Tsunokkov of One Piece

Tsunokkov is a former prisoner of Impel Downs and resided there on Level 5.5, Newkama Land. He escaped with Emporio Ivankov during Luffy’s prison riot.


Tsunokkov is a slender man, who is especially noticeable because of his furry deer leotard. Furthermore, he wears sunglasses, a pink bow tie and pink lipstick. He is missing one of his upper front teeth and has a narrow, dark upper lip beard. Like many other trannies he wears fishnet tights and also red boots with heels.

Skills and strength

Tsunokkov was recognized by the marines as a notorious pirate. He was imprisoned in the Impel Down, where he managed to escape to Newkama Land. During the escape, he was always seen in the front row along with Usakkov. He was also able to prove himself on Marine Ford. He was seen with two pistols as well as a sword.


Breakout from the Impel Down

The breakout from the Impel Down begins

After Luffy and Bentham were taken to Newkama Land by Inazuma and Bentham awoke, he met the inmates of Level 5.5, who greeted him warmly. On stage, Tsunokkov danced as a backup dancer during Ivankov’s performance of Newkama Land. Tsunokkov also remained standing next to Ivankov when he used his Death Wink on Bellett. Later, when Bentham went to check on Luffy, Tsunokkov stood next to him with many others, cheering for the Straw Hat.

Euphorically, they cheered his smashing through the door. After Luffy’s recovery, Ivankov announced that he would help Luffy free Portgas D. Ace and anyone could join. However, Ace had already been picked up and new allies were found instead. Therefore, the first order of business was to break out, and Tsunokkov charged at the guards alongside his Level 4 comrades.

Shortly after, he watched as Blackbeard defeated the Impel Down’s deputy leader, Hannyabal, with just one blow. However, Magellan appeared and they were able to use the moment to advance to level 3. While they eventually managed to break out, Bentham had to sacrifice himself to do so and stay behind, which is why the Okama, Luffy, and Buggy shed bitter tears. Now it was off to Marine Ford’s headquarters for the group.

Battle on Marine Ford

When the breakout group appeared there, it put some marines in an uproar, as each of the former prisoners was a notorious pirate. Along with the rest, Tsunokkov charged forward and assisted Luffy in reaching the scaffold, but Ace could not be saved and Whitebeard also died. After Shanks and his gang declared the battle over, Tsunokkov and the rest of the former Newkama Land inmates sailed on a naval ship towards Momoiro. Together, they bid farewell to the unconscious Straw Hat captain beforehand.


  • His name was first revealed in Vivre Card ~ One Piece Picture Encyclopedia.

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