Taroimo of One Piece

Taroimo is a dog from Balsimore.


Taroimo is a light brown dog with a streaky black coloring on its head as well as a black nose and sharp teeth. Around his neck he wears a metal ring and on both sides above the legs a metal disc with an orange inner surface. Here, the black “28” that can be seen in the middle of these stands out the most. His eyes are covered by a metal strip with vertical square holes from which red light shines. On his back he carries a yellow rocket or missile shaped container. Above his hind legs is another piece of metal, which is connected to the metal discs by a kind of rod and serves as a carrier for four more projectiles.


Taroimo seems to have human traits, so he was so happy about the dance performance of Franky, Kitton and his grandfather that he danced along enthusiastically. Furthermore he was frightened when the laboratory of Dr. Vegapunk accidentally exploded by Franky. Furthermore, he seems to be very obedient, as he stopped attacking Franky, whom he thought was prey, after being ordered to do so by Kitton.

Skills and strength

Taroimo seems to have had some modifications made to it. He can fire several projectiles from his mouth. In addition, he has some resistance to cold, as it did not bother him.


First meeting with Franky

Franky ended up on Karakuri after the temporary disbandment of the Straw Hat Pirates, where Taroimo found him along with Kitton and his grandfather. At first, according to Kitton, he thought he was prey, so he attacked him by shooting projectiles from his mouth until Kitton ordered him to wait. After a brief conversation, Franky danced to warm up and called for the three locals to support him, which they did enthusiastically. However, this did not help and Franky froze, causing the three to drag him by ropes to the town of Balsimore, where he eventually regained his strength. Later, the four were seen talking together about Dr. Vegapunk’s lab before Franky entered it and inadvertently destroyed it through a self-destruct mechanism by pressing a large button with a pirate symbol.

From the ship decks of the world

While the newspapers reported the bounty increases of straw-hatted pirates around the world, Taroimo was present as Kitton, along with his grandfather and three other modified-looking animals, read them. Here he wore an additional metal hoop around his tail.


  • Taroimo (タロ芋) refers to the Taro in Japanese.
  • His birthday is mentioned in the One Piece Blue Deep special volume.

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