Tamago of One Piece

Baron Tamago is a combatant. 戦闘員, Sentō-in) of Big Mom’s pirate gang and holds the rank of “jumper” within Big Mom’s force. He first appeared on Fish Man Island with his colleague Pekoms to collect the monthly candy for Big Mom.


Tamago’s missing eye

Baron Tamago is a tall man of advanced age and belongs to the race of long-legged humans. As such, he has longer than average legs, which alone are taller than Luffy or Zoro when standing. Tamago is bald, has sideburns, and a long, pointed moustache that points upwards. From his left forehead, diagonally across his eye socket, to his left cheek, runs a scar inflicted by Pedro. He wears a steaming teacup and coaster as headgear. He also carries tinted glasses that cover his missing left eye, and a long walking stick.

His overall style of dress makes a very elegant impression, just like Pekoms he also wears a pink suit with a shirt and yellow bow tie. The waistband of his pants runs halfway down his torso and is jagged, reminiscent of a broken eggshell. The tips are light and dark dotted. There is also a flintlock pistol on the right side.


Tamago seems like a pretty polite and accommodating man. He warned the residents of Fish-Man Island and the Straw Hat Pirates not to mess with Big Mom, and even tried to placate his leader later. However, he had no sympathy for Pekoms’ betrayal on Zou and even advocated Bege’s shooting of his longtime comrade. Furthermore, he tends to use French phrases such as “(S’il) vous plaît” (literally: If it is convenient for you”) or “Bon! ” (English: ” Good!”).

Skills and strength

Tamago as “Viscount Chick”

As a fighter of Big Mom’s pirate gang and a bounty of 429 million, Baron Tamago must have some strength and experience. Luffy also didn’t seem to impress him very much. In close combat, he uses a combination of spinning kicks and attacks with his walking stick. As a long-legged human, this gives him an extended attack radius. His legs can not only withstand a sword blade, but also insulate electricity thanks to special tights, protecting him from the Minks’ Electro attacks. Although his legs appear very thin, Tamago still has remarkable kicking power.

His strength is further enhanced by a Devil Fruit, which he first demonstrated during his battle with Pedro. Thanks to the egg fruit, Tamago is an egg. When his body is split down the middle, yolk and egg white emerge from Tamago. Through his devil powers, Tamago regenerates after a short time and reaches his next evolutionary stage, Viscount Chick. In this way, Tamago can go through at least two evolutions until Count Chickenfrom which he always emerges stronger than before. In an SBS, Oda explains that after his evolution from Count Chicken, he would next transform back into Baron Tamago if his body is wounded again. This would make it impossible for Tamago to die within a fight, as long as he wasn’t attacked during an evolution.

Furthermore, he is proficient in armor and observation haki.


Five years ago, Pedro and his band of Nox pirates entered Big Mom’s territory in search of the Poneglyphs. Tamago got into a fight with Pedro and lost his left eye. The Nox pirates were defeated and Pedro was forced to surrender 50 years of his own life to Big Mom, in addition to his comrade Zepo.


Events on Fishmen Island

A soldier informed the minister to the left, in King Neptune’s absence, that Baron Tamago and Mister Pekoms had come to Fish Man Island to collect Big Mom’s monthly payment of sweets. However, the messengers found on the spot that the factory had been destroyed.

A short time later, Baron Tamago finally showed up near the factory ruins with Pekoms and informed the Straw Hat gang present about his leader, Big Mom. He explained that Big Mom was demanding a delivery of ten tons of candy a month in exchange for her protection, and that it was quite a problem that the Straw Hats had eaten all the leftovers. Luffy then offered them his treasures as compensation.

Tamago then used a Den-den Mushi to try to convince Big Mom to accept the treasure, since, according to him, the pirate gang was short of money anyway. He also mentioned that the Eustass Kid had recently destroyed two of their ships in the New World. Big Mom rebuked him, however, and then declared Luffy the new “target.” Afterwards, Tamago and Pekoms headed home with the treasures anyway, whereupon they were ambushed by Caribou. Pekoms, however, made short work of him and knocked him out with a well-aimed blow.

Caesar Clown’s video broadcast

To show off his latest weapon, Caesar Clown set up a video broadcast for various pirate gangs and underground organizations. Tamago and Pekoms were also among his viewers. After Luffy defeated Caesar, Tamago suggested that he inform Big Mom.

At her command, he, Pekoms, and other gang members sailed to Dress Rosa with the goal of kidnapping Caesar Clown. However, in the sea battle that followed, the Big Mom pirate gang was routed and Sanji’s force was able to successfully sail towards Zou. However, the Big Mom pirates heard what the Straw Hats’ goal was and followed them.

The wedding invitation

Tamago tries to convince Sanji

The ship of the Big Mom pirate gang then followed the Straw Hats to Zou, where they were to fulfill two missions. One was to capture Caesar and the other was to search for Sanji. After Capone Bege and Pekoms delivered the wedding invitation and Sanji joined them more or less willingly, Tamago aboard Big Mom’s ship tried to convince the cook to stop opposing the wedding.

He pointed out that Sanji’s cooking skills, in particular, could certainly be of great use to the Empress. Later, meanwhile, he presented Vinsmoke Judge with explosive handcuffs that could keep the rebellious Sanji in check. Subsequently, Tamago was also present when Big Mom devastated the capital Whole Cake Islands and was relieved when Jinbe showed up to stop her feeding frenzy. A short time later, he was seen with Pudding inside the city, picking out wedding dresses for the tea party the next day.

A turbulent night watch

Pedro fights Tamago

He was then informed that part of the Straw Hat Pirates, Pedro and Carrot had infiltrated Whole Cake Island, and that part of them had already been stopped and rendered harmless by Brûlée in the Woods of Temptation. He was also told that there had been no sign of Pekoms, which left Tamago worried for his old comrade. Due to his shared past with Pedro, Tamago increased security at Big Mom’s treasure trove, as the Jaguarmink had previously targeted her collection of Poneglyphs.

He was assisted in this by Charlotte Smoothie. Tamago shortly thereafter took up pursuit of Pedro, who managed to defeat quite a few chess soldiers before being contacted by Smoothie and informed of a second intruder. He advised the candy commander to capture Brook alive, as he would make an excellent addition to Big Mom’s collection of curiosities. A fight then ensued between Pedro and Tamago, who wondered why Pedro would have ventured here again despite his recent traumatic experience.

Pedro cuts up Tamago

The latter cut Tamago in two, however, activating the effect of the egg fruit Tamago had eaten. He then transformed into Vicomte Chick and attacked the Mink with two knives. However, Pedro managed to attack Tamago again, allowing him to get the final stage in the form of Count Chicken. Before another exchange of blows, Pedro then detonated a bunch of explosives and fled to the Mirror World, where the Straw Hats were already waiting for him. Tamago survived, however, and attended the conference with the other Charlottes to discuss the situation on Whole Cake Island, which they thought was under control.

Totto Land in chaos

Tamago and Mont d’Orconsult each other

During the wedding ceremony, Tamago was on the third floor of the chateau when suddenly the Tamatebako exploded and brought the entire chateau down. After Streusen turned the castle into soft dough, Tamago managed to escape from the rubble and was brought up to speed by the others as communications to and from the chateau had been blocked.

He himself, meanwhile, revealed that the Sun Pirates had left the island, which was further confirmed by the emerging Pekoms. Together with Mont d’Or, he then worked out a battle plan to stop the fugitives. Tamago noted approvingly that they must have underestimated the Straw Hats beyond measure, before clarifying that there was no way Big Mom’s name would be tarnished by today’s events.

Later, Tamago met with Stussy and Morgans, whom he was surprised to inform that the fight between Luffy and Katakuri in the Mirror World was unusually long. Stussy then informed the Charlottes that the Tamatebako explosion was the cause of the castle’s collapse. Stunned, Tamago heard that Germa 66 had intervened to allow the Straw Hat Pirates to escape, but was subsequently relieved to learn that Big Mom’s feeding frenzy was ended by Pudding’s replacement wedding cake.


A Jubilee Bird
  • Tamago is the Japanese word for Egg.
  • Danshaku is a Imperial, royal and noble ranks that means “baron” or “baron” and belongs to the lower nobility.
  • Tamago’s position within Big Mom’s force is also based on chess. In his case it is the knight. Together with the bishop, it is one of the light pieces.
  • Tamago’s abilities in connection with the fairy tale theme in Big Moms Pirates are reminiscent of the character Humpty Dumpty” from the fairy tale Through the Looking-Glass. In the English-speaking world, this character is very well known, especially because of a nursery rhyme. On the other hand, his character bears certain similarities to the Jubjub bird, a fantasy figure by Lewis Carrol. He is considered an extremely dangerous creature and is a servant of the Red Queen.
  • Tamago’s favorite is Balut (food) with Royal Milk Tea.
  • In One Piece Magazine, Vol. 1, the Egg Fruit was still classified as “unknown”. In a video on One Piece’s official YouTube channel, as well as in Road to Laugh Tale Vol.3, it is listed as a Zoan Fruit.
  • His devil fruit and its effects seem to take up the well-known Chicken or the egg.

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