his head, with his ears and eyes appearing slightly smaller once again. In return, his thick eyebrows are quite prominent. He wears a square-patterned kimono, a dark throw-over jacket with a floral pattern, and Geta (footwear). His feet are again comparatively small in contrast to the rest of his body. On his left hip, Urashima also carries two swords.


Urashima is very confident in himself because of his title. He bragged to O-Kiku that she would never have to work or starve again if she took him as her husband. He seems to enjoy a certain lifestyle in Wano, which is why he didn’t want food from O-Tsuru’s teahouse that was just leftovers. Still, he seems to be easily influenced and manipulated. Furthermore, he doesn’t have a high opinion of people who are below him in Wano’s social hierarchy.

Skills & Strength

By his own admission, Urashima is the strongest sumo wrestler on Wano. He holds the title of yokozuna, which is the highest rank of sumo wrestler. In one competition, he was able to defeat nineteen opponents with ease, flinging them through the air effortlessly. Still, he was able to be surprised by Kiku before she cut off his topknot.


Urashima visited O-Tsuru’s teahouse in Okobore and tried to persuade O-Kiku, the trophy girl, to become his wife. However, O-Kiku refused him, saying that they belonged to different social classes. He should place an order or leave the teahouse. Urashima, however, was not interested in the teahouse’s food. At that moment, O-Tsuru showed up with Luffy, Zoro, and the sick O-Tama. He then entered a competition in the city of officials, where he effortlessly managed to defeat quite a few opponents. After Mouseman convinced him that he was entitled to Kiku just because of his rank, he made advances to her again. The latter, however, felt that her honor had been violated by his words, so she decided to cut off Urashima’s pigtail with her katana without further ado. The sumo wrestler wanted revenge and wanted to kill Kiku in front of everyone. However, he was first stopped by Luffy and then defeated in a wrestling match by the captain of the Straw Hat Pirates and thrown into Holdem’s house.


  • He shares his name with the character Urashima Tarō from Japanese folklore. Urashima Tarō is a fisherman who rescues a turtle and is invited by the turtle to the underwater kingdom of Ryūgū-jō. The princess later gives him a small casket as a parting gift from the kingdom, with a request never to open it. When Urashima Tarō is back on the surface of the sea, he realizes that he is far in the future. When he then opens the casket, Urashima Tarō instantly ages and becomes an old man. Partially and in a modified form, this story can already be found in the plot of One Piece in the Fishmen’s Island arc. It is possible that Urashima’s name origin can also be derived from this story.

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