Tsubaki of One Piece

Tsubaki is a journalist by profession.

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Tsubaki is an older gentleman with white parted hair and sideburns. He wears rose-colored glasses and has a black beard. His clothes are not very matchy-matchy, so he wears a blue suit with a tie and red and yellow striped pants that come to his knees. Since he is a journalist, he is often seen with a microphone.


Tsubaki tastes Sanji’s food

He interviewed Luffy, Zoro, Nami and Usopp one by one about their eating habits. It turned out that Nami often cooked. Since Usopp was around, they occasionally had fish because he was a good fisherman. However, Zoro said the fish were just small sardines. Eventually Sanji joined in and had provided some good food. After finishing his questioning, Tsubaki got a taste of Sanji’s cooking and didn’t know what to say to them as he was at a loss for words.


  • He is often at a loss for words, which is why he is often asked what kind of journalist he is.

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