Tony Tony Chopper of One Piece

Licking mouth (jap. わたあめ大好き, Wataame Daisuki ~ “cotton candy lover”) Tony Tony Chopper (in the jap. original Tony Tony Tony Chopper) is a reindeer and the ship’s doctor of the Straw Hat Pirates. He once ate of the man-human fruit, which gave him a number of human characteristics, such as logical thinking, walking on two legs and even the ability to speak.


Chopper before the time jump.

Before Chopper took the human-human fruit, he was just a reindeer. And that’s exactly the reason for his animal appearance, which can also be very convenient for him, as enemies usually just mistake him for the crew’s pet. This was of particular use in Sanji’s plan to rescue Luffy and company from the basement of the Golden Rain Casino. Most of the time, he remains in his human-animal form. In addition, his external appearance changes with each of his nine other forms. Furthermore, Chopper possesses a nose that no reindeer has ever had before. Unlike normal animals of his kind, which have a black nose, he has a blue nose. But his distinguishing mark, which set him apart from normal reindeer, was also a curse.

Because of the blue nose, he was rejected by his herd at that time. This nose reflects the opposite of the red nose of Rudolph the reindeer. Further, he has a broken horn that once broke off during a fight in his past and, to fix it, a metal plate is tied around it. (Nevertheless, it mutates when Chopper takes a rumble ball). His standard attire consists of a pink top hat with a medical cross on it, which he was once given by his role model Doc Hiriluk.

It can be said that the top hat is one of Chopper’s most prized possessions. His upper body remains uncovered and he dresses his legs with purple shorts. His clothing seems to adapt itself to his mutant forms. However, as his adventures progress, he changes his clothes every now and then. Also, from the beginning of his journey until now, other changes can be seen in him.

On Punk Hazard, Chopper was placed in Sanji’s body by Trafalgar Law’s abilities. In the process, he retained the shape of his eyes.

Many female characters find his human-animal form very cute.


Chopper’s big dream is to be able to cure all diseases. To achieve this, he wants to invent a panacea. Chopper has a rather childlike character. He is sometimes very shy towards strangers, is usually afraid in new situations that are unknown to him, and is also very naive. He is therefore the perfect victim for Usopp and his tall tales, which Chopper believes. But he has also learned over time to be boisterous and silly. In the gang as a whole, Chopper is an important member in his role as a doctor. He regularly takes care of the wounds and injuries of his comrades.

Chopper had originally been disowned by his family because he was different – and it was the same with humans. Chopper had to realize that not everyone accepted him as he was. The first people for whom this did not apply were his teacher Doc Hiriluk and later Dr. Kureha. But these were always people who themselves lived apart from people and society and were rather shunned because of their peculiarity. During his time with Dr. Kureha, Chopper lived completely isolated from humans on the top of the Snow Rockies and therefore had no contact with humans for the last six years, except for Dr. Kureha. The Straw Hat Pirates was then the next group of humans to accept Chopper as their friend and comrade-in-arms, with all his idiosyncrasies. Aboard the Going Merry, Chopper underwent a change, becoming more open and boisterous over time, and soon after was one of the biggest messes and childish. At the same time, he usually spends his time joking and playing with Usopp and Luffy.

Particularly noteworthy is the friendship between Usopp and Chopper. As mentioned above, the two like to get into mischief together, but also otherwise they form a kind of team, for example in the fight against the two agents of the Baroque Works Mister 4 and Miss Merry Christmas. In addition, there is the contrast in the character of the two: Usopp, a master liar by trade, and the childlike, naive Chopper. The situation in Water 7 is therefore a particularly bitter shock for Chopper: his best friend leaves the crew. He sees Usopp and the rest go their separate ways – Chopper stays with the gang and all he can do for his friend is leave him a number of medicines and bandages so that he can treat himself.

The doctor’s favorite foods are cotton candy, chocolate and other, other sweets. (SBS Volume 45)

Chopper’s idol was the once best doctor in the world, Dr. Hogback, whom he respected very much for his deeds. But after Chopper got to know his idol better and learned about his inhumane treatment of human life, treating dead bodies like dolls, he decided to no longer consider him a doctor.

Chopper often hides.

Like every member of the Straw Hat Pirates, a reindeer like Chopper has his own special peculiarities. For one thing, he immediately becomes embarrassed and does a little dance (this dance is based on the Japanese comedian Ken Shimura and one of his characters) when you compliment him. However, at the same time he insists that you refrain from doing so and says he would hate it. A typical action of Chopper’s is to hide behind a wall and peek around a corner (and not be seen) – however, he does this in a very unique way: He doesn’t hide his body behind the corner, but only the eye with which he actually wants to observe. Another of Chopper’s peculiarities is that he completely overreacts as soon as someone is in distress. He always starts to call for a doctor in a panic, only to realize that he is one himself.

Skills and strength

Chopper takes a rumble ball to himself.

As a reindeer, Chopper did not possess any special qualities. But through the Zoan-type human-human fruit, he was given the ability to transform into a human-reindeer and a whole human. However, his fur remains with each mutation. Chopper himself gained even more abilities through the fruit. Thus, he is able to communicate with both humans and animals. He received the mind of a human, which goes far beyond that of a normal reindeer. Through the Rumble Balls he developed himself, he can strengthen his devilish powers, or rather, in addition to the usual three mutations of a Zoan user, he thereby acquires six more, whose properties differ in each form.

In his reindeer form, Chopper is able to run faster than his other normal mutations. As a human reindeer, he is most similar to a human. He adopts the upright gait and his hooves transform into hands and feet. Also, his antlers disappear completely. In the rest of the forms, caused by the Rumble Ball, emphasis is placed in each mutation. From better jumping power, to improved protection or more muscle mass, to more powerful antlers, everything is there. The drawback with Chopper’s invention, however, is the time limit. He only keeps his new developments for three minutes. After these three minutes, the effect of the Rumble Ball fades. There is also a set time that you have to keep until you can take the next Rumble Ball. If he takes one again within six hours, complications may arise.

Chopper’s monstrous shape.

If the time limit is not respected, Chopper loses the ability to use his mutations in a controlled manner. The transformations then appear randomly, without the little reindeer being able to do anything about it. When taking an additional third Rumble Ball in less than six hours, his mutation reaches a new level. This is a new form in which both Choppers itself and its fur grow. It also becomes much wilder. Its strength also takes on previously unknown proportions. The disadvantage with this form is that he no longer has control over himself and cannot distinguish between friend or foe. Everything that stands in his way is destroyed. Furthermore, it is life-threatening for him to remain in this state for a long time. Maintaining this form consumes vast amounts of strength and energy. If this is used up, Chopper can die. However, he cannot deactivate this level by himself, because he is not in his right mind. So outsiders have always had to help.

Simultaneously with the acquaintance of Doc Hiriluk, Chopper’s interest in medicine began. So he was taught by his role model and later by Doctor Kureha and was able to acquire a great knowledge of medicine. This also enabled him to study his devil powers and make extra Rumble Balls for him. Furthermore, he is able to analyze the anatomy of opponents or even doctor his friends in a short time. Because Chopper is actually an animal, he has a keen sense of smell. This sense of smell is so pronounced that he finds the smell of perfume too strong and can not stand it.

In the two years that Chopper was separated from the others, he improved his mutations and even developed a new one, the Kung Fu Point. He is also able to reach six mutation levels without a Rumble Ball, and with the taking of a Rumble Ball for three minutes, transform into his monster form and control it.

Chopper is always not taken seriously by the Navy, which believes that Chopper does not pose much danger to the civilian population. Although he was able to defeat Kumadori on Enie’s lobby, Chopper is thought to be the pet of the Straw Hat Pirates. Unlike the rest of the gang, all of whom were awarded large sums of money, the reindeer received only a measly 50 Berry bounty. This did not change after the incidents at Dress Rosa, where Chopper’s bounty was set across the board at 100 Berry was doubled.


Chopper is cast out.

Chopper was originally a normal reindeer with the small but fine feature of a blue nose. Because of this, the other reindeer treated Chopper like a leper. Shortly after his birth, his parents and his herd ostracized him. Chopper was only allowed to follow his herd with enough distance. He was always on his own and no other reindeer wanted to know anything about him. But when the young reindeer then also ate from the human-human fruit, he was completely treated like a monster by his herd. He was no longer an ordinary reindeer. Finally, he was driven away from them by force for good. He was now more of an outsider. But Chopper no longer wanted to be alone and have friends.

Chopper then mustered all his courage and sought contact with the inhabitants of Drum, but these attempts ended for him with disastrous consequences. Because he was also not a real person. With his appearance he unintentionally frightened the people. They thought he was a monster and chased him away. He did not understand what he had done wrong and was constantly on the run. Why did people hate him, who should he blame? These questions tormented him all the time. All he wanted was a friend, but he was called a monster. He was neither reindeer nor human.

Nobody liked him. He had no choice but to go through life alone. So it happened that he was shot. Badly wounded, he moved on all alone. Near the end of his strength, Chopper met the quack Doc Hiriluk, who saved him and took care of him from then on. Hiriluk treated Chopper’s wounds, the two became good friends and Chopper became Hiriluk’s assistant. It was Hiriluk, by the way, who gave Chopper his name in the first place – before that he had been a nameless reindeer.

Chopper got his name because of his magnificent antlers, with which – according to Hiriluk – he could almost fell trees. Chopper also received a top hat from his role model as a sign that they were friends. Although his methods of treatment were very peculiar and unorthodox, Hiriluk became Chopper’s role model. Doc Hiriluk taught Chopper his philosophy of life (namely, that cherry blossoms can cure a person), his belief in the Jolly Roger as a symbol of strength and hope, and he also passed on to him his belief that there was a panacea that could cure all diseases.

Chopper, badly battered.

So the two went from house to house offering their “treatments” in a land where all the other doctors were banished by King Wapol. What Chopper didn’t know was that Hiriluk was very sick and had been for a long time. A year passed and Chopper’s wounds from the persecutions of that time had finally healed. However, Hiriluk’s condition had worsened and Chopper once again found himself left alone in the cold. The old man did not want Chopper to see him die. Therefore, he sent little Chopper out the door in an unkind manner, saying that he had no more time for him and that other patients were waiting for him. Chopper, however, his face covered with tears, did not let up and kept knocking on the door. He was so fond of his friend that he would do anything for him.

The reindeer didn’t have any other friends after all. Chopper even hurt himself just to stay longer with Hiriluk. When nothing helped, the doctor chased his friend away with a gun. When Chopper found out what was really wrong with his teacher and only friend, he decided to do everything in his power to cure him. Hiriluk had only three days to live. Chopper heard about a mushroom that could supposedly cure all diseases, and set out to find it, along with one of Doc Hiriluk’s medicine books. What Chopper was to find out later was that his sought-after medicinal mushroom – the witch’s mushroom – was actually a poisonous mushroom. Chopper misunderstood the interpretation of the skull on the page of the medicine book with the mushroom.

Hiriluk, moved heavily.

On the dangerous journey, Chopper suffered a number of injuries, for example, his left horn broke in a fight with the leader of his herd at the time. Chopper fought like a pirate. But in the end, his quest was to be crowned with success and he found the mushroom. Back in Hiriluk’s lab, he strode through the door injured. The first thing he did was to greet the Doc and apologize for losing Hiriluk’s beautiful book. Proudly he showed the witch fungus he had found. With tears of gratitude, Doc Hiriluk ate the mushroom to show Chopper how much this act meant to him.

This mushroom eventually poisoned Hiriluk, after which he had only half a day to live. However, he would not have had much longer to live anyway. While the seriously ill man was on his way to Drum Castle, Chopper’s eyes were opened by Dr. Kureha (the other doctor who treated independently of the government). What it was in reality with the witch mushroom and what meaning the skull had. Completely devastated, Chopper did not want to believe it. He burst into tears and cried out as Hiriluk’s last moments passed. The little reindeer tried to catch up with his friend.

On the top of the highest mountain in the Snow Rockies, in front of Wapol’s Castle, Hiriluk finally committed suicide a few days before he was to die. He blew himself up, declaring beforehand that he had lived a wonderful life and did not regret a single day lived. Saying to Chopper that it was not Chopper’s poisonous mushroom that killed him and expressing his gratitude to him, he left this world. Chopper was too late. Hiriluk’s last wish was for Dr. Kureha to take care of Chopper and teach him proper medicine for years to come.

Chopper worked and studied as hard as he could to one day find the panacea his friend had been searching for so long and with which he could have saved him. So the next six years passed….

Chopper and Dr. Kureha lived apart from the rest of the population in Castle Drum (the two moved there when Wapol escaped from Blackbeard’s gang).



Chopper defeats Chessmarimo.

But when Luffy and his crew reached the island, his isolated life was about to change. In fact, Luffy wanted Chopper in his crew when he saw his skills and strength in the fight against the returned forces of Wapol. It was only after the reindeer entered that the captain noticed that he also carried medical talent. Chopper, who is normally shy and suspicious of strangers, was not very fond of the idea. (This was supported by the fact that Luffy and Sanji were eager to cook and eat him…) Chopper declined this offer because he didn’t want to leave the island.

But then he remembered the wish of Doc Hiriluk. He once advised Chopper to live as a pirate, because he would sail the seas and see the world. This way he could also broaden his horizons and acquire medical knowledge. So he finally decided to join Luffy’s crew. When Chopper fled Drum Castle with the Straw Hat Pirates, Dr. Kureha saw him off with an incredible spectacle. She made it rain cherry blossoms on Drum, thus fulfilling Doc Hiriluk’s wish, which he had tried to do for 30 years. With tears in his eyes, Chopper said goodbye to his home and his mentors and teachers and got ready for probably the greatest adventure of his life.


Chopper’s fight against the Baroque agents.

As a new member of the Straw Hat Pirates, Chopper accompanied his comrades to Arabasta. On the way there, Chopper came to the conclusion that the pirate life would be simply wonderful. Before they got there to Arbana, they had to go through a long and arduous journey through the desert. In Rainbase, he participated in Sanji’s, a.k.a. Mister Prince’s, plan to trick Crocodile and free his friends from the casino. Once in Arbana, there were numerous fights in which the Straw Hats also got involved. So Chopper had to fight his first battle under Luffy’s flag. Together with Usopp, he faced the officer agents of the baroque company Mister 4, his weapon Lassoo and Miss Merry Christmas. After a long and hard fight, the two pirates managed to win.

Sky Island

Chopper’s big fight against Gedatsu.

On Sky Island, the pirate gang was already separated after a short stay. In the process, the Going Merry was kidnapped along with Chopper, Zoro, Nami and Nico Robin, while Luffy, Sanji and Usopp had to chase them. Zoro and the two female crew members decided to explore their surroundings more closely, while the little reindeer stayed on the ship to protect it from enemies. However, Chopper did not stay alone for long. Shura, a priest of Enel, came to the ship to punish the pirate. Chopper tried everything to stand up to the priest and mainly defend the ship from his fire dials. In the end, however, he had no choice but to call Gan Fall with a whistle.

However, when Gan Fall lost and fell into the water badly injured, Chopper jumped in after him, forgetting that he himself could not swim. They were rescued by giant South Birds. As best he could, he doctored the former god of Skypiea. He also later helped Usopp in a somewhat unorthodox way to get the little lamb back from the altar. The Straw Hat Pirates then split into two groups. Chopper was with the prospector group, which had to split up again due to a confrontation with Nora. On his way alone through the area, a priest of Enel again confronted him with a fight, which the reindeer won this time. Proud of his victory, he climbed up Giant Jack and, to his misfortune, met another priest. Chopper was the only crew member to encounter three of the four priests.

Enies Lobby

Kumadori is powerless against this monster.

When the rest of the crew, including Chopper, chased the CP9 to Enie’s lobby to retrieve Nico Robin, fights broke out between the two parties. In the process, Kumadori turned out to be Chopper’s fighting partner. At first, the fight didn’t go well at all for Chopper, with him having to take a whole three Rumble Balls within six hours. The result was more bad than good. As a monster, it was now easy to defeat his opponent, but Chopper was out of control. He also seemed to die soon if he didn’t quickly deactivate the monstrous mutation, because his life energy kept disappearing.

Chopper is shocked at his bounty.

Finally, Chopper was able to be stopped by Franky by being transported into the water, thus disabling his devil powers. However, after the reindeer was rescued, he was unable to move and could not help fight the Navy for a while. When the Straw Hat Pirates successfully stormed Justice Island and escaped through the badly damaged Going Merry, which was subsequently buried by the crew in a sad moment, all the comrades found themselves in Water 7. Chopper accompanied Robin on a shopping trip and when they rejoined the others, he commented to Sanji that he hadn’t let Robin out of his sight this time. Furthermore, it turned out that there was now a bounty on every Straw Hat, including Chopper. However, contrary to his expectations, his bounty had turned out to be extremely low. A whopping 50 berries was now worth his head because the navy believed the little reindeer was the pirate gang’s pet. Chopper was shocked because he had fought like a real man.

Thriller Bark

Chopper and Robin kick against Hogback and Cindry

On Thriller Bark, Chopper met Dr. Hogback, to whom Chopper paid his greatest respect. Together with Nami and Usopp, he had dinner with his idol in his castle, where Chopper asked him for an autograph and a visit to his laboratory. He was granted the first request, but not the visit to the lab. After the eerie events in the castle, the trio coincidentally found themselves in Hogback’s lab anyway, where they watched him prepare a corpse.

Gradually, it was discovered that the corpses were alive, and Chopper’s opinion of his idol began to change. Later in the fight against Hogback, Chopper wondered how low Hogback had sunk, because the reindeer had admired him, even his research on zombies. In Chopper’s opinion, one could ease the suffering of the bereaved by reawakening the dead, even if it were only for a few minutes. But Hogback had not done it for medicine or the bereaved, but for purely an end in itself. For this reason, Hogback was no longer a doctor to Chopper. When Hogback sicced Cindry on Chopper, the reindeer tried to make her understand that she didn’t have to listen to the misanthropic doctor.

While she resisted, Chopper still kept trying to talk her into it, until finally her true spirit was awakened in her and she disobeyed Hogback for a while. In the fight against Oz, he helped his gang by analyzing the opponent and finding out his weak point – Oz’s right arm. Also, the doctor of the Straw Hat Pirates found out how Oz had died. In the further course of the fight, Chopper was the decisive reason for the victory over Oz. Through his further analysis, the Straw Hat Pirates was able to completely immobilize the destructive giant. Later, when Bartholomew Kuma showed up after Luffy’s victory over Gecko Moria and promised the Straw Hat Pirates to spare their lives if they gave him Luffy’s head, the entire team refused – including Chopper.

Redline & Sabaody Archipelago

Chopper fights in his Monster form against Sentomaru

When the Straw Hat Pirates completed the first half of the Grand Line and explored the Sabaody Archipelago a short time later, Chopper remained rather in the background. Although he actively fought against the Tobiuo Riders and helped in the search for Camie, it was not decisive. He also treated Hatchan, who had been shot.

However, when it came to an inevitable fight against three powerful opponents at once – Pacifista PX-1, Sentomaru and Admiral Kizaru – and the Straw Hat Pirates seemed to lose, Chopper was so desperate that he swallowed another third Rumble Ball since Enie’s lobby and became a monster again. Still uncontrolled, he could not distinguish between friend and foe. Bartholomew Kuma also appeared unexpectedly. With the devil’s power, he made one straw hat after another disappear, including the uncontrollable monster reindeer.

Torino Kingdom

Chopper to be eaten

Through Bartholomew’s devil power, Chopper, just like his comrades, flew through the air for a while until he landed in the Kingdom of Torino. He was now outside the Grand Line, in the Southblue. When he regained consciousness, Chopper had already mutated back to his usual form, but could no longer move due to the energy loss of the monster form. Because of this, he rolled down to the ground from the top platform of the island he had landed on. Just a few moments later, he was called food by the natives. The next time Chopper was seen, he fled from the natives. He also witnessed a fight between the humans and a giant bird.

After Chopper was able to end the battle between humans and birds, he set off on the back of a bird to the Sabaody Archipelago to meet his friends. However, when he read Luffy’s message in a newspaper, he flew back to the Torino Kingdom, where he lived for two years and studied medicine.

The reunification

Chopper meets the real Usopp

Two years had passed and the Straw Hat Pirates met on the Sabaody Archipelago as planned. Chopper, who had not seen his friends for a long time, met Fake Zoro, Fake Sanji and Fake Robin and thought they were the real ones. When Fake Robin was kidnapped shortly after and the other two fake Straw Hats did nothing about it and took Chopper to Fake Luffy, but he also refused to free Robin’s fake, Chopper couldn’t believe what had become of his “friends” and ran away. While searching for Fake Robin, he ran into Nami and Usopp, who told him about the Fake Straw Hats. Chopper then went with the two to the ship, where they waited for Luffy and finally sailed to Fish Man Island.

The fish man island

Chopper and Sanji find the injured Hatchan

There were a few obstacles in front of the gang, but they were able to overcome them unharmed. However, upon entering Fishmen Island, they were separated again, so Chopper was now traveling with Luffy, Usopp and Sanji. They met Camie, who accompanied them to Mermaid Bay. There, however, Sanji suffered a severe nosebleed and was in mortal danger. Chopper was able to find the blood donors he needed in Splash & Splatter despite all the circumstances, since underwater creatures were forbidden to donate their blood to humans. While the others were taken by Neptune to the Ryuuguu Palace, Chopper stayed with the still weakening Sanji. When the Straw Hat Pirates was suspected of destroying Fish Man Island by Madame Shyarly’s prediction, the two pirates were also attacked by Neptune’s army. Chopper was able to defeat the attackers thanks to his new Kung Fu point. A little later, the two came across the badly wounded Hatchan, who warned them about Hody Jones. Shortly after, Luffy came by with Shirahoshi and took his comrades to the lake forest. There they met with Jinbe, who told them the story about Otohime.

Chopper fights against Dosun

After Hody Jones declared that he would make himself king and kill all the fish people who wanted to live with humans, the Straw Hat Pirates with Jinbe and Shirahoshi set out to foil this plan. Arriving at Gyoncorde Plaza, Chopper showed off his improved Horn Point, which he used to save Usopp from Daruma, and then fought the commander of the New Fishmen pirate gang, Dosun. After much back and forth, the reindeer was able to defeat the fish man with just one punch using his monster form. Luffy also managed to defeat Hody Jones in the end, he was imprisoned with his gang and was never to harm Fish Man Island again. Eventually, a big celebration was organized for the Straw Hats as they had saved the island. The pirates eventually left the underwater island and headed to the New World.

Punk Hazard

Law interchanges the Body of the pirates.

Arriving in the New World, the Straw Hat Pirates received a distress call over their Den-den Mushi from an unknown person. They then sailed to Punk Hazard. While Luffy, Zoro, Usopp and Robin went to the island, Chopper and the rest stayed behind on the ship. A short time later, however, the pirates who stayed behind were attacked by figures in full-body suits and drugged with sleeping gas, after which they were to be taken to their master “M”. They were locked in a room and there they met the talking head of a samurai. They then managed to break out. Escaping from their captors, they got to Biscuits Room, in which there were huge children. The children begged the gang to save them and finally managed to persuade the navigator. At the front entrance of the building, they all met Trafalgar Law and the Marine. The former switched the bodies of the Straw Hat Pirates as they retreated, so that Chopper was henceforth in Sanji’s body.

Chopper tries to help Mocha and the other children.

Thanks to Law, the entire Straw Hat gang gathered with the samurai Kinemon and the kidnapped children in a snow-covered laboratory ruin. Chopper examined the giant children to find out why they were brought to the island. He found out that an addictive drug was used to experiment on the children. After Luffy formed an alliance with Trafalgar Law, Law put Chopper back into his real body. The mastermind behind the island was the scientist Caesar Clown, who needed to be kidnapped to complete the first step of Law’s plan to overthrow one of the Four Emperors. In the process, Chopper had himself smuggled into Caesar’s lab to determine an antidote for Caesar’s drugs.

After that, he focused on finding the children, whom Caesar had meanwhile regained control of. With the help of Mocha, whom Chopper had already managed to heal, Chopper tried to keep the children away from the drugs. Mocha sacrificed herself for her friends, and with the help of the Straw Hats and the G5 Marines, the other children were also freed from their suffering. Later, Chopper was also able to treat Mocha and escape from the collapsed lab along with his friends. After the children were taken back to their home island by the Navy, the Straw Hat gang, along with Kinemon, his son, and Trafalgar Law as alliance partners, traveled on to Dress Rosa.


After everyone was told that the Straw Hat Pirates had formed an alliance with Trafalgar Law to overthrow Emperor Kaidou, the next port of call was Dress Rosa. There, Caesar was to hand over Crown Doflamingo and destroy the SAD factory so that Smile production would cease. Chopper, together with Nami, Brook and Momonosuke, formed the team that would protect the Thousand Sunny and received a Vivre Card from Trafalgar Law in case of emergency.

Some time later, Chopper and the rest of his team were surprised by Giolla, who had managed to turn the Straw Hats as well as the Sunny into artistic figures and render the ship unseaworthy. While they were fighting Giolla, Law called, directing his allies to come to Green Bit. After Giolla’s defeat, they set off. However, Doflamingo noticed Sunny when she appeared at the island. He unceremoniously attacked them, at which point Sanji intervened to save his friends. Law took over the fight, trading his hostage Caesar Clown for Giolla, and disappeared to Green Bit. A little later, Sanji, who had stayed with the others, finally contacted Luffy to report that the team was under attack by Big Mom’s pirate gang. After receiving permission to return fire, Chopper and his friends headed to their next destination, Zou, to relocate the clashes.


Then, the next day, the group reached their destination: Zou. They forced Caesar to transport them on the back of the massive elephant, where they met the Mink tribe as well as Sheepshead, a member of the Beasts Pirates pirate gang. Likewise, they discovered that the entire island was covered with poisonous gas, so they decided to help the injured Minks. They forced Caesar to neutralize the gas and doctored the injured Minks, earning their gratitude and befriending them.

Chopper doctoring Nekomamushi

A few days later, they noticed that Capone Bege and Pekoms had entered the island as representatives of the Big Mom pirate gang. To avoid conflict and protect the recovering Minks, Sanji moved the negotiation to a forest, to which Chopper and Nami also snuck. However, there they were captured by Capone’s men and inside his body they learned about the planned wedding between Sanji and one of Big Mom’s daughters. Sanji still managed to free Chopper, Nami and Brook before saying goodbye to them and hastily leaving Bege. A few days later, the rest of the Straw Hats and Trafalgar Law arrived at Zou, and Chopper and the others immediately embraced them, beaming with joy, before informing each other about the past events and the history of the Minks. Together they set out to pay a visit to the two rulers of the island, Inuarashi and Nekomamushi. Chopper, who supervised the treatment of the two injured Minks, earned great admiration within the Minks for his medical knowledge.

The next morning, the two samurai, Kinemon and Kanjuro, also arrived on Zou, and to everyone’s surprise, the samurai’s long-standing involvement with the Minks was revealed on Zou, as well as Momonosuke’s true parentage. Together they headed to a hideout where Raizo, a samurai friend, ninja and the target behind Jack’s attack on the Minks, was staying. Chopper and the others were beside themselves at the thought of a ninja. In addition to the ninja, there was also a special red Poneglyph at this location that would lead to the legendary island of Laugh Tale. Furthermore, the Minks revealed even more about their time on the ship Gol D. Rogers. Together, they formed an alliance to free Wano Country from the reign of the Shogun and Kaidou. However, while part of the Straw Hat Pirates was already setting sail for Wano Country, Luffy, Chopper, Nami and Brook formed a strike force to rescue Sanji from his predicament. To this end, Pedro and Pekoms, and later Carrot, joined in and together they set sail for Big Mom’s territory.

Whole Cake Island

After Luffy’s failed cooking attempts, in which he wasted all the food, he ate a poisonous fish skin and found himself dying. Although Chopper diagnosed the poison, his medication was not enough to save the poisoned captain. To make matters worse, a Germa 66 ship got in their way. That’s how they met Yonji Vinsmoke and Reiju Vinsmoke, two of Sanji’s siblings, the latter also offering her help and extracting the poison from Luffy’s body, saving his life. Without any interim report to Big Mom, the Germa then set sail. Thus, a short time later, they were able to set anchor on the coast of Cacao, where Luffy and Chopper got into trouble for starving and devouring a house. However, they were saved by a mysterious woman who turned out to be Charlotte Pudding and thus Sanji’s fiancée and Big Mom’s daughter. She also drew them a map so they could sail the waters of Deadland unnoticed and make their way to the shores of Whole Cake Island, where she promised them a reunion with Sanji.

The forest of temptation

Once there, Luffy, Chopper and Carrot rushed headlong into the adjacent forest in search of Sanji, soon facing many dangers and obstacles. The so-called Forest of Temptation was populated by Big Mom’s homies, whose goal was to eliminate the Straw Hats. Thus, the mistress of the forest, Charlotte Brûlée, also stood in their way, who had eaten of the mirror fruit and was giving the gang a hard time. Thus, she captured Carrot effortlessly and Chopper felt compelled to transform into his monster form to allow Nami to escape and fend off the attacking homies.

Chopper and Carrot are trapped in the mirror world

However, Chopper was also eventually overpowered and held together in the mirror world. There, the two devised a plan to use Brûlée’s abilities against her and use the mirrors to their advantage. Numerous hours later, they were tied up in Brûlée’s house, which they planned to cook and then eat. However, Chopper and Carrot had already initiated a plan whereby they could defeat the devil power user and her subordinates and gain control of the mirror world. So they set out with the gagged Brûlée to find the others and eventually found Pedro, Jinbe and Nami, leading them all to the Mirror World and thus to safety for the time being. They then managed to free Brook from the clutches of a sleeping Big Mom, leaving them only to search for their captain and Sanji. This endeavor was also successful before Jinbe offered the plan to team up with Capone Bege, who was after Big Mom’s head, so that all parties could achieve their various goals.

After the plan was sealed, the Straw Hats infiltrated the wedding through Capone and Brûlée’s abilities. While Luffy was to cause chaos, Nami, Chopper and Carrot lingered inside the wedding cake to intervene in case of emergency. After the wedding cake and the image of Carmel were destroyed, Chopper and the others left their hiding place to give the Vinsmokes earplugs and their Raid Suits so they could defend themselves against the attacking Charlotte family. However, when the assassination attempt failed, they were all to retreat into Capone’s body, which had been transformed into a massive fortress. However, Chopper was held by Charlotte Oven and then rescued by Niji Vinsmoke before they sought refuge together and found themselves surrounded by the entire Big Mom pirate gang in a hopeless situation. At Bege’s fortress, they were surrounded by Big Mom and her pirate gang and were only finally rescued when the Tamatebako abruptly exploded, bringing down the entire Whole Cake Chateau. In the northwest of the island of the alliance temporarily separated and together they fled from the forces of Big Mom pirate gang, who longed for revenge.

Chopper takes the attack of Big Mom.

There, Chopper and Brook headed to the Shark Submerge to meet up with the others on the Thousand Sunny, who, on the other hand, took the path through the Forest of Temptation. On the deck of the Sunny, the two faced numerous Chess soldiers, Charlotte Perospero and Charlotte Katakuri, against whom they fought valiantly for a while. However, they were ultimately overwhelmed by Perospero’s devilish powers and it took Pedro’s self-sacrifice for the Straw Hats to finally set sail to leave Totto Land and meet up with Luffy and Sanji on Cacao.

Thanks to Jinbe’s skills, they were able to put some distance between themselves and their pursuers at first, but soon found themselves facing Big Mom’s massive fleet. Then, when Big Mom herself appeared directly on the deck of the Thousand Sunny, Chopper transformed into Guard Point to parry one of her attacks and protect the ship. Only after Capone lured Big Mom away with the wedding cake freshly baked by Pudding, Sanji, and Chiffon was it possible for the Thousand Sunny and its crew to sail on stricken toward Cacao to collect their captain.

Off the coast of Cacao, the Thousand Sunny had to fend off attacks from the enemy fleet while waiting for Luffy and Sanji to return. The emerging Germa 66 fleet had their backs, so they were overjoyed to get Luffy and Sanji aboard. However, it was the Sun Pirates that finally helped them escape, with Wadatsumi saving the Thousand Sunny from an attack by Big Mom’s flagship. Jinbe then decided to stand by his old comrades and promised to meet up with them all on Wano Country. Reluctantly, Chopper and the others set sail for Wano Country and later successfully left Big Mom’s territory.

Wano Country

On their way to Wano Country, the crew learned about Luffy and Sanji’s new bounty through the newspaper, as well as details about the Levely taking place at the same time. When they reached the coast of Wano Country and were pulled into a mysterious whirlpool, Sanji brought Brook, Chopper, Nami and Carrot to safety, but this separated them from Luffy and the Sunny.

While searching for the missing captain, the group found his Vivre Card and later encountered Kinemon, who led them to Castle Oden, where they were reunited with Luffy and Trafalgar Law. Kinemon then told them the truth about himself, Momonosuke as well as their companions and about the death of Oden. He also revealed their plan, which was to use a hidden message to gain allies and invade Kaidou Island in two weeks at the Fire Festival.

Chopper finds the unconscious Big Mom on the beach of Kuri.

For the preparations, Chopper and Carrot were given the task of accompanying O-Kiku and meeting with Inuarashi. Kinemon still re-dressed those present with his devil powers so that they could act inconspicuously in Wano Country and introduced them to another comrade, the kunoichi Shinobu. However, Kaidou himself then appeared in nearby Kuri and was alerted by Basil Hawkins to the ruins of Oden Castle, which he immediately razed to the ground. Through Shinobu’s devil powers, however, Chopper and the others managed to survive the attack and so they stuck to the plan. Shortly after, Chopper was present at Hitetsu’s house to take care of the injured O-Tama.

Chopper develops an antidote for the mummy virus.

Late in the evening, Chopper, O-Tama, O-Kiku and Momonosuke ran to Kuri beach and found Big Mom washed ashore, lying unconscious in the sand. Shocked by the sight, Chopper made a plan to finish off the empress, but at that moment she was already waking up. To the amazement of those present, however, she had lost her memory and was now friendliness personified. Not knowing who she was facing, Big Mom accompanied the group to the alms village the next morning, where she was fed Oshiruko by O-Tsuru. While there, O-Tama insisted on taking Big Mom to Udon, though Chopper worried that she might regain her memories in the meantime.

Afterwards, Chopper, O-Kiku, Momonosuke, O-Tama and Big Mom set off on a crocodile shark to the convict mine in Udon, where Luffy was trapped. The next day, Big Mom burst through the prison’s front gates, as Chopper and the others had told her that she would find more Oshiruko here. Chopper and the others then watched the ensuing fight between her and Queen, who tried to defeat her. In the process, Luffy also briefly drew the Empress’ ire. Eventually, Big Mom fell asleep on the ground after a hard headbutt from Queen, so the main representative immediately put her in sea stone chains and left Udon with her towards Onigashima.

Thus, the way was clear to free the prison from the guards of the Beast Pirates. Chopper formed a team with Luffy, Raizo, O-Kiku, Kawamatsu and Hyogoro to fight the guards. However, they used a virus developed by Queen, which angered Chopper greatly. To convince the rest of the prisoners to join the fight, Luffy then voluntarily infected himself, much to Chopper’s concern. After Udon was freed, Chopper took care of finding a cure for Luffy and the infected prisoners. The alliance used the remaining days to further prepare for the great battle on Onigashima.


On the day of the Fire Festival, the Straw Hat Pirates, along with the Heart and Kid Piratess, sailed toward Onigashima, where the Alliance planned to attack Kaidou and his Beast Pirates. On the high seas, they encountered the Red Sword Sheaths, who were on a confrontation course with ships belonging to the Beasts Pirates. Kanjuro turned out to be Orochi’s spy here, who kidnapped Momonosuke. When the Beast Pirates attacked the alliance with their long-range cannons, Jinbe emerged and sank the enemy ship. With a new comrade at their side, the Straw Hat Pirates also took out the enemy sentries at the entrance to Onigashima.

To blend in with the beast pirates, Kinemon equipped the rebels with camouflage using his devil powers after landing on the island. After that, Usopp and Chopper, among others, got into the Brachio Tank for the upcoming battle and accompanied Kinemon’s group to the eastern side of the island. On the way, they passed Black Maria’s brothel, with Big Mom just peeking out a window and spotting the Brachio Tank. While the rest of the group was able to hide in time beforehand, Chopper and Usopp fired at Big Mom with the Brachio Tank. As a result of this conflict, the two fled from the enraged Empress, allowing the rest of the samurai to continue their march unmolested. Afterwards, Chopper and Usopp managed to escape Big Mom with minor scratches and continued to follow Kinemon’s group.

After hearing of Momonosuke’s capture, they set out to rescue him. However, they were intercepted by the Numbers on the way. Jaki and his comrades took the Brachio Tank with the two Straw Hats inside to the Live Floor, where Franky was then able to free them with his Radical Beam. Chopper and Usopp then got out of the Brachio Tank so Franky could transform it into the Shogun with the Black Rhino. Finally, the entire Straw Hat Pirates gathered on the Live Stage.

Chopper gives Queen a hard hit.

After that, the Straw Hat Pirates dispersed again. Chopper, along with Robin and Brook, remained on the Live Stage, where Queen fired his Ice Demon Virus. This turned the fighters into wild oni, who kept spreading the virus through skin contact with each other. In the process, Queen did not even stop at his own team. Chopper, Robin and Brook were also quickly surrounded by the infected, with Chopper also coming into contact with the virus and threatening to lose consciousness as well. However, he was convinced that Queen would need to carry the antibodies with her for any emergencies. Queen immediately threw them to Scratchmen Apoo, who thus involuntarily became the main target of everyone present. After Zoro caught Apoo and stole the antibodies from him, he gave them to Chopper. He promised the fighters to make more of the antibodies and cure all the infected.

The reindeer was supported by Marco, who tried to control the spread with his blue flames. In addition, Tristan and Miyagi helped him with mass production, while Hyogoro and the Yakuza bosses backed him up and protected him from further attacks. Thanks to this support, Chopper was able to create his own virus in time to neutralize Queen’s ice demon virus. Tristan and Miyagi sprayed the antidote with a cannon to put a stop to Queen’s virus on a large scale. Furious that Chopper had finished his game, Queen tried to attack him, but the Pleasures saved by Chopper threw themselves in between. Queen had turned many of his own men against him, who now stood behind the reindeer instead.

Marco then set in motion and grabbed Queen with his flames, whereupon Chopper was able to deliver a hard hit to the main representative in his monster form. Meanwhile, the ship’s doctor had been able to extend the effect of his Rumble Balls to 30 minutes, but his attacks were still not enough to defeat Queen. In addition, Perospero joined in, harassing the alliance with his Candy Arrows. As the battle progressed, Luffy’s defeat by Kaidou was suddenly announced over the Marys, deeply shaking Chopper’s fighting morale. Before Queen could finish Chopper off for good, Sanji interfered in the fight and saved his friend. The ship’s cook praised Chopper for his stamina against his opponent and encouraged him not to be rattled by Luffy’s supposed defeat. Sanji now took over the fight against Queen and handed the badly injured Zoro over to Chopper’s care.

After Momonosuke’s news that Luffy was still alive and would defeat Kaidou, Chopper was visibly relieved. Shortly after, the effect of his Rumble Balls was over and Chopper transformed into his baby rice form as an after effect. Afterwards, Chopper watched as Miyagi healed Zoro with a miracle medicine from the Minks, after which Zoro and Sanji got into the fights with the two main representatives.



Choppers flag
(top old, bottom new)

  • A reindeer as a ship’s doctor appeared in Oda’s concept drawings for the Straw Hat Pirates two years before the series began. These were published in One Piece Green and One Piece Magazine Vol.10. There, Chopper has another design and smokes cigarettes. In another sketch, he’s even completely striped.
  • At 17, Chopper is the youngest member of the Straw Hat Pirates.
  • Usually people call him “Chopper”, but Vivi always called Chopper Toni-kun and Nico Robin later Sen i-san (i.e.: Mr. Ship’s Doctor).
  • Sanji initially wanted to cook Chopper and sometimes refers to him as “emergency provisions” to annoy him.
  • When someone meets Chopper, they never know what breed Chopper belongs to the first time. So Doctor Kobato called him Doctor Badger Dog, Aisa called him Master Badger and Franky called him Deer Gorilla.
  • Chopper could be based on the reindeer Rudolph with the red nose. For one thing, both have different colored noses than normal reindeer, Rudolph has a red one and Chopper has a blue one. For another, Chopper’s birthday is on Christmas Eve. Last but not least, a resident of Drums at the beginning of this arc describes how Dr. Kureha comes down from the Snow Rockies to the villages. With Chopper as the draft animal of a sleigh, the trip resembles that of Santa Claus when he travels in his sleigh.
  • Just like the other members of the Straw Hat Pirates, Chopper has his own flag. The version before the time jump is identical to Doc Hiriluk’s Jolly Roger.
    • On the color spread of Chapter 507, Chopper’s T-shirt features another personalized Jolly Roger.
  • Chopper is the favorite character of actress Jamie Lee Curtis.
  • His autograph can be seen on Chopper’s Vivre Card and in volume 333. It simply shows a hoofprint of him.
  • One Piece was part of Nissin Foods‘ advertising campaign called Hungry Days, which was to promote Cup Noodles. The ad features the Straw Hat Pirates and many other characters from the One Piece universe in a high school setting (and thus Chopper as a human). The characters were thereby created by the mangaka Eisaku Kubonouchi designed
  • On November 07, 2020, a bronze statue of Chopper was installed at the main entrance of the Kumamoto Zoological and Botanical Gardens as part of the One Piece Kumamoto Revival Project. The unveiling was originally scheduled to take place on March 28, 2020, but had to be postponed due to the COVID 19 pandemic be shifted.
  • Bandai plans for 2023 Tamagotchis with choppers, so-called “choppertchis”. Fans can decide on the design in advance, with six designs to choose from, two of which will go on sale.
  • In the interview OVER 100 Miracle Talk between Eiichiro Oda and the mangaka of Detective Conan, Gosho Aoyama, Oda revealed that he is “not a fan of mascots that pander to the audience.” However, when he first heard his voice, he decided to make Chopper “a kind of mascot for the series.” Ikue Ōtani would “just voice him so cute” that he “couldn’t resist.”

Information from the SBS

Chopper, if he were female
Above as a pirate, below if something had gone wrong
  • Oda does not consider Chopper as another animal, but according to his race as a reindeer. (SBS Volume 20)
  • Chopper’s favorite island and season is springtime on a winter island. (SBS Volume 38)
  • Since Chopper cannot smell himself, it is not known what he smells like. (SBS Volume 40)
  • Choppers assigned color is pink. (SBS Volume 40)
  • Chopper’s assigned number is 06. (SBS Volume 40)
  • His favorite dishes are cotton candy, chocolate and other sweets. (SBS Volume 45) The least he likes spicy dishes, because they are not sweet. (SBS Volume 73)
  • Chopper, despite his human-human power, is not attracted to human women, but continues to be attracted to female reindeer. This includes reindeer minks like Milky. (SBS Volume 47)
  • If the Straw Hat Pirates were a family, Chopper would be the youngest son. (SBS Volume 48)
  • In SBS Volume 56, Oda shows us what Chopper would look like if he were female. (Show image hide)
  • If Chopper lived in the real world, he would be from Canada. (SBS Volume 56)
  • Chopper’s thoughts are “doctor, medicine, sweet, faith, beast” and as with all straw hats, “friendship.” (SBS Volume 59)
  • If each straw hat were assigned a flower that looked most like her/him, Chopper would bear the closest resemblance to a tulip, according to Nico Robin’s Seiyuu Yuriko Yamaguchi. (SBS Volume 60)
  • Chopper bathes like Usopp and Franky every three days. (SBS Volume 67)
  • Trafalgar Law’s nickname for Chopper is. Tony-ya(SBS Volume 72)
    • In an anime filler, Law mistakenly refers to Chopper as Tanuki-ya an.
  • Chopper would prefecture in Japan Toyama represent. (SBS Volume 72)
  • Chopper usually goes to sleep at 21:00 and gets up again at 07:00. He also takes naps in between. (SBS Volume 74)
  • If Chopper wasn’t a pirate, he would be working as an elementary school teacher. (SBS Volume 76)
  • The dish that Chopper can prepare best is fruit juice mix. (SBS Volume 79)
  • Like Luffy, Usopp, Robin and Brook, Chopper also likes to eat ice cream. (SBS Volume 84)
  • In a 50 meter race, Chopper would finish 4th because he is quite fast in his double sprint. (SBS Volume 85)
  • If Chopper was allowed to give O-Soba Mask another name, it would be “Let’s go, Sanji.” (SBS Volume 94)
  • In the SBS to Volume 97, Oda drew choppers at 40 and 60. (Show image hide)
  • Chopper prefers to eat his fried egg fried on both sides, slow cooked and with syrup. (SBS Volume 99)

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