Tobiuo Riders Arc

Arriving at the Redline, the Straw Hats despair at the task of passing it. So by chance they rescue Camie, a pretty mermaid, along with her best friend Pappag, a starfish. The Straw Hat Pirates quickly befriends the two and decides to help Camie and Pappag rescue their friend from the hands of human traffickers before setting off for the New World. So they set off towards the headquarters of the Tobiuo Riders, a gang of evil slave traders.

Once there, the Straw Hat Pirates is surprised to find that Duval, the leader of the Tobiuo Riders, seems to have a bigger problem with a member of the Straw Hats than the other way around. As if by coincidence, he looks confusingly similar to Sanji’s mugshot. Because of this, he has been pursued by both the Navy and countless bounty hunters, and has since been forced to hide from them covered in a mask. Another surprise is offered by Camie and Pappag’s friend, who is none other than the fish-man Hatchan, whom most of the Straw Hat Pirates already met some time ago in Arlong Park. Despite their initial hesitation, they help Camie and Pappag free him as promised, and a fierce battle breaks out between the human traffickers and the pirates.

The Straw Hat Pirates has no problems to defeat the Tobiuo Riders thanks to their great fighting experience. In addition, Sanji manages to kick Duval in the face in such a way that he can now call a completely new, far finer set of facial features his own than before. In the end the, actually quite nice, Tobiuo Riders make friends with the Straw Hats. Together with Hatchan, Camie and Pappag they even want to help the Straw Hat Pirates to get to Fish Man Island.

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