Thousand Sunny Arc

The Straw Hat Pirates is back in Water 7, which is being rebuilt by the residents after Aqua Laguna. Franky is busy building his dream ship, which he plans to give to the pirates. But the peace doesn’t seem to last. Naval Vice Admiral Garp shows up and gains access to the pirates. But he has not come with the intention of arresting them. He wants to pay a visit to his grandson, who is none other than Luffy. And he has a lot of information ready: He tells about the Four Emperors, the New World and Luffy’s father, the revolutionary leader Dragon. He also has two old acquaintances, Koby and Helmeppo, with him.

When Franky finishes the new ship, the Straw Hats are delighted. They immediately set out to leave Water 7, as the Navy has put new bounties on the gang. However, the gang takes two new members with them: Franky, who has to be forced to make his fortune, and Usopp, who asks for and receives forgiveness. There is a discussion about the name of the new ship and the choice falls on a suggestion from Iceburg: Thousand Sunny. The Straw Hat Pirates sets sail for Fishmen’s Island.

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