Tempo of One Piece

Tempo is a little girl from Gran Tesoro.

This article contains information unique to One Piece – Gold (2016).


According to her young age, Tempo is quite a small girl. She has short green hair and brown eyes. She wears a light hat with a pink bow and a red dress. She also has red shoes on and a backpack in the shape of a grey bear on her back.


Tempo is a very gentle, but also easily frightened girl. When she ran into Tesoro’s man, she couldn’t get a word out at first and tears came to her eyes. She is very fixated on Rikka and follows him wherever he goes, but also worries very quickly.


When the Straw Hat Pirates of Baccarat were brought to the center, Tempo, Rikka and other children rushed up to them and wanted to sell them flowers. This was against the background that they wanted to settle their families’ debts, which was why they demanded a shockingly high sum. However, Baccarat shooed them away. After the Straw Hats sat down with Carina in Double Down’s restaurant and talked about their plan, Tempo, who was working there together with Rikka, unintentionally ran into the leg of one of Gild Tesoro’s henchmen. The latter then came down hard on her and raised the debt, which is why Rikka also got involved. Eventually the man tried to punch the boy, but Double Down held out his hand and apologized for the children. When the men had left again and Rikka and the other staff were concerned for his well being, he just told them that everything was okay and to get back to work. Luffy then addressed them as to why they didn’t show the guys, but Rikka only replied that it was no use and ran out of the restaurant. Tempo ran after him.

When Luffy lost the battle against Tesoro at the Central Den-den Mushi, the two kids watched it too. Hopelessly, Rikka told Tempo that he was right and that fighting was hopeless. Thereupon he ran away and Tempo ran after him again. Shocked, she watched Tesoro confidently show off the Straw Hats on the sky stage, but in reality it was he who was fooled, and the final battle ensued. During this one, Gild Tesoro threatened to drown everyone present in gold. Tempo was on Double Down’s shoulder, but he was also already submerged up to his waist in gold. In the end, however, Luffy was able to win against Gild Tesoro and save everyone present.

After Luffy’s victory, however, a countdown started, which apparently initiated the self-destruction mechanism of the ship. Rikka and Tempo tried to escape, but stones blocked their way, which Franky removed. Finally they managed to escape and from a ship they watched together with Double Down how the countdown ran down, but there was no explosion, only fireworks.

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