Thriller Bark Arc

The Straw Hat Pirates meets the skeleton Brook in the mysterious triangle. Luffy wants him to join the gang, but the others are not at all enthusiastic about it. Suddenly, the Thriller Bark shows up and a new adventure begins. They encounter lots of strange creatures on the floating island, such as zombies, a vampire, a lost surgeon and even one of The Seven Warlords of the Seas. The latter is after their bounties and launches an attack, but the Straw Hat Pirates decides to help Brook and an old man and defeat Moria and his gang. Nami is kidnapped and is supposed to marry Absalom, but the wedding falls through and the Straw Hat Pirates is able to defeat all the enemies.

They take the Thriller Bark apart one by one. Perona, who was defeated by Usopp, tries to escape with the Thousand Sunny, but Bartholomew Kuma stops her for now. Moria’s secret weapon Oars is also able to defeat Luffy, in his Nightmare form. Brook has his shadow back. Luffy ultimately defeats Moria with a combo of Gear 2 and Gear 3.

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