Ultraking of One Piece

Ultraking was the vice-manager of the Rainbow Casino in Rainbase. He followed Crocodile and Miss Bloody Sunday’s orders without question, but he didn’t know anything about his boss’s plans. His job was, among other things, to keep any government officials out of the casino. In addition, he could call the Koalas in emergency situations. Currently, the casino is closed.


Ultra-King is a middle-aged man. His light blue, longer hair stands out in spikes upwards. He also possesses a slight upper lip beard. His clothing itself is composed of a dark purple vest, a light purple collared shirt, and a burgundy bow tie.


When the Straw Hat Pirates went in search of Mr. 0, they stormed the Golden Rain Casino, as Vivi suspected Crocodile was there. An employee immediately informed Ultra-King of the unwanted loud guests, who in turn called the security guards, the Koalas. However, these were simply flung away by the pirates as they passed, whereupon Miss Bloody Sunday explained that the troublemakers were V.I.P.’s. Ultra-King retreated and allowed the Straw Hats to pass. These landed moments later in a trap set by the “Crocodile.”

He later told Crocodile about the rebels launching an attack on Arbana, which the latter blamed on the incompetence of the royal family.


  • His name was not revealed until One Piece Blue.

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