Tsugaru Umi of One Piece

Tsugaru Umi is a little old woman who Nico Robin took under her wing on Wano Country to train her as a geisha. She is a good Shamisen.


Tsugaru Umi is a very short woman of advanced age. She has blonde hair that is tied into a shimada hairstyle with a long hairpin. She wears a dark kimono with a light lattice pattern.


Already 20 years ago, on the night when Kozuki Oden and his followers went into battle against Kaidou and his pirate gang as well as at the execution, Tsugaru Umi played shamisen with other geishas.


When the first Straw Hat Pirates infiltrated Wano Country, Tsugaru Umi took Nico Robin aka O-Robi under her wing and trained her as a geisha so she could attend Shogun Kurozumi Orochi’s banquet.

Later, Nico sought out Robin as she was dining with Franky and Usopp at Sanji’s soba stand and told the group about the Oiran Komurasaki and the pageant. Further, she told Robin that she had made it and had been invited to the Shogun’s banquet. Robin then followed her to prepare for the occasion.


  • Their name is probably derived from Tsugaru-jamisenwhich refers to a Japanese musical genre of shamisen music and the instrument of the same name. It originated from the Tsugaru Peninsula. Umi (海) simply means “sea”.

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