Uholisia of One Piece

Uholisia is the daughter of the leader of the Nihou Navy from the New World and former fiancée of Sai. She owns 25 husbands who serve her.


Uholisia is a tall, muscular and masculine woman with long blonde hair that reaches her waist. She has a very striking face with an angular chin, reddish cheeks and red lipstick. She wears a long red dress with a wide leg slit and a floral pattern.


Uholisia is not averse to violence, so she responded to Sai’s breaking off of their engagement with a beating, and her husbands were all seen wearing band-aids or bandages as well. Arranged marriages for political reasons are also not a problem for her, though she always seems to hold her own with her husbands and the “balance of power” is settled in her favor.


First reference

Uholisia was first mentioned by Chinjao on Dress Rosa during the fight between Sai and Baby 5. The latter completely misconstrued Sai’s comments and thought the latter was proposing to her. Chinjao only heard half of it and spoke out against this marriage since Sai already had a fiancée after all, namely Uholisia, the daughter of the leader of the Nihou Navy.

The dissolution of the engagement

In fact, Sai and Baby 5 sparked, so he took her with him after the events on Dress Rosa. When he later met Uholisia, Baby 5 was by his side and he wanted to discuss something important with his fiancée, whereas she wanted to address the date of the wedding ceremony. Sai however informed her that he was calling off the engagement and thus calling off the wedding, whereupon Uholisia beat him up and left him bleeding on the ground. Enraged, she stomped off. She then let her husbands serve her in her “husbands club”, but she was still angry with Sai. The latter married Baby 5 instead shortly after.


  • Uho is the Japanese onomatopoeic word for a gorilla grunt.
  • Uholisia was drawn by Oda back in the SBS to Volume 77 in response to a reader’s question. He described her as a woman with clear eyes and beautiful hair.

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