Tokikake of One Piece

Chaton is a vice admiral at naval headquarters. His real name is Tokikake. He was slated for one of the two open admiral positions before Fujitora and Aramaki enlisted during the worldwide draft.


Tokikake is a middle-aged man with an angular chin and a wide mouth. He has dark hair and thick eyebrows of the same color. His outfit consists of a light blue shirt, brown pants, and Geta (footwear). Additionally, he wears a necklace with a pink pendant and a yellow striped belly band. His overall appearance is completed by a dark brown hat and a checkered officer’s coat with brown Epaulette.

Skills and strength

As a vice admiral and candidate for the post of admiral, Tokikake must have a certain amount of strength. In addition, like any naval member of his rank, he should be proficient in haki.



Tokikake was one of the vice admirals who escorted the kings of the various countries on their way to Mary Geoise. Later, he chatted with the other Vice Admirals about the current situation with the Four Emperors. He tried to settle a small argument between Gion and Garp by changing the subject and asking Gion what the Grand Admiral was going to do about the situation in Wano Country. Gion then explained that he was ordering nothing to be done since Wano Country was not part of the World Government.


  • He was first seen in the SBS to Volume 75.
  • Almost two years before his first appearance in the manga, Tokikake made a cameo appearance in One Piece – Gold. He can also be seen in One Piece – Stampede.
  • His admiral name Chaton (jap. 茶豚, Chaton), like those of the other admirals, can be derived from an animal and a color. In his case, it is “brown pig”.
  • He has asked Momousagi out 100 times. But she has always refused until now.
  • Although he’s not really popular within the Navy, he still is among the general population.
  • He and Admiral Fujitora are good friends.
  • He loves beautiful women.
  • Like the admirals, his appearance is based on a real actor: Kiyoshi Atsumi.

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