Ukkari of One Piece

Ukkari is a private in the Navy.


Ukkari has short black hair and wears a normal navy uniform with cap, common for his rank. Other than that, no special characteristics can be found on Ukkari.


Ukkari served under Captain Morgan in Shells Town. While erecting Morgan’s statue, he was careless for a moment – in keeping with his name – and allowed the statue’s hand to briefly touch the tower. Morgan wanted to punish him directly for this carelessness, as any damage to the statue would automatically attack him as well.

He was already lunging with his hatchet arm when Luffy came flying in with his gum-gum missile and held onto one of the holding ropes, causing the statue to topple over and the top section to plummet into the depths. Thus Ukkari had once more escaped without punishment. Had Luffy not burst into the action, he would probably have been killed.

After Morgan’s defeat, Ukkari cheered.


  • His name is revealed in One Piece Blue.
  • His original name Ukkarii comes from Ukkari, which means careless or heedless.

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