Tom of One Piece

Tom was a cowfish man. He owned the shipbuilding company “Toms Workers” which built the Pirate King’s ship, the Oro Jackson. Also, Tom was the designer of the sea train. For building the Oro Jackson, he was found guilty by the justice system and executed in Enie’s lobby.


Sketches Toms

Tom possessed yellow skin tone and had red sun shaped tattoos on both upper arms. He was quite a bit taller than a normal human, and as a cowfish man, was also very powerfully built. Tom already had white hair, as could be seen from his beard, which also stuck out from the back of his red bandana in a ball shape. He wore a dark blue shirt with light blue waves as decoration at the edge. Other than that, brown pants with a Hatchan.


The Pisces Man was a very life-affirming Pisces Man who, unlike many other known Pisces Men, seems to have had no prejudice against humans. He loved his job as a shipwright. When Cutty Framm and Iceberg were arguing again and he was laughing, Kokoro told him he was laughing too much. Even when he was in court, he still laughed. He also had no problem building pirate ships.

Tom took the attitude that if you flew a naval flag, it was a naval ship, and the same ship with a pirate flag would just be a pirate ship. When Franky denied having built the Battle Frankys, Tom slapped him on the grounds that a shipbuilder should never deny his own work. Later that day, Tom also sacrificed himself for Iceburg and Franky by taking all the blame of the attack on the Justice Ship and getting himself executed for building the Oro Jackson.

Skills & Strength

Tom was considered one of the best shipwrights in the world at the time. After all, Gol D. Roger was able to cross the entire Grand Line with the help of his ship. The fact that he was also able to design a sea train that could withstand the Aqua Laguna speaks for his creativity and skill.

In addition to his superior skills in this area, his strength also served him well. Thus, he could throw a huge ship with his bare hands. Even for a fish-man, this is a remarkable feat. Tom furthermore possessed a great pain threshold. Even when a harpoon was stuck in him, he acted normally and later simply pulled it out on his own. He could only be brought to his knees by a lot of rifle shots.


Tom’s Workers

Tom with his apprentices.

Tom once lived on Fish-Man Island, but then moved to Water 7. There he built the Oro Jackson, the ship of the later pirate king Gol D. Roger. On his last voyage, Gol D. Roger and his gang visited Tom again. Some time later, while his apprentices Iceburg and Cutty Framm were once again debating the Battle Frankys, Tom threw a huge ship into the water with his bare hands.

While the ship was still in the air he threw the masts belonging to it into the proper holes. Afterwards he said he would go on to-morrow, and declared the day’s work at an end. In the office of Tom’s Workers, also called the warehouse under the bridge, Tom, Cutty Framm, Iceburg, Secretary Kokoro, and the pet Yokuzuna met for dinner.

Tom laughed yet again more at the ongoing argument between his two apprentices. Kokoro informed Tom that the merchant ship carrying a lumber shipment had once again been attacked by pirates. Water 7 would continue to get worse. When everyone else was already asleep, Tom continued drawing on his blueprints.

Cutty Framm asked him what he was designing, and Tom said it was Water 7’s hope.

In court – the construction of the lake train

Tom’s working on the lake train.

The next day, the city was in turmoil. A justice ship from the world government had appeared. Tom’s apprentices were horrified to discover that it was their master apprentice who was on trial. A naval officer announced the crime: building the Oro Jackson, the pirate king’s ship. Tom was to be taken by court order to Enie’s lobby and executed.

Before he was taken away, Tom approached Judge Jorge. He was, he said, in the process of designing a sea train to revive trade between Water 7 and other islands. However, due to the complexity of the train, only he could complete it, and it would take him 10 years.

The judge was as interested in the project as the citizens of Water 7, so he granted Tom the completion of the sea train, postponing its execution for 10 years. After that time, after much hardship, the lake train was finally completed and brought hope back to Water 7, which had been cut off from the outside world.

Spandam’s intrigue

Spandam blames Tom.

Just before the judge arrived for Tom, Spandam showed up with his people from CP5. Speaking to Tom alone, he demanded plans from him, which Tom laughingly denied possessing. Spandam was further unaware that Tom would soon be on trial. Later, in a bar, Spandam also learned that Tom would moreover probably be pardoned, even though he had in some ways aided the pirate king.

After Spandam’s visit, Tom called his two apprentices to him and handed them the plans Spandam had requested. The ship on those plans would have the ability to destroy the world. A few days later, the Justice ship arrived on Enie’s lobby. The same judge as 10 years ago was back in Water 7 and excited about the sea train. He said the people there probably wouldn’t have a problem if Tom wasn’t executed. But shortly after the arrival of the Justice Ship, that one was attacked by the Battle Frankys, small warships built by Cutty Framm. Framm himself had to watch this scene in horror, while Spandam looked down with binoculars, satisfied at the spectacle. His CP5 agents had stolen the ships to make the attack look as if Tom’s Workers had perpetrated it.

Tom, Iceburg and Franky were eventually caught and presented by Spandam as the culprits. Franky, however, told the judge that Spandam had committed the crime, which no one wanted to believe. Franky also contradicted Spandam that the Battle Frankys were not his ships, whereupon Tom broke free of his chains and gave him a fist in the face, the first time in his life. He rebuked Franky for denying his built ships, something a shipwright should never do. Shortly after, the cowfish man forbade his two apprentices to speak. In anger at Spandam, Tom struck the latter also, thus disfiguring the latter’s face. Turning to the judge, Tom admitted attacking the justice ship.

But if the construction of the sea train could annul one of his deeds, he would choose today’s deed and thus be executed for the construction of the Oro Jackson. Spandam wanted Tom and his apprentices arrested, but the judge said that since today’s deed was forgotten, only Tom would be taken away. Franky then struck Spandam again with a rifle, but he escaped.

Tom was loaded onto the sea train and driven to Enie’s lobby. To save Tom, Franky suddenly reappeared and stood on the tracks in front of the moving sea train with a bazooka. But it all didn’t help and Franky was run over by the train he himself had helped build. The cowfish man Tom probably arrived in Enie’s lobby the same day and was executed there for his crime of building the pirate king’s ship.


  • Tom’s brother Den still lives on Pisces Island and is also a shipwright. However, he is not a Pisces man, but an Merfolk, which surprised Franky very much, but is nothing unusual (see article Merfolk).
  • Like many characters, Tom has a unique laugh. For him, it starts with a “ta” (ta ha ha ha).
  • His favorite food was Kokoro’s ramen.

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