Tsukimi of One Piece

Professor moon show was the inventor of the four robots that are currently on the moon. He died because there was an explosion at the moon show and therefore he swallowed his food.


Tsukimi was a very old man who seemed very fragile because of that. He always wore a white coat with a hood and sandals. The old man also always had a grin on his lips and very small eyes. He no longer had any hair. He was also very wrinkled in the face and has a long, pointed chin.


The professor was an old man who took great care of his robots. He also seemed to be very intelligent, as he eventually created four robots with minds of their own.

His great love was to watch the moon show together with his robots, who were also his friends. At the moon show, people eat and laugh, which reveals that the professor must have been an extremely lively man.


Builders of Robots – The Birth of Spacey

Dr. Tsukimi is the builder of the four robots currently on Fairy Vearth and now part of Enel’s army.

When Spacey is almost killed by Enel, his entire life flashes before his eyes once again, in flashback you see his birth. He is in fact being assembled there by Dr. Tsukimi. Dr. Tsukimi does this with great joy and seems to be very happy that Spacey is finished.

The Joint Lunar Show

The explosion

The rest of Spacey’s flashback shows Dr. Tsukimi and the other three robots comfortably eating and laughing while watching the moon show. Watching the moon together is the professor’s greatest passion, which is probably why they often sat together to watch the moon show.

However, the idyll was soon disturbed when there is a gigantic explosion on the moon during the moon show. Due to the shock of the explosion, Professor Lunar Show swallows his food and dies. From this tragic accident, Spacey and the other robots set off to the moon to avenge their beloved professor.

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