Taro of One Piece

Taro was a member of Gol D. Roger’s band of pirates, and accompanied him on his last voyage as far as Laugh Tale.


During Roger’s lifetime, Taro was a young man of average height. He had a prominent hairstyle that ran down the middle to a point, and he wore goggles at his hairline. During the battle against the Whitebeard pirates and Oden’s voyage home, he was seen wearing a light-colored coat, while when Oden joined the Oro Jackson, he wore a dark coat and a T-shirt with his name centered on the front.


The naval battle of At War

When the Roger pirate gang encountered Shiki and his gang, Taro was also seen aboard the Oro Jackson. Shortly after, he took part in the naval battle of At War.

Gol D. Roger’s Last Journey

About 26 years ago, the Roger pirates met the Whitebeard pirates on an island and a fight broke out. Taro jumped into the fray at the front line, but the fight was ended after three days and three nights with a truce and the spoils were divided. Afterwards, Gol D. Roger was able to convince the samurai Kozuki Oden to join him on his final journey. With him came his family as well as Inuarashi and Nekomamushi on board. Although the crew was initially suspicious of Oden, they quickly became friends and had many adventures together. For example, Taro accompanied his captain on his final voyage in search of the Road Porn glyphs, and eventually to Laugh Tale. However, when they found the treasure left by Joy Boy, they all burst out laughing.

The end of the Roger pirates

Later, the Roger pirates assured their comrade Oden of their help, but he did not accept. Shortly after, the gang was disbanded by their captain and he was the first to leave the ship. In tears, they bid him farewell and then headed for Wano Country, where they dropped off Kozuki Oden.

Nothing is known about Taro’s whereabouts after Gol D. Roger’s execution.


  • His name was not mentioned until the SBS to Volume 96.

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