Three Great Powers

The Three Power (jap. 三大勢力, “San Dai Seiryoku” ≈ “3 Great Powers”) is the three powers that rule on the Grand Line, and must be kept in balance so that everything goes as usual. Once, the Navy Headquarters, the Four Emperors, and The Seven Warlords of the Seas made up this Three Power, but after the abolition of the latter at Levely 1524, the Navy hopes that the Special Science Group can take its place and the Three Power will turn in its favor.

The Three Great Powers was first mentioned by Yosaku when he reported on The Seven Warlords of the Seas.

The Three Powers: Four Emperors, Seven Samurai, and Naval Headquarters
The reason the Grand Line is called the “Pirate’s Tomb”..,
is because of the “Three Great Powers” that rule there.
And one of those powers is… The “Seven Warlords of the Seas”.
– Yosaku about the Three Powers.

The Powers

Naval Headquarters

Naval Headquarters

Naval Headquarters (Jap. 海軍本部, “Kaigun Honbu”) is part of the Three Powers and was located on the first half of the Grand Line, behind the Gate of Justice, on Marine Ford Island until its relocation. The supreme head of the headquarters was Grand Admiral Sengoku. From here he had complete command of the Navy. Furthermore, it was very large and housed many soldiers who were said to be stronger than those from other bases. It was also from the naval headquarters that the buster call on Enie’s lobby was launched. The three admirals, the most powerful single fighters of the navy, known as the “highest war power of the world government”, which included Aokiji, are also stationed at the navy headquarters. Naval legend and Luffy’s grandfather Monkey D. Garp was also located here and trained Koby and Helmeppo here.

The new naval headquarters

During the great decisive battle of the world powers of Marine Ford, the naval headquarters was completely destroyed, which is why the navy moved its headquarters to the second half of the Grand Line, the New World. There, the former base G-1 became the new headquarters; the old one, in turn, was renamed G-1. Chief of this new naval headquarters is again the new Grand Admiral Sakazuki, formerly Admiral Akainu, Akainu.

The Seven Warlords of the Seas

7 Samurai of the seas

The Seven Samurai of the Se as (jap. 王下 七武海 Ouka Shichibukai ≈ The Seven Royal Warlords of the Seas) were a group consisting of seven very strong ex-pirates who were in the service of the world government and at the same time formed part of the Great Three Power. All seven were tasked with delivering other pirates to the government in order to maintain the balance of the world. The Seven Samurai included Dracule Mihawk, the best swordsman in the world, or Bartholomew Kuma, Pacifista and thus secret weapon of the World Government, as well as Pirate Empress Boa Hancock and Donquixote Doflamingo. After Luffy was able to defeat both Crocodile and Gecko Moria of the Seven Samurai, replacements for these heavy losses in the balance of the world had to be found. Because of this, Blackbeard was given the office of one of the Samurai, however, he resigned this position, as did Jinbe, during the great battle of Marine Ford, as he only wanted to implement his plan.

The 7 Samurai of the Seas are a group of “legal” pirates who hunt down other pirates,
they share their booty with the government, in return the government leaves them alone.
Other pirates call them “government dogs”, but don’t underestimate them, they are powerful!!!!
Mihawk Hawkeye, the man who defeated Brother Zoro, is one of the 7 Samurai of the Seas!!!!
– Yosaku about the Seven Samurai.

Replacing the missing samurai were Buggy the Clown, the “Surgeon of Death” Trafalgar Law, and Edward Weevil, Law also being in league with the Straw Hat Pirates. In Dress Rosa, he was removed from office by Fujitora, however he was able to join Luffy in overthrowing Doflamingo, who was subsequently also removed from office and imprisoned in Impel Down. Also, in the movie Z, it is reported that the one who cut off Zephyr’s right arm was elevated to one of the Seven Samurai and is a pirate with devil powers.

After the Levely in 1524, The Seven Warlords of the Seas were abolished by a decision of the Regents. The navy then hunted down the former members.

Four Emperors (Yonkou)

Four Emperors(according to Garp’s report)

Since there is currently no reigning king of the pirates, it is others who stand out as the strongest in the broad mass of all pirates. The Four Emperors (Yonkou) are four pirates who – independently of each other – are active in the New World, the second half of the Grand Line, and have enormous influence and respect there. As the name suggests, they and their gangs rule over all other pirate gangs like emperors, forming the third part of the Three Power, as a counterpart to the other two. The power of these pirates does not seem to be solely devil or combat power: It seems rather as if these make men tremble by their very presence. Among them, for example, was Whitebeard, the strongest man in the world, who, however, lost his life at the great battle of Marine Ford. The names still active are Shanks, Luffy’s great idol, as well as Big Mom and Kaidou.

Among the masses of pirates in the world,
he is one of the four greatest, along with the infamous Whitebeard,
residing in the last half of the Grand Line.
These pirates, who rule over all the others almost like emperors, are called four emperors, or Yonkou!!!!
Only the Navy Headquarters and the 7 Samurai of the Seas can withstand their power!!!
These “Three Great Powers” form a balance that keeps the world from falling.
– Vice Admiral Garp, about Shanks and the Four Emperors.
Four emperors(according to Jinbe’s report)

Meanwhile, there is a replacement for the deceased Whitebeard: Marshall D. Teach aka Blackbeard is the new, fourth emperor after betraying the world government and taking Whitebeard’s devil power.

After the events in Totto Land, Luffy was named the fifth emperor by the World Economic Newspaper. However, this was an unofficial title.

Special Science Group

The Special Science Group (jap. 特殊科学班, Tokushu Kagaku-han), or SSG for short, is the latest project of world-renowned government scientist Vegapunk. It was developed by him to replace the abolished Seven Warlords of the Seas system, thus preventing the three-power structure from developing to the Navy’s disadvantage. Thus, the SSG’s combat power must be equal to that of the Seven Samurai, although it is still unclear what that power is.


Other quotes

Mihawk on the two powers

An interesting remark was made during the meeting of the Seven Samurai by Hawkeye. He described the strength of the two groups as equal, which suggests that – at the very least – the senior officers of the Naval Headquarters and the Seven Samurai and their followers have a fairly balanced strength. More details on this are not yet known, as Oda has not yet made a clear statement on the subject.

“Naval Headquarters” and “Seven Warlords of the Seas…”
two rival groups of equal strength together in a “conference” is a meaningless thing.
– Dracule Mihawk to Grand Admiral Sengoku .
Bear and Moria over Blackbeard

Another interesting remark regarding the Three Power was made during the meeting of the two samurai Gecko Moria and Bartholomew Kuma by the latter. This could well be interpreted to mean that by losing Ace on one side and gaining Blackbeard on the other, the Three Power had already tipped the balance of world powers.

Anyway, good to know the gap has been filled.
And thus the balance of the world has been restored and all that nonsense, am I right?

No, I have a feeling it’s just the opposite… But that’s beside the point.
– Gecko Moria to Bartholomew Kuma.

The big event

It was later revealed that Donquixote Doflamingo had to attend an emergency meeting of the World Government. The World Government wanted the Seven Samurai to go to war against Whitebeard’s band of pirates. In addition, it was learned that the Navy Headquarters was also preparing for war and, led by the three admirals, wanted to take on Whitebeard and his gang. Any samurai who did not heed the call of the World Government would lose their titles or, as in Jinbe’s case, be taken directly to Impel Down. According to this, two parts of the Three Power were to go to war against Whitebeard. Emporio Ivankov wondered if the World Government knew about Ace also being Dragon’s son, and if they possibly intended to “bait” both Whitebeard and Dragon.

Information from Grand Times

Lepresentation of the Three Powers

Grand Times is a special summary chapter that appeared in 2007 as a special between chapters 435 and 436 of Weekly Shônen Jump, since Oda took a week off. It is in the form of a daily newspaper of the OP world. It was published under: Total No. 1600 issue: Blueberry newspaper publishing company. Grand Times summarizes the most important events of the last chapters and gives information about the big players in the OP world and the affiliation and relations of certain parties. So at the beginning there is an overview of the bounties of the Straw Hat Pirates and the story of Luffy’s bounty rise. And to top it off, there’s a graphic on the Three Powers as well as a detailed explanation of the three parties and insight into Dragon’s goals.

The world government has the “7 Samurai of the Seas” and the “Navy” as powers against the “4 Emperors”.

NavyAn organization of the world government that provides security on the seas. Even though they have the same enemy, they are not friendly with the 7 Samurai. They do not work together.

7 SamuraiIf they share their profit, they are allowed to plunder for the world government.
However, this work is limited only to other pirates and their strength is unquestionable.

4 EmperorsPirates with Emperor-like power who reside on the second half of the Grand Line.
There are only four of them, but their power is equal to the other two world powers.

So according to Grand Times, it is: naval headquarters ≈ 7 samurai of the seas ≈ 4 emperor (Yonkou).

Grand Times

However, to what extent Grand Times should be believed is questionable, as it is only a small special and not an official “data book” like One Piece Yellow, for example. Furthermore, Grand Times contains some errors (e.g. wrong bounty information) and things that were never really confirmed by Oda.

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