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Take was a member of the Arlong gang. He was the organizer of Arlong’s parties together with Shioyaki and loved this work.


Take is a carp fish man with pale light blue skin. He has dark hair and a pink fin on the back of his head. The kanji character for “love” is tattooed on his forehead and bags under his eyes stand out. Furthermore, he possesses a large mouth with red lips and pointed teeth. He wears his bluish shirt open so that his other tattoo, an arrow going through two wave-like symbols, can be seen. A blue sash is also tied around his waist.


Take was one of the party organizers of the Arlong gang and loved his work, which already allows conclusions to be drawn about his personality. On the other hand, he was involved in the crimes on Kokos, which speaks for his lack of conscience and showed no respect to the navy, even laughing at them when they tried to stop Arlong.

Skills and strength

As a fish-man, Take has greater physical strength than the common man and can move very quickly in the water. However, it quickly became apparent that he was no match for a pirate like Luffy when the latter took him and other fish-men out in no time as he flung Moo Cow around.



Eight years before the Straw Hat Pirates reached the Conomi Islands, Arlong and his band of pirates settled there and they established a reign of terror.


When Rear Admiral Pudding and his 77th Marine unit docked at the Conomi Islands to capture Arlong, Hatchan, Kiss, and Hatchan offered to take care of the Marine. Take and Shioyaki just laughed wearily and said that the opponents will be surprised at the strength of the three commanders. Take added that the marine won’t last three minutes and they were right. The marine unit was defeated by the three and their ship was sunk.

When Luffy later attacked Arlong Park, Take and other fish people were defeated incidentally with ease by Luffy as he twirled Moo Cow around. Ultimately, after Arlong was also defeated by the Straw Hat Captain, the entire gang was caught and imprisoned by the Navy. Hatchan later told the Straw Hat Pirates that he was the only one who escaped.


  • His name and position within the Arlong Pirates was not mentioned until One Piece Blue.
  • His forehead tattoo “love” represents a play on words, because love is pronounced “koi” in Japanese and thus represents a homophone to the Japanese word for carp (also “koi”). Koi are also a symbol of love in Japan.

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