The Giant Mechanical Soldier of Karakuri Castle


The film takes place after the encounter with Admiral Aokiji on Long Ring Long Land, but before the Straw Hat Pirates arrives in Water 7.


At the beginning of the movie, the Straw Hat Pirates is in a small boat in stormy weather and has rescued a treasure chest from a shipwreck. Suddenly, the Going Merry drifts away from the Straw Hat Pirates and the lamp falls to the ground, setting the boat on fire.

Luffy then uses the gum-gum gun and gum-gum rocket to get himself and the other members of the Straw Hat Pirates back to the The Going Merry as quickly as possible.

The next day Usopp opens the chest and all the others watch anxiously to see what treasure is now in the chest. Instead of treasure, however, there is an old lady (Roba, as it turns out later) in the chest. At first Luffy & Co. discuss what to do with her now, but then Roba tells them that she would give the Straw Hat Pirates treasure for saving her. She tells a story that, according to legend, there would be a golden crown on her island. Luffy then decides to set course for the island and find the treasure.

But you can’t get to this island with the help of a log port as usual, but you need a so-called Kame port, which Roba has with him.

Arriving at the island called Mecha-Island, they suddenly hear a strange song that reflects the content of the legend. The island seems quite peaceful and quiet at first glance, only the name Mecha-Island sounds inappropriate.

But then, as they get closer to the island’s shore, Erich tells them to leave or else he will activate the island’s defenses. Suddenly, Ratchet comes flying in on a wind-up small plane and takes Roba off the Going Merry, as she appears to be Ratchet’s mother.

Shortly after, Erich activates the myriad of mechanical archers, which shoot a sea of arrows at the The Going Merry. However, Zoro is able to fend them off with Slash 36 Sense Phoenix. After that, Erich attacks with the Senpu Kingng (whirling electric hair dryer), which first drives the The Going Merry away and then shoots parts of the mechanical archers at the The Going Merry.

Afterwards, the Straw Hat Pirates anchors off the island for the evening and tries to solve the legend of the Golden Crown with the help of the song they heard.

That’s when Luffy spots the white snake from the song. It seems that the reflection of the sea makes the snow of the mountain of the island look like a snake with two eyes.

Luffy, Chopper and Usopp are bored of solving the song and now try to hit a rock which is the eye of the snake. Luffy hits it twice, as Robin has realized that it wasn’t two moons that were meant, but two hits! Now a cave entrance reveals itself.

Ratchet, who has been trying to decipher the riddle for a long time, is immediately informed of the events by Erich, who has been watching the Straw Hat Pirates from the island. The latter now invites everyone to his castle, where there are many robots.

Ratchet seems to be a very intelligent inventor who has built many mechas. He himself lets his Zougame (elephant turtle) 5.5 carry him in. Ratchet, along with the Straw Hat Pirates, wants to solve the mystery, find the treasure, and then share it. Luffy, of course, immediately agrees.

The next day, Ratchet, his two henchmen Erich and Ernst, and the Straw Hat Pirates set off for the cave with the help of a small boat belonging to Ratchet. In the cave they now hear a strange sound, which could be The Sound of Black Wind, waning emotions. They notice that they have to go through a narrow passage and then fall down a waterfall at the end.

At the bottom they find a way into a larger grassy cave with many stone statues of animals and a small pond of water. Robin finds an old writing tablet with the 2nd verse written on it. She finds out that it doesn’t seem to mean time, but a Japanese bird(Time will drink from the blue water jug). Luffy, of course, is bored again, so he climbs on top of a giant bird statue, causing it to tip over so that it falls right into the lake. This drains the lake, and at the bottom of the lake they find a green spear (same spelling as forest), which Nami uses her climate clock to make a lightning bolt strike.

Robin, Sanji and Chopper have since come to the top of the island through a secret passageway where there is a temple. Inside the temple is an image of the island that looks like a giant turtle. Meanwhile, the whole island starts moving due to the lightning bolt that Nami shot at the spear.

It turns out that the island has been a giant turtle all along, which has now awakened, something Ratchet knew all along and intended to do.

Ratchet escapes with the help of his people back to his castle, which now suddenly starts moving and extends huge claws. The turtle would be in pain, Chopper tells him.

Luffy and the others want to prevent this immediately and storm the castle. Inside, however, it is teeming with traps and so they all end up in the basement of the castle, where they only get out with the help of Roba and the butler.

Now Ratchet extends huge steel cables from the castle, which stretch around the entire island, in order to gain full control over the turtle and thus seize world domination. Luffy then climbs straight through the castle to the very top to Ratchet.

Usopp and Chopper set out to rescue the The Going Merry, which is in danger of floating away.

Due to the many traps, Nami and Zoro are separated from Sanji and Robin.

Zoro and Nami fly into the trolley and ride it around the island. Suddenly Erich appears behind them and tries to ram them out of the lorry. A fight ensues between Zoro and Erich.

Sanji and Robin, continuing to fight their way up through the castle to the headquarters, are surprised by Ernst. Sanji then fights Ernst alone.

Luffy has already made his way up to the roof of the castle, where Ratchet is already waiting in his Tetsujin-kun 28-go (Steel Man 28.5). Luffy is able to destroy this with a gum-gum club. After that, Ratchet shows up with the not quite finished Tetsujin-kun 32-go. However, this one still seems to have some problems and so Ratchet retreats briefly. Meanwhile, Sanji and Robin have finally arrived at the castle’s control center, but there is no one there now.

Now Ratchet reappears with the Super Zogamehis ultimate weapon. In this fight, you can spot a sort of Gear 2 precursor. Luffy steams heavily for a short time and then executes an extremely strong Gomu Gomu no Bazooka. However, he himself has yet to realize exactly what he has now done.

Despite the fact that all enemies are now defeated, the island still continues to float, heading straight for an island. The Straw Hat Pirates sees no other way out than to destroy the castle now that Sanji has destroyed the control center.

This is followed by a powerful combo attack from Usopp, Zoro, Sanji, and Luffy, the Gomu Gomu no Marunoko. This attack was so powerful that it would have cut through not only the castle, but also the turtle, had Sanji and Zoro not worked together to stop Luffy.

Finally, they were able to free the turtle and then set off for the next island. During the departure, they still discover turtle eggs that the big turtle has laid. These eggs are made of gold and look like crowns.


  • The title mentions the Caracuri lock. Caracuri (絡繰り) means mechanical or automated.
  • You can see a precursor to Gear 2 in Luffy’s last fight against Ratchet. However, here he still wonders himself what had happened to him.
  • Chopper was voiced by Kazue Ikura in the film, not Ikue Ohtani, as she was on maternity leave.
  • You can already see the improved climate clock, which otherwise only appears in the Rocketman on the way to Enie’s lobby.
  • Various parts from the trailers of the 7th movie didn’t make it into the movie.
  • Not necessarily intentional on the part of the creators, but Nami’s clothing (at the end) is reminiscent of Lara Croft’s from the Tomb Raider franchise.
  • The DVD was released on 21 July 2006.
  • There are two elements of Star Wars in the film:
  • The film was released on Blu-ray in the United States at the same time as the DVD. )


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