Tobio of One Piece

Tobio is the grandson of Ganzo in the first movie.

This article contains information unique to One Piece – The Movie (2000).


Tobio is a small boy with dark, short hair. He wears a brown vest and a white shirt. His pants are dark green. Tobio also always wears some kind of cape that reaches his back.


Tobio, by his own admission, never wanted to pursue his grandfather Ganzo’s occupation of selling Odes (disambiguation). His dream was to one day become a great pirate like Unan. He also firmly believed that although Unan had not been sighted for years, he was still alive.


Tobio had wanted to meet the legendary gold pirate Unan for quite some time, as he wanted to be in his gang. He was also present when Eldoraggo raided the gold pirate’s ship and took the treasure map.


On the way to Treasure Island

Tobio on Ganzo’s boat

When Luffy tangled with Danny, Denny and Donny, their ship was destroyed and the Straw Hat Pirate discovered Tobio. The latter had been captured by Eldoraggo and was now forced to work for him. Eldoraggo himself showed up and attacked the Going Merry with his devil powers, whereupon the Straw Hat Pirates was separated. Tobio, along with Luffy and Zoro, managed to save themselves on a wooden plank. As Luffy and Zoro were plagued by great hunger, they smelled the Oden and met Ganzo, who sold them from his boat. After they ate, however, they could not pay, so they were later seen again on Unan’s island. Luffy and Zoro had been tied together and Tobio had to wash dishes.

On the island

Tobio confronts Eldoraggo

Together with the straw hats Luffy and Zoro, Tobio finally took off. They discovered Unan’s palace and ran there because they had heard noise. Eldoraggo was responsible for this, thinking the treasure was under the palace. Nami and Usopp were also there. Tobio didn’t want Eldoraggo to continue destroying the palace with his devilish powers, so he grabbed a stick and stood in his way.

Eldoraggo was about to kill the boy, however Zoro saved him. Finally, they ran away together from Eldoraggo to figure out their next steps. They found out that Usopp was wrong about the compass direction and the treasure should be on the mountain. When they stopped to rest in a small cave, they met Tobio’s grandfather, Ganzo. He told them the story of him and Unan, which not even Tobio knew about. Ganzo, hoping to find Unan still alive, then went along with them.

The six had already found the entrance to the treasure cave when suddenly Eldoraggo and his crew appeared. Luffy and Zoro tangled with Eldoraggo and Golass, emerging victorious. Once inside the treasure cave, they found to Tobio’s chagrin that Unan was there, but dead. They also read the inscription he had left in the wall. Later, they said goodbye to the Straw Hats, and Tobio decided to become an Odenkoch after all.


  • In Japanese, his name is written with the kanji for iris (or Iris (plant)).

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