Ukon of One Piece

Ukon is a samurai from Wano Country, who was hired for the rebellion against Kaidou.


Ukon is a tall man with light, bushy hair, which he has tied into a knot typical of the samurai on Wano Country. Furthermore he has bushy sideburns. Over his light kimono with square pattern he wears a dark cloak with stained pattern at the ends. In his sash are two katanas. On his ankle he has a tattoo of a moon, the sign of the allies.

On Onigashima, Kinemon’s devil powers also disguised him as a member of the Beasts Pirates.


Ukon is very loyal to the Kozuki clan. Even though the opponent is Emperor Kaidou, he joined the rebellion. When he perceived Big Mom’s strength, his chin dropped and he was startled.


As Ukon walked through the flower capital, the message to rebel was secretly slipped into his pockets by Usopp, disguised as a toad oil merchant. When Ukon read the message, he was shocked and wondered who handed it to him.

On the day of the Fire Festival, he then traveled with the rest of the allies to overthrow Kaidou in Onigashima, where Kinemon used his devil powers to disguise them as members of the Beasts Pirates. There, Ukon and other allies mingled with the enemy pirates in the concert hall and spotted Big Mom smashing a hole in the wall of the fortress in her pursuit of Luffy. He was completely shocked by her strength and did not know her. When Bao Huang spread the news that Luffy had been killed by Kaidou, Ukon wondered why Sanji could keep fighting, even though this was his captain after all.


  • His name was first revealed in Vivre Card ~ One Piece Picture Encyclopedia.

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