Tetsu of One Piece

Tetsu is a former prisoner from the convict mine in Udon.


Tetsu is a man of average height with green hair, which he has tied into a knot on his head, typical of the samurai from Wano Country. He also has a crescent-shaped scar on his left temple. In Udon he wore the typical convict outfit.


Tetsu had already lost his belief that Wano Country was a free country, and therefore wanted to prevent a rebellion by Luffy and co. and rather continue living as a prisoner. However, the takeover of Udon gave him new courage.


When Luffy, Chopper, Hyogoro, Raizo, Kikunojo and Kawamatsu started the takeover of Udon, Tetsu listened to Babanuki’s order and attacked the Straw Hat captain along with other inmates. However, he let go of Luffy when Kikunojo threatened him. Udon was then taken over, and after Momonosuke showed himself, the former inmates bowed to him.


  • His name was only mentioned in the anime credits.
  • Tetsu (鉄) is Japanese word for “iron”.

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