Trap of One Piece

Trap is a naval captain and held command of Trap Tower until its destruction.

This article contains information that only appears in one of the OP movies.


Trap is a middle-aged man with short black hair and very bushy eyebrows. Part of the left side of his face is covered by a metal plate. Under his navy coat, he wears a purple long-sleeved shirt with a dotted shirt underneath and a green tie with an image of a Kung Fu seal. Furthermore, he wears light-colored shoes.


Trap prefers elaborate plans to simple ones, even if they are definitely more successful because they are too boring for him. For example, he spent his unit’s entire budget on Trap Tower, even though he could have locked the Straw Hats right up in the Sea Stone Prison. Furthermore, he thinks Kung Fu Seals are very cute, so except for one human, his entire fleet is made up of them, and he also wears a Kung Fu Seal tie. Trap Tower also has a kung fu seal statue as its top. While he also cares a lot about them and panics when they are in danger. He is considered one of the most intelligent naval captains.


Trap had made it his goal to capture Monkey D. Luffy and the Straw Hat Pirates, so he came up with an elaborate plan. He designed the Trap Tower, for which the entire budget was used. A tower, peppered with quite a few traps. So he had the Thousand Sunny attacked to lead the ship to the Trap Tower, which was located below the water in a bay.

Once there, the tower rose from the depths and carried the Sunny to the top, from where it was directed inside. He then watched as Sanji and Zoro destroyed the first traps and became increasingly agitated. Then, as Luffy hurled cannonballs back at his Kung Fu seals, he panicked and worried for them.

Eventually the Straw Hats were able to escape from inside and got on a slide of sorts, but Trap wasn’t admitting defeat yet. He sent his secret weapon, the Giant Baseball Team, however even they could not stop the Straw Hats. On the contrary, a giant’s bat finally brought down the tower while Trap was still inside it.


  • His name translates to trap and fits the way he tried to catch the straw hats.

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