Tansui of One Piece

Tansui is a fish-man and a member of the Makro pirate gang. He used to be a member of the Sun Pirates along with Arlong, whose gang, and Jinbe, including the Fishmen Pirates, Makro and Gyaro.


Tansui is a fat fish-man of the Arowana type. He has pale skin and instead of hair, his head is adorned with yellowish scales. Tansui always has a rather lost and absent expression on his face. He wears a necklace around his neck and a cloak draped over his shoulders as outerwear. On his belt it says “Arowana”.


Almost nothing is known about Tansui’s personality yet, though it’s safe to assume that he’s no less money-minded than Makro. Tansui is a bit dimwitted and disrespectful. For example, he addresses Duval as “Huh”. As a human trafficker, Tansui must also have a certain ruthlessness. Additionally, he is loyal and faithful to Makro.

Skills and strength

Tansui is proficient in fish-man karate, as is Jinbe. In addition, he is known to have a certain amount of physical strength due to his racial affiliation as a fish-man. Resulting from the “fish-man power”, he can swim very well and breathe and talk underwater. Additionally, he can talk to fish.


The Sun Pirates

The Macro Gang that Tansui is in was once a part of the Sun Pirates, which was founded by the legendary Fisher Tiger. This gang consisted only of fish people, sailing under the flag of their infamous captain. That he had once climbed the Redline, as the world is told, is a fairy tale. In reality, Tiger was kept as a slave in Mary Geoise. When he could no longer stand it there, he went on a rampage, freeing all the slaves from the clutches of the world’s aristocrats. Whether Tansui was one of these slaves is not known, as the symbol of the World Nobles, the “Hoof of the Rising Dragon”, which was branded on all slaves, was covered by the tattoo of the Sun Pirates. This symbol was given to every pirate who joined the Sun Pirates, thus creating equality between former slaves and free fishmen.

In the macro gang, the human traffickers

The Traffickers

After Tiger’s death, the pirate gang split into several small subgroups. Known are the Macro Gang, the Fishmen Pirates and the Arlong Pirates. So Tansui is well acquainted with Arlong, the tyrant of East Blue, the “Knight of the Seas” Jinbe, Hatchan, Hatchan, and Kiss. Tansui and Gyaro, who followed Makro, formed the Makro Gang with him. This gang specialized in the slave trade in the following years.


The trade: treasure map for mermaid

Hatchan has destroyed the ship of the macro pirates

Makro, the boss of the Makropirate Gang, traded a treasure map for Camie the mermaid, whom Hatchan had met and rescued shortly before. Mermaids bring a price of at least 70,000,000 when sold in a human auction, so they are highly sought after. Tansui was present at that meeting. A little later, the angry Hatchan returned and sank the Macro Gang’s ship and beat up Makro, feeling cheated. In fact, however, a treasure really existed, inside the giant squid Mash, which Makro affirmed.

Intermediate History

As the story progressed, Tansui and his gang members Gyaro and Makro managed to capture Camie 30 times. However, Hatchan was able to rescue her each time and the human traffickers came away empty-handed. Therefore, the joy was great that Hatchan could finally be arrested with the help of Duval, so that they could collect the money for Hatchan and Camie.

Tobiuo Riders-Arc

Tansui, when he meets the Straw Hat Pirates.

Meanwhile, Tansui works with the Tobiuo Riders, and under the leadership of Duval. During this time, the Makro Gang also managed to imprison Hatchan, and thus capture and sell the young mermaid for good. When Camie tried to call Hatchan with her baby mermaid, Makro answered and said that he had captured her friend and told her to come and rescue him. This was a trap, of course, because that way they could sell the rare octopus fish-man and mermaid together. When Luffy and his gang arrived at the Tobiuo Riders’ base, near the Sabaody Archipelago, Camie jumped into the water and was caught by Tansui, Makro and Gyaro, but was freed by Luffy after a few seconds. Zoro then cut the cage holding Hatchan. The latter shortly after sent Tansui and the rest of the gang flying into the sky with a Hatchan punch. With the words: “We will let you go for now” they flew away.

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